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German Book Prize

How to find in the current reading book to the long list of German Book Prize in 2012 “background information and excerpts to the final twenty contestants. There read fans can do to advance an own picture of who can calculate the best chance probably. Global diversity remarkably wide spreads in this year the selection of the different topics that are discussed in the novels. In recent months, view website has been very successful. This also applies to temporal as well as regional diversity. Works, are the last candidates the with the 50s-60s or 70s deal. These play in Asia, North Africa, Argentina or Poland and lead the reader even in the imaginary. Mitchel Resnick is open to suggestions. All unites the togetherness, to be well written and entertaining structured. What works, what region and time is the most potential at the end, decides the jury in early October.

Until then, but everyone can share in the excitement and at the exclusive go/special_gewinnspiel/longlist/>buecher.de raffle for the German Book Prize, 2012 even one of 50 great textbooks to the award gravy. More information about the German Book Prize and all the long list of the works can be found in the buecher.de and the associated blog.buecher.de/>Blog. Press contact: buecher.de GmbH & co. KG Heidi Possmayer, marketing and communication stone Ford 65 a, 86167 Augsburg fax: +49(0)821/4502-299 E-Mail: heidi, Web: about buecher.de: buecher.de is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from buecher.de and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the buecher.de shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.de has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

Carl Hanser Verlag

So it is for example in the third chapter, why ITler need except business know-how, often solid knowledge about the workings of companies. Because the used software to support IT-sided usually the processes. But only succeed if for the developing of applications responsible IT’ler also know how the processes in the company. Chapter four revolves around the question: how should I take even as IT’ler true and how I present myself? “Here, the reader on the basis of checklists can analyze amongst their effect, before them under the heading on the stage, ready, go!” many techniques are taught to present themselves effectively and authentically. Also, Heinemann readers explains how they will quickly realize what type of personality is against them. As it featured the four basic types best communicate, know the readers in the following chapter. “In chapter six then the theme team Central, is finally a chapter titled be customer – oriented and service-oriented!” follows. “Here, readers learn how diverse the wishes of (company) internal customers are mostly and what it the quality of an IT service provider” measure for example that how he adjusts to your needs and understand how their application field.

“In addition IT will receive ‘ ler tips on how they sell themselves and their services in the operating life and customer contact”. In chapter eight find IT’, how they mesh well is off – or online with colleagues, customers or potential new work and clients. While Heinemann introduces tools to build of professional networks of the Smalltalk about the elevator pitch to online networks like XING. The book beyond of programming with T-shaping in the IT career launch successfully”by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Heinemann costs 24.90 euro (Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich, 2010; ISBN: 987-3-446-42260-5).

Selm Tel

“I’ll show those affected clever ways around again, liquid ‘ to be, and fast and legal.” The author is convinced that his book would help to protect economic assets and to provide new financial perspectives for the readers. The whole know-how, to confront bankruptcy or insolvency, found in a large-format hardcover book of the size DIN A4, titled bust with Mach and take off”. The 243 pages are written from the point of view of the debtor. A bonus CD, each creditor will curse the book every buyer receives a free CD-ROM. On the extremely useful tools such as written pleadings are in WORD format, which easily on the personal circumstances of the crash candidates can be cut to.

How to accurately use this writing, is in the book; as well as his money and assets in a law-abiding way security putting. Therefore, the disk provides also everything you need from a single source: from the loan contract with the corresponding transfer to several special contracts. Reward the effort: the income remains protected even after the bankruptcy 100% tig before creditors access. It’s like in a safe. And without large investments. Who wants to know more precisely, his look on sentences corresponding to the round disc, the current insolvency regulation, the latest tables for the garnishment limits (only when these limits are exceeded, the income of insolvent debtors at all may be seized). The crackers: An electronic document 32 proppenvolle pages (incl. BGH judgment, regulation of the EU Council) on the shortened rest blame liberating insolvency proceedings in a French court found: it takes only nimble 9 to 18 months, held painfully long 6-7 years in Germany.

If you choose this move as a debtor, drives the Schreckensbleiche in the face his creditors. Again brings us in the faces of the Hangebacke… The book/program is at Amazon and in book stores available or under go broke and start durch.php V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm Tel.: (0 25 92) 98 18 87 E-Mail: boiler plate (permanent corporate portrait) Wolfgang Rademacher writes books that open the eyes of every reader. Books that motivate and inspire. Books that provide special insider knowledge. Thus anyone through own actions themselves out of any predicament can free themselves and it was still so hard. With this knowledge, the reader is masterfully mastered personal, professional, financial or business situations and thus find more quality of life. For more information

New Release: CyberAge

Man and cyber in the challenges and conflicts of the 21st century Cologne, 29.08.2012. The book of CyberAge, edited by the Cybernetician Norbert Hering, spans the previously missing regulatory framework for the current field of cyber. CyberAge illuminates how far computer-run systems in various areas of society have already taken off the sovereignty of action man. On the stock exchange, the share of algorithmically automated transactions (laser trading) is growing, which makes past swell the capital flows at the officers to previously unimaginable heights; It is questionable whether the countries of the world get permanently under control this development. Similar currently unfolds in the international arms race (revolution in military affairs), again, it is not excluded that elude the information and control technologies of human control. Man as a diversified developer and initiator is the observer, without yet to understand the processes. The work is published by Wolters Kluwer appeared.

Downed a regulatory framework create whenever new technological possibilities which transform society, is also a basic grading a debate necessary. That was also the case of gene technique in nuclear technology. The concern of the authors is to question the Chief intentions just at the beginning of the triumphs of synthetic science. Editor Norbert Hering: Follow the projects of cyber law of freedom, in turn understood as assets, and will itself be a law? The project manager know what they are doing? Who integrates who? Integrated man the system, or the system the people?” Also, the Basic, based on Immanuel Kant, ethical reflection of the encyclopedia and currently treated subject digital technology is new to CyberAge. For the cybernetic revolution in nanotechnology, robotics, Internet and their civilian and military dimensions there is still no integrated and comprehensive debate,”says Hartwig von Schubert. While this is urgently needed. We need to get “against the background of rapid technological developments as people and society, the principle question: what is good and what is evil?” Genuine interdisciplinary approach of the engineer Norbert Hering and the theologians Hartwig von Schubert permeates the entire technological spectrum from the beginnings of digital data processing across the global networking and the Internet of things, such as for example hospitals, electricity and traffic lights up to the arsenals of cyberwar.

Writing Fun – Publishing Contract

But be careful with publishing contracts, a comparison of the services offered is indispensable. Only a few characteristics of good publishers are an ordinary publishing contract, help with the design of the book cover, a good editorial, sales, marketing, book fairs and press work. However, some publishers separately calculate these services and you should inform yourself carefully before conclusion of the contract the cost. So you can try there luck, where it is often the least suspected it. The aspiring author, rummages through the Internet, clicks from Publisher to Publisher. Always in the hope of somehow to accommodate his manuscript. Like he would talk with a Publisher or Publisher representatives.

First, he dabbles with prestigious, large publishers. “” “Nil: disappointment sneaking up, because in the large” the industry becomes an insignificant “rejected author mostly with the usual words you please or send your manuscript by mail” put off. There, where you be without obligation just like manuscript sends, unfortunately often this ends up in the shredder. Then he comes to publishers with huge presence and big names, who are only out to find authors. Authors who pay much money for it, so that your manuscript is taken. But be careful! Not every author published”is equal to author published”. Many bring out the book, but the marketing and sales of the author himself must worry about.

But how should he do that? He can engage as an individual not in the distribution network of bookshops. So hundreds copies of expensively acquired books are later at worst at home in the cellar and no one would like to have it. Or it will be in the new books on demand “procedures only on-demand printed and it retains a few a few copies to comparatively high production costs, which can be used just in the circle of friends of the author.” Where now with the manuscript? It’s easier than you think: try your luck at publishers who draw attention with a small indication perhaps that new authors are welcome. A good tip is the Working Group of smaller publishers (GAB) in the Stock Exchange Association of the German book trade. Although these publishers partly with grants or sponsors working, because you can not alone bear the risk of the cost still unknown authors, but these totals keep quite limited and they offer often much cheaper even all that big publishers offer. Only a few characteristics of good publishers are an ordinary publishing contract, help with the design of the book cover, a good editorial, sales, marketing, book fairs and press work. However, some publishers separately calculate these services and you should inform yourself carefully before conclusion of the contract the cost. So you can try there luck, where it is often the least suspected it. Like for example. Siegfried Franz

EBooks Everywhere? The Latest Trends In The EBook Market

The CeBit has just closed its doors. The Leipzig book fair will open its next week (03). A topic everywhere: eBooks. eBooks everywhere? The CeBit has just closed its doors. The Leipzig book fair will open its next week (03). A topic everywhere: eBooks. After one last year on the Leipzig and also the Frankfurt book fair in the autumn all opinion (if not common) had about eBooks, these are also in this year, not only in professional circles, again talking point No.

1. IPad by Apple, although at CeBit nor on the Leipzig book fair to see, certainly the discussion. Is it better or worse than Amazon’s Kindle? It has the makings of a real competitor? Will Apple put at risk even Amazon’s Marktfuherschaft? Is only, nothing is certain. The pricing of Amazon asserts itself (all eBooks for 9.90 euros) or succeed in higher prices the major publishers using Apple to enforce at least but higher profit margins? A response may You may only enter after the launch of the iPad sales. Would be what role Google will occupy what but not yet settled, because also the search engine giant wants to go there in the first half with its own eBook sales platform on the market. It will be exciting to see who will secure the biggest chunk of the growing cake at the end.

But maybe they cooperate well, what would be the worst variant may not even from the perspective of the buyer. On the German market everything looks ever again differently. Here the major publishers adhere continues to be covered regarding possible distributorships with Apple, Amazon or even Google. A private sales, as with the “Libreka” shopping portal (ever heard of it?) actually once is taken not consistently pursued. Maybe a real chance is playful just here the sales, at least in large part, to keep himself in the hand. That would be not so atypical. See music industry. As I said, Apple’s iPad the eBook reader world even before sales start swirls part confused. It has also some (Apple-typical) advantages. Good, simple, well-thought-out operation with some gadgets, great screen for colorful images. Video and music integration. This creates possibilities for new products: such as interactive newspapers or magazines with moving images. And run all iPhone apps, including that to read the Kindle eBooks on the iPad. Almost overlooked is the competition, because it offers also other concepts in addition to new products. Sony’s eBook reader like it although not quitschig colorful, but has some advantages with its inkjet technology. Load-carrying capacity of the Sony Reader for one to two weeks, instead of for 10 or 12 hours, as when the iPad is enough without this whole Daddelkram. It’s something for passionate readers instead of trendy consumers therefore perhaps, but thats also a large target group. Even if one that brought prices far viewing in circulation, are quite the competition benefits have, because their products are significantly cheaper. TrekStor presented even an eBook sales concept at CeBit with the reader, much like cell phone contracts, only 1 euro costs. So probably selling subscriptions of online newspapers in the future. And Nintendo has bought even an own authoritative its new DS console. Full of German classics. That will surprise the audience. And also Microsoft wakes, slow as always. Increasingly, one hears rumors of a prototype called “Courier”. To the second half of the year, believed to be professionals, be an eBook reader with fold-out double screen. This is a “real” book, then almost again! Note: eBooks everywhere!

Internet Projects Finance

Practical knowledge for the personal road to success. Dusseldorf, 27.08.2012. It is again Grunderzeit in Germany. Many good ideas are waiting to be implemented. On the issue of financing the success author Andreas Frank delivers with its new plant startup and funding Internet projects”helpful tips and gives profound answers to pressing and topical issues. The reader learns what salary should pay a founder, why Berlin currently but is not the right location for a Start-Up and why swarm financing can also be dangerous. The reading makes it clear that the individual situation and preference of financing is very important. There is no a way to success, but the portal can be for many of the King’s road.

The idea is the beginning. “But without the possibility of funding the best idea will be not more than a mind game.” So Andreas Frank in the preface of his new work brings the problem of many founders to the point: How do I finance my project? The restrained Promotion of Internet projects through the banks is a major stumbling block. Apart from the fact that most people feel great desire put a striptease of the soul from your bank Advisor, offers the great opportunity in financing new course to make the current banking crisis and to break new ground. Crowdlending, Crowdfunding, or Crowdinvesting give the impression of a miracle remedy for many. A new Internet platform, which proclaimed as needed to meet financing needs is felt every week. Andreas Frank warns any medial slaughtered idea behind to race and proves in his book, that there is not the Royal a route to success, but that each founder must weigh the pros and cons of the different financing ways for themselves. In this search for the right way, Andreas Frank’s new book provides a very good orientation. Well legibly written, he informs about common forms of financing, evidence suggests, whether be bootstrapping the right way for a founder could and what government financing programs available.