EBooks Everywhere? The Latest Trends In The EBook Market

The CeBit has just closed its doors. The Leipzig book fair will open its next week (03). A topic everywhere: eBooks. eBooks everywhere? The CeBit has just closed its doors. The Leipzig book fair will open its next week (03). A topic everywhere: eBooks. After one last year on the Leipzig and also the Frankfurt book fair in the autumn all opinion (if not common) had about eBooks, these are also in this year, not only in professional circles, again talking point No.

1. IPad by Apple, although at CeBit nor on the Leipzig book fair to see, certainly the discussion. Is it better or worse than Amazon’s Kindle? It has the makings of a real competitor? Will Apple put at risk even Amazon’s Marktfuherschaft? Is only, nothing is certain. The pricing of Amazon asserts itself (all eBooks for 9.90 euros) or succeed in higher prices the major publishers using Apple to enforce at least but higher profit margins? A response may You may only enter after the launch of the iPad sales. Would be what role Google will occupy what but not yet settled, because also the search engine giant wants to go there in the first half with its own eBook sales platform on the market. It will be exciting to see who will secure the biggest chunk of the growing cake at the end.

But maybe they cooperate well, what would be the worst variant may not even from the perspective of the buyer. On the German market everything looks ever again differently. Here the major publishers adhere continues to be covered regarding possible distributorships with Apple, Amazon or even Google. A private sales, as with the “Libreka” shopping portal (ever heard of it?) actually once is taken not consistently pursued. Maybe a real chance is playful just here the sales, at least in large part, to keep himself in the hand. That would be not so atypical. See music industry. As I said, Apple’s iPad the eBook reader world even before sales start swirls part confused. It has also some (Apple-typical) advantages. Good, simple, well-thought-out operation with some gadgets, great screen for colorful images. Video and music integration. This creates possibilities for new products: such as interactive newspapers or magazines with moving images. And run all iPhone apps, including that to read the Kindle eBooks on the iPad. Almost overlooked is the competition, because it offers also other concepts in addition to new products. Sony’s eBook reader like it although not quitschig colorful, but has some advantages with its inkjet technology. Load-carrying capacity of the Sony Reader for one to two weeks, instead of for 10 or 12 hours, as when the iPad is enough without this whole Daddelkram. It’s something for passionate readers instead of trendy consumers therefore perhaps, but thats also a large target group. Even if one that brought prices far viewing in circulation, are quite the competition benefits have, because their products are significantly cheaper. TrekStor presented even an eBook sales concept at CeBit with the reader, much like cell phone contracts, only 1 euro costs. So probably selling subscriptions of online newspapers in the future. And Nintendo has bought even an own authoritative its new DS console. Full of German classics. That will surprise the audience. And also Microsoft wakes, slow as always. Increasingly, one hears rumors of a prototype called “Courier”. To the second half of the year, believed to be professionals, be an eBook reader with fold-out double screen. This is a “real” book, then almost again! Note: eBooks everywhere!