Internet Projects Finance

Practical knowledge for the personal road to success. Dusseldorf, 27.08.2012. It is again Grunderzeit in Germany. Many good ideas are waiting to be implemented. On the issue of financing the success author Andreas Frank delivers with its new plant startup and funding Internet projects”helpful tips and gives profound answers to pressing and topical issues. The reader learns what salary should pay a founder, why Berlin currently but is not the right location for a Start-Up and why swarm financing can also be dangerous. The reading makes it clear that the individual situation and preference of financing is very important. There is no a way to success, but the portal can be for many of the King’s road.

The idea is the beginning. “But without the possibility of funding the best idea will be not more than a mind game.” So Andreas Frank in the preface of his new work brings the problem of many founders to the point: How do I finance my project? The restrained Promotion of Internet projects through the banks is a major stumbling block. Apart from the fact that most people feel great desire put a striptease of the soul from your bank Advisor, offers the great opportunity in financing new course to make the current banking crisis and to break new ground. Crowdlending, Crowdfunding, or Crowdinvesting give the impression of a miracle remedy for many. A new Internet platform, which proclaimed as needed to meet financing needs is felt every week. Andreas Frank warns any medial slaughtered idea behind to race and proves in his book, that there is not the Royal a route to success, but that each founder must weigh the pros and cons of the different financing ways for themselves. In this search for the right way, Andreas Frank’s new book provides a very good orientation. Well legibly written, he informs about common forms of financing, evidence suggests, whether be bootstrapping the right way for a founder could and what government financing programs available.