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Practical Guide

As a result of the material developed for the practical CRM seminars in Colombia by the Mind of Colombia company, developed a set of practical tools to support caregivers define and execute CRM or sales force automation projects. This set of tools is what forms the practical CRM Kit. It has shown that CRM projects are not only based on technology. It is coordinated on four fronts, work or how we have called us: 4 pillars, guaranteeing a consistent and methodological implementation. To properly organize a CRM initiative, it is necessary to structure each of the components of the same (processes, people, data and technology) to ensure the expected results.

A CRM initiative involves the development of one or more projects, which in turn requires implementing activities such as evaluation, planning, design, justification, implementation, etc., which are conducted through a set of tools that allow to achieve the expected results. There is on the market a wide range of literature on CRM, many web sites dedicated to the topic, but it is very little that can be found as practical material that you can use at the moment of initiating the development of a CRM initiative and less in Spanish language.Practical CRM Kit offers the team that undertakes a CRM initiative the methodological framework that allows you to configure the initiative, justify it, put it into practice and evaluate their results in a successful way, in their language and with practices used in Spanish-speaking countries. We believe that this tool is of vital importance for those people who are involved in the development of CRM or SFA projects to the interior of the organizations. Original author and source of the article

William Bridges

People in the company often resist resist convincing is that the change proposed would not be the best for the organization. To this is added in addition, lack of sufficient information, allowing that they can not assess the information necessary for the proposed change. Sometimes resistance is manifested by coercion to personal and political reasons, to the fact, show the manager that does not have the power to provoke a new action, giving way to a resistance often points out, that the resistance to change may be due to what is called the cost of losing invested, i.e., the proposed changes threaten investments that individuals or groups have made in their experience. What can you do to eliminate the resistance change? a return to evaluate the proposed change; experiment with alternative changes. (b) provide additional information. (C) respond to resistance as if it were illegitimate.

d investigate ways how the group could preserve, provide additional information, allow more time to form a new group after a change is implemented. minimize changes that anachronistic again the important skills or that impellers the system of degrees. Account management must be clear and well defined (what) is (are) changes to make, the process of change from the personal point of view, to do so are invited to bear in mind that in accordance with what stated William Bridges, one of the authors specialized instead, as he has been raised in the case of organizations, at a personal level change also involves inevitably pass through three very important States. The first has to do with the completion of the old state of things, letting something go. The second is the neutral zone, stage to which we are referring to mention the concept of transition. The psychological process is by which persons must pass to be in tune with the new situation.

It is important to understand that change doesn’t happen without this process. The third is the new home, the first steps within the new reality. Conclusions very often valid as indicated by Alejandro Reyes and Jose angel Velasquez, a well-conducted change process involving a personal transformation that makes the man more alert, more flexible and therefore has to initiate an analysis of internal review and self-knowledge. The senior management of the Organization and also all its workers must be involved in this change as a process of lifelong learning. Fundamental changes are not matters of Decree and perhaps presented us the opportunity to use these turbulent times for which our values and principles that represent our equilibria occur in the person and the company.It is good to be alert, and although it is not possible to stop the dizzying pace of change, we must at least be aware of the unstable balance in turns constantly, being indispensable to stop many times is necessary to listen to, to try to understand, refocusing the objectives, achievements and goals in a common direction. Let us not forget our co-existence with the Organization, if not, perhaps the change exceeds our capacity to respond. * Sources: Brooks e. (1980) Organizational Change. The Managerial Dilemma. London: The MacMillan Press Ltd. – Arthur Andersen (1998) management practices for the 21st century. Editorial La Palma. Spain. -Notes of Chair in organizational behavior. Program management quality, Faces, UC original author and source of the article.

Carpet Cleaning

Having a carpet was for the rich, much responsibility who could rest assured that keep it clean would not be a problem, since a stain could ruin the view of the whole place, and remove a stain from a carpet was considered very difficult and could only be resolved through professional carpet cleaning. But now everything has changed, anyone can have a carpet, and better yet anyone can clean your carpet. Currently there are products made especially for carpet cleaning, many were considered very strong and that harmed the environment, your carpet and your person, but now, thanks to scientific advances have created a natural product, based on micro-organisms that does not damage your carpet, or environmental quality and can be used by any person with the security that does not cause him any backlash. Carpet cleaning may not now be easier, now you can be sure that it does not matter that you stain your carpet, you will always be shiny and looking like new, no matter if the stain is an organic product like blood or even wine, with the new product you can be sure that you take off. Do not hesitate more, now you can be sure that your House always speak well of you thanks to this new product-based microorganisms selected and adapted for better performance, ensuring separate stain your carpet to be able to remove it easily.

Ms Powerpoint

The teaching method includes the management of projects, lectures, lessons Seminaris tables, work on the PC. Easily understood example of practical projects and abstracts. The objective should be to familiarize managers with the goals, methods and tools of project management. So you are then able to take part responsibility in projects. At the beginning you should ask yourself the questions: What are Projects? What did they fail? What types of projects and project risks are there? How important are the factors of time, resources and quality? It is important to project-specific structure and process organization. This provision should be made before a plan to write. Lend themselves as participatory vs.. authoritarian specifications. The roles of project manager and team must be clearly distributed. There is a long-and short-term planning, such as phase approach and network technology. To estimate the project effort is the identification of metrics very useful. Use for monitoring and controlling of projects, so-called “milestones”.Project success factors are the basis for a functioning quality management. Early detection can avoid potential problems, ie problem analysis and creative techniques are as important as presentation of interim and final results (with Ms Powerpoint). The management of projects includes the self-management, such as organizing themselves better to handle the secure appearance before groups and appreciative with other people.

Encuentro Nacional

On 20 November 2010, the ANUESCA Cultural Association, El Campello (Alicante), conducted the ninth national meeting of poets and writers, that annually performs with great success, and provided with social and solidarity, ends uniting culture and solidarity in a single purpose. This year, the benefits of the Act were intended to Haiti, since a year after the great catastrophe natural that struck this Caribbean country, the plague and other innumerable problems, continue whipping to Haiti, a country that to continue his departure to a thriving recovery, needs the solidarity of all of us. ANUESCA, at the call of the IX national meeting of poets and writers, featured the participation of poets of numerous populations of our Spanish geography as they were Valencia, Alicante, Cartagena, Madrid, Toledo Cordoba and many more, because we were 29 participating poets, plus a number of dance students from the Conservatory of Alicante. Participating poets were, by order of appearance, Alfonso Ponce, Jesus Mellado, Antonio Jose Royuela, Cristina Espinolsa, Fernando Sanchez, Rosa Garcia Oliver, Marcelino Menendez, Carmen Pedreno, Ricardo peak, Jose Manuel Regal, Rafaela Lax, Manolo Parra, Carlos Fernandez, Pilar Redondo, Beratriz Ramirez, Antonio Gomez Hueso, Jose Luis Lopez, Aurea Lopez, Maria Jose Arques, Isabel Martinez Miralles, Conchi Rivera, angela Diaz, Juan Benito, Jesus Sastre, Maria Carmen, Harmonie bottle, Ada Victoria and Conchi Galindo. The Act was prefaced by the Councillor of culture Lourdes Llopis, and completed by the President of ANUESCA, Harmonie bottle. The Act was charged with emotion, good poetry, good rhapsodists, good atmosphere and on tod, of solidarity with the most disadvantaged. It was an act that everyone will keep in our memories as an endearing and worthy of being hosted in our hearts forever event. Our most sincere gratitude to ANUESCA Juan Benito Rodriguez Manzanares Poet and rhapsode participating in the IX national meeting of poets and writers, ANUESCA original author and source of the article.


The universe is a kind of book in which one has not read more than the first page when it has only seen his country.Fougeret de Monbron each country has its own beauties, many times or even many of its inhabitants are interested in enjoying them, nor develop this tourism which favours him in favour of the conservation of the region, unfortunately neglected you, what is most worrying who enjoy it are outsiders, the who have come from other countries. How I have seen it in Canaima Park to go to the Angel Falls, where almost always there are Germans, Italians, European, American, and few national. Fortunately, Venezuela has this Majesty of the Angel Falls, which is the waterfall, highest in the world, with a height of 980 m (807 m uninterrupted drop), generated from the Auyantepuy. Is located (do 5 58? do 03?)N 62 32? 14?OR? (do /? 5.9675, – 62.53722) in the territory protected by the Canaima National Park, in the State of Bolivar, Venezuela. This natural reservoir, established as a national park on June 12, 1962 and declared world heritage by UNESCO in 1994, extends over an area of over 30,000 km (a territory similar to which owns Belgium), to the borders with Guyana and Brazil, and its size is considered one of the most extensive in the world. It is 15 times more higher than Niagara with a total of 2,937 feet.

It is known and thus reminds us Angel Falls is also called Kerekupai-meru by the natives which means waterfall of the deepest place in the Pemon language is the highest waterfall in the world with about 978 m of height of whom 807 m are fall permanently. Angel Falls is the result of the fall from the Auyantepuy of one of the tributaries of the River Carrao, i.e. the Churun River.

Latin America

The project that will begin to develop in February 2009, with teachers in schools in which the Foundation is currently working on Cali, contemplates the curricular component or design training plan for the pilot project with feedback from a group of teachers of computer science, mathematics, and science; In addition to the free publication in Eduteka both the curricular component and all the materials developed, being available for all teachers of Spanish-speaking Latin America and Spain. This way the Fundacion Gabriel Piedrahita Uribe and Motorola join as pioneers in the development of this pilot initiative in Colombia and its extension to Latin America, in line with the vision of program projected that at the end of the first year, may offer online courses to train in programming with SCRATCH in Latin America basic education teachers. About Motorola Motorola (NYSE: MOT) is known worldwide for its innovation in communications. The company develops technologies, products and services that make mobile experiences possible. Our portfolio comprises infrastructure of communications, digital mobile solutions for the enterprise, TV decoders, cable modems, mobile devices and Bluetooth accessories.

Motorola is committed to provide next-generation communication solutions to people, businesses and Governments. With presence and global impact Motorola is in the list of the 100 most important companies in Fortune magazine. In 2007, Motorola had a turnover of $36.600 million. For more information about the company, our people and our innovations, please visit about Fundacion Gabriel Piedrahita Foundation is an institution without non-profit devoted 10 years to improve the quality of basic and education Media in Colombia and Latin America through the use and the effective application of information technologies and communication technologies (ICT). The Foundation is headquartered in Cali and is inspired by the life of Gabriel Piedrahita Uribe, who tragically died in 1995 at the age of 22 in a plane crash. Gabriel was gifted with a prodigious curiosity, an insatiable appetite for life and a tireless passion for helping others, was convinced of the unique potential of each human being and the immense power of individuals and groups committed to change the world.


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Italy forever, Italy gives you fly, Italy yuyo ya’jooj that boot that makes Mary Eva crazy with those lands where you will study in 2006, his year be think that Yes the the the there will be. Always in GALICIA live Magdalena, always here, always green I think day and night, for what return to Venezuela? although the unpredictable fate is changing, perhaps return, Galicia the Green girl, Galicia without the alien Nightingale owner ignorance, with their animated forest, who sings in the morning, and dream Magdalena rivers lives in Galicia without intending to move ever. His house and everything is here she is poor, where would go?, lives their daily work and not earn both to go changing. GALICIA, land of Magdalenita my Galicita, her daughter to what move?, for what the scam? green here is green, beautiful and radiant.