Ms Powerpoint

The teaching method includes the management of projects, lectures, lessons Seminaris tables, work on the PC. Easily understood example of practical projects and abstracts. The objective should be to familiarize managers with the goals, methods and tools of project management. So you are then able to take part responsibility in projects. At the beginning you should ask yourself the questions: What are Projects? What did they fail? What types of projects and project risks are there? How important are the factors of time, resources and quality? It is important to project-specific structure and process organization. This provision should be made before a plan to write. Lend themselves as participatory vs.. authoritarian specifications. The roles of project manager and team must be clearly distributed. There is a long-and short-term planning, such as phase approach and network technology. To estimate the project effort is the identification of metrics very useful. Use for monitoring and controlling of projects, so-called “milestones”.Project success factors are the basis for a functioning quality management. Early detection can avoid potential problems, ie problem analysis and creative techniques are as important as presentation of interim and final results (with Ms Powerpoint). The management of projects includes the self-management, such as organizing themselves better to handle the secure appearance before groups and appreciative with other people.