Encuentro Nacional

On 20 November 2010, the ANUESCA Cultural Association, El Campello (Alicante), conducted the ninth national meeting of poets and writers, that annually performs with great success, and provided with social and solidarity, ends uniting culture and solidarity in a single purpose. This year, the benefits of the Act were intended to Haiti, since a year after the great catastrophe natural that struck this Caribbean country, the plague and other innumerable problems, continue whipping to Haiti, a country that to continue his departure to a thriving recovery, needs the solidarity of all of us. ANUESCA, at the call of the IX national meeting of poets and writers, featured the participation of poets of numerous populations of our Spanish geography as they were Valencia, Alicante, Cartagena, Madrid, Toledo Cordoba and many more, because we were 29 participating poets, plus a number of dance students from the Conservatory of Alicante. Participating poets were, by order of appearance, Alfonso Ponce, Jesus Mellado, Antonio Jose Royuela, Cristina Espinolsa, Fernando Sanchez, Rosa Garcia Oliver, Marcelino Menendez, Carmen Pedreno, Ricardo peak, Jose Manuel Regal, Rafaela Lax, Manolo Parra, Carlos Fernandez, Pilar Redondo, Beratriz Ramirez, Antonio Gomez Hueso, Jose Luis Lopez, Aurea Lopez, Maria Jose Arques, Isabel Martinez Miralles, Conchi Rivera, angela Diaz, Juan Benito, Jesus Sastre, Maria Carmen, Harmonie bottle, Ada Victoria and Conchi Galindo. The Act was prefaced by the Councillor of culture Lourdes Llopis, and completed by the President of ANUESCA, Harmonie bottle. The Act was charged with emotion, good poetry, good rhapsodists, good atmosphere and on tod, of solidarity with the most disadvantaged. It was an act that everyone will keep in our memories as an endearing and worthy of being hosted in our hearts forever event. Our most sincere gratitude to ANUESCA Juan Benito Rodriguez Manzanares Poet and rhapsode participating in the IX national meeting of poets and writers, ANUESCA original author and source of the article.