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Corral Venezuelan

Definitely, the Venezuelan Government should arrogate to this reality and avoid that every year a significant number of professionals will be. Take into account as just do a decade, more than 800 thousand Venezuelans, most of them young, have left the country in search of new projects of life, put by insecurity, violence, unemployment, low wages and lack of opportunities. This was stated the Professor of the Universidad Simon Bolivar Ivan de la Vega, who has performed several investigations in this regard. The figures were revealed during the encounter violence and lack of opportunities Corral Venezuelan young people, within the framework of the cycle solutions for people who every Saturday organizes citizens by the unit. Also the doctor of Sciences policies Trino Marquez, the former rector of the Universidad Simon Bolivar, Benjamin Scharifker and the President of the Federation of University centers, Roderick Navarro participated in activity. sos studies about the intellectual diaspora or brain drain in Venezuela specifically notes the source of cited information, today, tens of thousands of qualified Venezuelan professionals found rooted in 32 countries, whose development are contributing with their knowledge and their work. Conclusion take into account before this reality as explained: at the moment the picture is bleak. We not only have a leak of talents and selective human resources that contribute to the development of other countries with its intellectual and economic contribution, but that studies of trends that we have carried out indicate that 72% of the students have the possibility to leave the country, relato De la Vega between their life choices. The USB Professor pointed out that currently there are about 260,000 Venezuelans in United States, 30,000 in Canada, 10,000 in Australia, and approximately 200,000 in the European Union, although in this case there is an underestimate because many Venezuelans children of immigrants have the nationality of those countries original author and source of the article.

Pareto Law

With this he established the so-called Pareto law according to which economic inequality is inevitable in any society. Dr. Juran applied this concept to the quality, resulting in what is now known as the 80/20 rule. According to this concept, if you have a problem with many causes, we can say that 20% of the causes solve 80% of the problem and solve 80% of causes only 20% of the problem. Therefore, the Pareto analysis is a technique that separates the vital few from the trivial many.

A Pareto chart is used to separate the significant aspects of a problem graphically from the trivial so a team knows where to direct their efforts to improve. Reduce the most significant problems (longer in a graphical Pareto bars) serve more to a general improvement which reduce the smaller. Frequently, one aspect will have 80% of the problems. In other cases, between 2 and 3 aspects they are responsible for 80% of the problems. In relation to the managerial styles of problem solving and decision making (conservative, firefighter, opportunist and integrator, we see how the use of this tool can be an excellent alternative to a manager’s style fireman, who constantly at the time solve problems only shuts down fire, i.e. puts all its effort on many trivial. When is used?) By identifying a product or service for analysis to improve quality.

When there is a need to draw attention to the problem or causes in a systematic manner. Identify opportunities to improve parsing different groupings of data (eg: by product, by segment of the market, geographic area, etc.) To find the major causes of the problems and prioritize solutions to evaluate the results of the changes made to a process (before and after) when data can be classified in categories when the range of each category is important Pareto is a widely used tool for data analysis and is therefore useful in the determination of the root cause during a troubleshooting effort. This allows you to see what are the biggest problems, allowing them to groups set priorities. In typical cases, the few (steps, services, items, problems, causes) are responsible for most of the negative impact on the quality. If we focus our attention on these vital few, we can obtain the greatest potential gains for our efforts to improve the quality. A team can use the Pareto chart for various purposes during a project to achieve improvements: to analyze the causes for studying the results to plan a Las Graficas Pareto improvement are particularly valuable as before and after photos to show what progress has been achieved. As such, the Pareto chart is a simple but powerful tool. How is it used?

Luis Enrique

His sincere commitment with the region and love its people has led to promote and obtain resources in numerous projects of the productive sector, electrical, potable water, housing, roads, gas, educational and family welfare, in the vast majority of the municipalities of Huila. It is highlighting its leadership in the negotiation of the hydroelectric project of the Quimbo, where unlike what happened with Bethany, achieved additional compensation to the referred to in the law, such as the reduction of the rate of energy in Huila in 13%, the adequacy with 5,200 hectares irrigation, reforestation of 20,000 hectares, the construction of the perimeter with 6 ports, smallholders and workers compensation, the viaduct of 1.8 KM, the allocation of 17 billion to productive reconversion of the affected municipalities, among others, all achievements in which Luis Enrique had a unique role as spokesman for the bedplate huilense Congressional. In summary, Luis Enrique Dussan is a serious, studious, responsible, successful representative in its management and in political activity (remember that in his first election to the camera came out with the third vote of the Department and four years ago with the first), and warranty to Huila’s a formidable legislative work. Some of the people that a strong candidate for the next contest come in me and the governorate have hinted me separate me a bit of the candidacies of Rodrigo Villalba and Luis Enrique Dussan, but I answer them the same thing: I have an unshakeable commitment to my country and my region above my personal and political interests. Without underestimating the rest of candidates and with the intention to, on the one hand, that liberalism has a formidable representation in the Senate, and on the other, that retain the two seats in the Chamber, I will vote for Rodrigo Villalba and Luis Enrique Dussan for making sure of that are the best. Original author and source of the article


For them it is more difficult find a job, now that housing has paralyzed almost altogether. Most of these people came seeking to improve their economic situation. In recent years hundreds of thousands they found jobs in construction, in the service sector; as waiters, messengers, caregivers, carriers and other trades. Some, animated by the euphoria of the banks and the ease of obtaining credit, embarked on a mortgage to buy a home. That spending could be more than 1,000 euros per month, to which must be added the power, gas, electricity, transport, etc.

To the extent of its possibilities, immigrants sent a monthly remittance from Spain that served to cover the expenses of their families, health, education, housing, small business, food and clothing, etc. Most of them have had to minimize shipments of money and many can send anything. There are many cases in which employers have not insured to immigrant workers, with what they will passing years and are still in a situation of undocumented migrants. Some arise because returning to their country, where we already know that there is no labour outputs and the possibilities of a living wage are even lower. It is difficult to withstand the stress and anxiety that generated the crisis and debts. Why, there are humanitarian associations which have psychologists to offer assistance in this respect to immigrants. Conflicts and tensions make that quite a few marriages and couples end up breaking.

Frustration not to comply with the projects that had to arrive, they might join the aggressiveness, intolerance, insomnia or depression. Times are tough for almost all. But we can take advantage of opportunities that enclose the crises in its interior. They can bring changes in attitudes and a new appreciation of reality. By force we have to be more austere in expenses. Learn how to share with solidarity remains a good formula for the challenge. Maria Jose Atienzar Periodista original author and source of the article.

Computer Simulation

This PC game will provide an opportunity to find better hunting on a normal animal. Some may see the view that it is much easily: walk in the woods, running a strong trees, catch up with fleeing from the gray rabbits. So really any gray wolf hunting difficult. First we get the chance to pick up the color of gray and the floor being put after certain skills: security, speed and power. The player in possession is four square killometra mountain in the protected park where there is a lot of spruce forest with large meadows and cliffs. Eid In this computer game is fully seen gray feelings in this natural park is possible to catch plenty of both otbivshegosya from the main herd of the old boar, and the swift-footed rabbit. Anyone herd of herbivores can be easy to find on the detected odor that comes from the moose herd and their traces.

Sly wolf could easily run up to any herd and make an attack on the victim or patient frazzle her until exhaustion and easy to bring to an end an exciting chase. Wolves have the opportunity to hunt for quench hunger, and because of instinct. The resulting experience of the player is able to spend on improving the abilities of a wolf. In wolfquest can find shelter even cousins, following in the footsteps of their smell, and communicate with them. seeing myself suitable companions, you will be able to attack a bigger game – grizzly bears. To cope with a huge grizzly bear is not possible, he runs fast and very strong, so the hunt for this animal as required minimum number of wolf. This game should appeal to all lovers of wild animals.

Content Management System

More recently, the creation of any site the webmaster made a number of web pages and publish them online. If necessary, make changes or additions to the site owner appealed again to the webmaster, and the perform the necessary work. Today to replace this static website come dynamic, where each page is generated directly in the time of applying for it. Information on all pages stored in the database, and the owner of this site are provided special funds for adding new data or correction of previously entered. In this case, the appearance of web pages and the structure of their interaction is given by a specialist in the development of the site, and entering and editing content may be performed by man, not familiar with the layout of Web pages and programming. System that manages dynamic sites, often called a content management system, or abbreviated cms by the English name Content Management System (content management system). Such systems are generally used to store and publish a variety of materials.

The contents of the site, that is, content is processed by the cms and the output site visitors in a given form. Moreover, modern systems automate many common actions, for example, allow to search the site or to organize a survey of visitors. If small websites, business cards More can be done without the use of cms, the vast majority of modern commercial sites should be developed with the help of such systems. The choice of site management system is a fairly important step and should given due attention.

Public Service, Private Service

I will have two examples of how things work in our country, of course non-generalizing, but on the contrary, I would be the first to be delighted that what I am going to tell are exceptions. Case a) I’m going to management with the City, I just have to issue a receipt (Ay is for the local council can collect them!). Hours of customer / citizen is until two in the afternoon and get there before an idea unless his is the picture: there must be about ten tables to the public, of which one or two are empty in one you are on a girl and the rest looks like a poster of a future of service , although officials are doing business.

Beyond it is another group of people in animated conversation, but they should not serve the public. Finally, turn to queue, but also the girl who already are serving, only one person ahead of me, so no problem (in principle) However, at the end to meet this girl, the only staff who provide the service decides that enough is enough for today a “are the two least ten, and sits on the board of another colleague to chat. The other boy and I looked in amazement. We now have ten tables, and serves, prophylaxis! Time passes and hope come two in the afternoon. Since there seem to be intended to address, I decided to approach one of the officials with the sign out of service.