Luis Enrique

His sincere commitment with the region and love its people has led to promote and obtain resources in numerous projects of the productive sector, electrical, potable water, housing, roads, gas, educational and family welfare, in the vast majority of the municipalities of Huila. It is highlighting its leadership in the negotiation of the hydroelectric project of the Quimbo, where unlike what happened with Bethany, achieved additional compensation to the referred to in the law, such as the reduction of the rate of energy in Huila in 13%, the adequacy with 5,200 hectares irrigation, reforestation of 20,000 hectares, the construction of the perimeter with 6 ports, smallholders and workers compensation, the viaduct of 1.8 KM, the allocation of 17 billion to productive reconversion of the affected municipalities, among others, all achievements in which Luis Enrique had a unique role as spokesman for the bedplate huilense Congressional. In summary, Luis Enrique Dussan is a serious, studious, responsible, successful representative in its management and in political activity (remember that in his first election to the camera came out with the third vote of the Department and four years ago with the first), and warranty to Huila’s a formidable legislative work. Some of the people that a strong candidate for the next contest come in me and the governorate have hinted me separate me a bit of the candidacies of Rodrigo Villalba and Luis Enrique Dussan, but I answer them the same thing: I have an unshakeable commitment to my country and my region above my personal and political interests. Without underestimating the rest of candidates and with the intention to, on the one hand, that liberalism has a formidable representation in the Senate, and on the other, that retain the two seats in the Chamber, I will vote for Rodrigo Villalba and Luis Enrique Dussan for making sure of that are the best. Original author and source of the article