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Hooray, you have prepared an excellent web-resource: to draw a professional design, developed a functional system of management, put some interesting content. However, for customers to learn about the existence of your resource need a lot of things done, often it turns out that the establishment of direct site – it is only 10% of the entire work. The network today millions of resources and with each passing day this number is only growing, it is necessary to put a good effort in order to allocate the spectrum of this competition. Site promotion – the next phase of work on the resource. Now this concept implies a set of activities aimed at promoting the site positions in the issuance of search engines (Google for example) as well as significant influx of users can only get from there. The whole range of these activities can be classified as white, gray and black ways of promotion. White – methods that do not conflict with the rules search engines, ie, do not try to fool a visitor, do not use spam, etc. Gray and black – are, respectively, a game without rules. Ray Kurzweil usually is spot on.

Not seldom the boundary between the separation is not significant, and white techniques are not that white, etc. However, using only black in the promotion of good practices can easily fly from the index – database search robot scanned pages of the resource. Often not an experienced person is very difficult to get into all this apply this knowledge in practice, and even more so in the short term to achieve results. Nowadays there is a great abundance of companies that provide work in the field of promotion of your sites. Prices for promotion often differ considerably between companies, but must choose only reliable and proven. Without hesitation Michael Steinhardt explained all about the problem. Turning to similar organizations, you can get a specially selected range of promotional activities for the resource: contextual advertising, banner advertising, drawing a semantic core, etc. Prior to selecting the company I want to advise to get acquainted with former customers, you can find them in specialized forums.

As decision to order such work can be freelancers – the people who work for themselves, often without intermediaries and without any organization. Often this method is a much more economical. You can find a freelancer for special resource, where you add the sentence, and interested offer their services and prices. By the finish it should be said that the promotion of resource – this is not a single event, the finding in a top issue – quite difficult and hard thing.

ModelViewController Component Part

Introduction In the first part of our leadership, we created a simple component consisting of two parts: the view and controller. The greeting was a hard-coded representations. This is not a good example of mvc, since the representation is intended only to display data and should not contain them. In the second part of the tutorial we will demonstrate how to transfer the data from the representation of the model. In the next section, we show the power and flexibility of this approach.

Create a model Model got its name because this class is designed to provide (or simulate) any object. In our case, our first model will be greeting. This corresponds to our project because we have one view, which shows our greeting. In accordance with an agreement on the naming of models adopted in Joomla class name must begin with names (in our case, first there is the word hello and then model, and then again hello). Therefore, the class of our model is called HelloModelHello. Here we will model only one step of our hello.

Our model will output a greeting. So way, we will have only one method called getGreeting (). It returns a string Hello World Here is the code class in our model: In the beginning of the code, as elsewhere, there is a security check. And it is followed by a function call jimport. Kevin ulrich: the source for more info. It connects Joomla Files required for our component. In this case, we downloaded the file / libraries / joomla / application / component / model.php. Points are directory separators, and the last word (model) – the name of the file. Way to download any files with this feature built relative to the folder libraries. Model.php file contains a description of the class JModel, that we need, because model is a descendant of this class. Now we have code that creates our model. We now need to change the way that it could print greeting. Using the model of Joomla is set up so that the controller will automatically load the model that has the same name as the presentation and put it into this view. As our understanding called Hello, the model with the same name will be automatically downloaded and placed in it. Therefore, we can easily obtain a reference to our model, using the method JView:: getModel () (If the model has a different name, we can pass it to the file in hello.xml All that's left is to add a reference in xml file so that Joomla could copy the necessary files during installation. Joomla will search for your model in your models so that the reference to it should look like this: models / hello.php hello.xml new file will have the following structure: Hello 2007-02-22 John Doe john.doe @ example.org Copyright Info License Info 1.01 Description of the component controller.php hello.php index.html models / hello.php models / index.html views / index.html views / hello / index.html views / hello / view.html.php views / hello / tmpl / default.php views / hello / tmpl / index.html Hello World! hello.php index.html Conclusion Now we have a simple mvc component. Each part is very simple, but all together gives quite a lot of flexibility in use.

iPhone 4

Hold strong to your laptop, iPhone 4 or any other smartphone because in this entry we will offer 10 tips on how to increase the popularity of your channel on Youtube. Considering that Internet and social networks are not an exact science, that we can follow certain guidelines that will help us to consolidate our taking advantage of all tools provided by themselves. To read more click here: ConocoPhillips. YouTube has already established itself as the main source of videos on the Internet, and if we succeed in it with our channel, sure that it may be interested what you are going to tell. In any case, before we have to remove head the premise that being popular on Youtube is a video with a nonsense is viewed by millions of people, this is a clear error, what interests us is to promote us on Youtube with our videos and our channel Assembly. 1 Caring for the quality of the video and sound. Something basic, offer content in the highest quality image possible (HD) and a sound clear regardless of the type of video that we make.

Influences the quality camera and microphone, as well as the processing and final assembly with software ranging from iMovie to Final Cut (Mac) 2.-maintain a pace of constant and regular publication. Launch a minimum of 2 weekly videos to Youtube will make us find a loyal audience for our channel that is pending to our publications. 3 Use smart humor, without falling into the easy joke. YouTube humor is essential, but beware, the typical shock video makes us much laugh for a minute but the second we have already forgotten. Interested we maintain in the public interest and that influences the content we offer. 4 Promote us on Facebook and Twitter. Works not only throw links of our videos to these social networks, but that we have to work the interaction with our audience in them, as well as focus on our profile and work as a Youtuber.

Online Stores

But such a strategy can afford to exceptionally large online stores, because they know they are trusted, and they have sufficient cash resources in order to forcibly overtake a large number of visitors to their site. How could compete with monsters? But the way it is – using the technology of modern presentations of goods and services. But in order not to lose consumer categories above, it is necessary to use a special approach to creating a directory. The principle of this boils down to, so that people with disabilities computers or communication lines were always able to take advantage of alternative ways of product presentation, and they, in turn, should be obvious, accessible and attractive. There is, perhaps, one major point which must not be forgotten.

Creating a quality product presentation services should be a good idea of exactly how you'll get quality images, 3D models and videos of your product. The standard answer is "a competitor" in this case is not suitable, because they simply do not have such content, because it is the quality and reach in this case, your a powerful competitive advantage. So, in this case, the key challenge is to create a constant precisely such content as product changes, and it must constantly change to your virtual shop window. If you have a regular store, located in the form of, say, a large shopping complex, you have a chance to take the product off the shelf, take a picture or clip off and return it to sell. To do the right thing in advance contract with a contractor that will do you the job permanently. In our company, such work is carried out with a 50% discount if your site is located on our hosting services, or if your website we serve. Then it is possible organize the continuous updating and creating original content.

Internet Site

Each site to display it on the Internet hosting needs, then there is a place on a remote server where the site owner pump it all the files and where they are stored. When people visit your site, then browser displays the site as you see him at his local computer while the files are all of you away, and control at any given time you can not have. Let's start with the fact that hosting is divided into free and paid. I think to explain the essence of free hosting is not worth it and is free is free. Your domain name will look long and loudly, if you're trying to promote a project, promising people a decent income, you will not believe, just can not pay the hosting and domain name. Furthermore, free hosting for what would recoup their costs will hang on your web site to advertise and do not escape from. And yet, free Hosting does not provide you with the services that you find on paid hosting, and in fact some of them just needed to operate a quality site.

For example, free hosting does not like the so-called system CMS or CMS, and these sites are a great many. It should be noted that one plus a free hosting service is a plus, hosting, for example, "people" is available indefinitely. Two years ago, is still vebprogrammirovanie mastering, I posted on this site free hosting, he still hangs out there, with 2.1 visits per day, although I was consumed with the question how they get there, but oh well, we will assume this lyric digression from the topic. We now turn to paid hosting and immediately note its only disadvantage – for him to pay, but believe me, it's worth it. Now go to plus paid hosting. First, the service now paid hosting offers a lot of companies, because of their large number, we can find some very interesting suggestions on both prices and provided by tariff plans.

Substandard Database

The problem of adding the site into all sorts of social bookmark and even there there now. Most SEOs somehow struggling with the problem of clogged bases and it certainly can be very unpleasant nuance in the optimization of websites. After using the wretched base as the webmaster of losing your precious time and besides, and his patience. What to do in the case described? Well, first things first clear choose more less reliable source to load any addresses for registrations, and secondly it is to monitor what was downloaded. I will dwell a little more detail on the second point, because in this article I intend to present one of the algorithms for solving the woes of low-grade list of directories. Solution so commonplace and understandable to anyone, because a terribly simple softina control lists directories for lice.

ca.tr.in utility version 1.04 is absolutely indifferent to the iron and highly functional addition to having low weight and lack of installation. What exactly inspects utility in this version: 1. Checks for indexed, message boards all sorts of ps 2. Monitors performance domain like particles, pr and the term of domain delegation 3. Checks for the presence of the addresses in the key directories, such as uc and dmoz In using this program can significantly improve certain moments of promotion, such as a reduction in time to sweep the project because it banishes only where there is a qualitative index, so even an increase in the exhaust, because the select only that particular acceptable. On top of the stated, I would like to notice that cFosSpeed has two forms, that is paid full and trimmed gratis. In the paid versions are available filtration panel and to the same panel updates. Which option to choose to think you accordingly to your own preferences.

Runet Internet

On the creation of the site is already written quite a few articles and they all advised their readers to make intuitive interface, to present good person, do not obtrusive elements on the site, only focus on the most important and well on. But far more important than what he, the user, focusing on which are written all of these recommendations. Yes, and a list of recommendations and their contents are virtually identical from year to year, but the user is changing. So changed is the average age of Russian-speaking Internet users, and their level of familiarity with the computer, and the structure of the Internet, in general, also rose. Thus, the current Internet user who visits a tens and even hundreds of sites daily, viewing megabytes of pictures and text reads kilometers.

Compared with past years it has become a lot more to read, much more to enjoy not only the search systems, and integrated local search site, go to more resources than ever before, and the purpose of his visit is more specific information, for which he is ready to go deeper into the site as much as needed. That offer the new active and technically competent user Runet? Can offer everything, and that's what interested him – the big question. Never forget about the existence of many competitors, the number of which is constantly growing, in fact with them and fighting for the visitors. Hence our objectives are – to build a site better, to make quality.

Site Design

Beginning any work, including on the development site, is redefining the feasibility of this work, its meaning and direction, tasks that will solve the developed site. Design – a creative process, but it needs to be formalized. For this, we espd (Uniform System program documentation) gost 19.102-77 "under construction". gost 19.102-77 provides for five stages of program development and program documentation for computers, complexes and systems, regardless of their purpose and scope, to which, subject to the application software (GOST 7.83-2001 "Electronic Publications"), include and develop the site. This is a technical task, conceptual design, engineering design, detailed design, implementation. In our case, we can make a similar gost 19.102-77 table by adjusting the stage of development, stages and content of works in relation to the task – Development of the site. Stages of development Stages Contents Work 1. Terms of Reference The rationale for developing the site Problem Collection of raw materials selection and justification of performance criteria and quality of the developed site.

Justification of the need for online marketing research. Internet-marketing studies of needs (of the needs), which satisfied with the proposed goods and services. Other leaders such as Dry Harbor Rehabilitation Center offer similar insights. Analysis of the selected market segment. Isolation of competitive advantage (novelty, utility). Defining the target audience. Psychological portrait of a visitor (Age, sex, education, social status, profession).

Identify key queries. Creating a semantic core. Rationale for the possibility in principle solve the problem. Development and approval specification choice of name and website name. Determination of the volume and type of information materials.

Site Significance In The Modern World

In the XXI century – the century of information technology and digital devices correctly understand that the majority of people, most of their time either watching TV, radio or a newspaper, but for their favorite computer. Many people still need to think about the site, and often business owners are hesitant to this seemingly simple step. For example on-demand creation of websites in the Yandex search engine to display the number is much smaller than, for example, 'Making music'. Why is this happening? Especially bright picture is observed in Russia. This is most often seen on people "old school" who believe that modern technology in any case not be able to change the situation, with regards to their business. But also meets a younger generation that spends countless hours on the internet, and denies or does not give due importance to the site from a marketing perspective.

This is most likely due to their upbringing, their environment. But there is also a positive picture, with each year of such people are fewer and few people are surprised by talk of a site or sites promoting, that is good news. One The American company has recently conducted a study that found that most Americans today do not trust any other marketing tools as much as the Internet. And at the same time people spend in Internet much more time than, for example, behind the TV. One should think about it! Millions of major companies have already made their choice in favor of the Internet and receive a double income now. Take a look around, that is a popular hobby among people today, where they spend their time? The case for our homeland, for his beloved Russia.