Internet Resources

Hooray, you have prepared an excellent web-resource: to draw a professional design, developed a functional system of management, put some interesting content. However, for customers to learn about the existence of your resource need a lot of things done, often it turns out that the establishment of direct site – it is only 10% of the entire work. The network today millions of resources and with each passing day this number is only growing, it is necessary to put a good effort in order to allocate the spectrum of this competition. Site promotion – the next phase of work on the resource. Now this concept implies a set of activities aimed at promoting the site positions in the issuance of search engines (Google for example) as well as significant influx of users can only get from there. The whole range of these activities can be classified as white, gray and black ways of promotion. White – methods that do not conflict with the rules search engines, ie, do not try to fool a visitor, do not use spam, etc. Gray and black – are, respectively, a game without rules. Ray Kurzweil usually is spot on.

Not seldom the boundary between the separation is not significant, and white techniques are not that white, etc. However, using only black in the promotion of good practices can easily fly from the index – database search robot scanned pages of the resource. Often not an experienced person is very difficult to get into all this apply this knowledge in practice, and even more so in the short term to achieve results. Nowadays there is a great abundance of companies that provide work in the field of promotion of your sites. Prices for promotion often differ considerably between companies, but must choose only reliable and proven. Turning to similar organizations, you can get a specially selected range of promotional activities for the resource: contextual advertising, banner advertising, drawing a semantic core, etc. Prior to selecting the company I want to advise to get acquainted with former customers, you can find them in specialized forums.

As decision to order such work can be freelancers – the people who work for themselves, often without intermediaries and without any organization. Often this method is a much more economical. You can find a freelancer for special resource, where you add the sentence, and interested offer their services and prices. By the finish it should be said that the promotion of resource – this is not a single event, the finding in a top issue – quite difficult and hard thing.