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Project Pedagogical Politician

It is the way more made right to reinventar the school, giving meant to its purposes and objectives. It must represent the commitment of a group with one determined trajectory in the educational scene, presenting clarity on the forces and the limits of its integrant ones. One knows that the diversity of problems with which the pertaining to school institutions deal in its daily one is visible to the eyes of all. They are challenging problems that they need to be argued by the collective one of the school, which, in turn, is sufficiently heterogeneous, therefore it is formed by diverse segments: professors, managers, employees, administrative staff, responsible and representative pupils, parents and/or of the local community, that different knowledge, ideas and values possess, thus causing conflicts. In this perspective, the work of construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician is not all harmonic process, in contrast, presents divergences, existing interests of different segments. It is this diversity, that becomes its process of rich and dynamic construction, therefore is in function of this interaction that appears the collective one of the school. Of this form, one became necessary to make an analysis of as the Pertaining to school Unit Montezuma locates in relation to the importance of the participation of the pertaining to school community of the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician, considering to be a slow process that demand time, without forgetting that it is essential to respect the moment of each one, without losing of sight the objectives that if it considers to reach. It was questioned the four professors, which correspond to the 100% of the searched ones, if the same ones consider important the envolvement of the pertaining to school community in the process of construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician, evidenced, as the graph below, a contradiction, in view of that 50% consider important the envolvement of the pertaining to school community in the construction of the Project Pedagogical Politician being that excessively they do not consider important this envolvement.

Hero Pardon

It knows accurately as you feel on what she occurred and either capable to express what of has made a mistake in the situation. Then, he tells its experience to ones duaspessoasdeconfiana.2. He commits yourself I exactly obtain to make what she will be necessary to feel itself better. The act to pardon is for you and nobody more. Nobody more needs to know its deciso.3.

It understands its objective. To pardon necessarily does not mean to reconcile with the person disturbed whom it, nor if to become abetter of it. What you search are paz.4. It has a correct perspective of the events. It recognizes that its annoyance comes of the negative feelings and physical discomfort from that you suffer now, and not of offended what it or attacked two minutes – or ten years – atrs.5.

At the moment where you to feel aflito, practise techniques of control of estresse to attenuate the mechanisms of its corpo.6. It gives up wait, other people or its life, thing that they had not chosen to give you. It recognizes ‘ ‘ rules not cobrveis’ ‘ that you have for its health or stop what it would give to be able on you to the person who it magoou it learns the search the love, the beauty and the goodness to its redor.9. It modifies its history of form resentment that remembers it the heroic choice that is to pardon. Pass of victim the hero in the history that you to count. The pardon reduces the agitation that takes the physical problems. To pardon estresse reduces it that it comes to think about something painful, but cannot be changed. It also limits the ruminao that leads> impotence feeling that reduces the capacity of somebody to take care of exactly of itself. The pardon is one cure to the times.

Official Technical Services One

As important as the quality of the product that we bought she is the one of on watch the technician, whom it must to us attend in Mendoza in case of failure or evil operation. It must offer a guarantee adapted in its repairs and respond at any moment before any reclamation of the consumer. The MARK Since it was based in 1938, the Korean company Samsung has had a great positioning in the technological market and in equality to the recognized quality of its articles it demands to its Official Technical Services equal seriousness in the deal with the user. Its permanent investment in R+D has turned to Samsung in one of the most powerful companies at world-wide level. Due to his increasing expansion one has become direct competitor of technological giants like Apple or Microsoft in the world of the telecommunications and of veteran companies dedicated to the production of electric home appliances, as much of brown range as of the call white range. The Even SERVICE SAMSUNG MENDOZA to this departure excellence has to go the one of the second step, that must contribute to an added value to the mark and that the technical support is not other that offers to the user of its products. The good use of the machines us can provide the security of which its operation will be correct, but neither the good use is guarantee nor exists the perfection, reason why it can fail.

Flaws that, sometimes, will have to the wearing down by aging. The scientific innovation entails in many cases the ignorance of the march and use of the devices put in the market from certain number of buyers, reason why the advising becomes key piece of the attention the public. RAPIDITY a good technical service of Samsung will be the one that gives an answer immediate to the client. The delay in the solution of the disadvantage that can have been presented/displayed will cause a damage greater than it is possible to be thought, since in the spirit of that raised the restlessness it installs the distrust. This can cause that in future purchases the mark is excluded from its preferences. Samsung installs official technical services in each territory with the purpose of to lend the best one attention to its clients.

OPERATION AND GUARANTEES Once communicated the disadvantage, the repairer will retire the apparatus with the purpose of to study which is the problem. After to have made a diagnosis, is given interested to the possible most detailed budget where it inquires to him into the cost of the repair. She will be the client who, in writing, must accept this budget and authorize the repairer, who will come then to fix the apparatus. Throughout the process the device must be perfectly locatable so that at any time the interested one can make a pursuit of the state of the repair. Finished the procedure the apparatus in the address of the user will be given. The use of original spare parts is very important for the technical services Samsung in Mendoza. On it the endorsement of the operation can depend. PROFESSIONALS the complexity of the present technologies demands that the technical services are taken care of by extremely qualified professionals and in continuous formation. They will be abreast of the last advances in electronics and mechanics, as well as in techniques of attention to the client.

Longdistance Education

The long-distance Education is remote to century XVIII and in Brazil it exists has many years and most famous it is the Tele course, presented for the Foundation Marine Robert, despite whom not so less famous it is the Brazilian Universal Institute that already used long-distance Ensino through letters for intermediary of the post offices and transmission saw radio. Now what in the flame the attention is that the icon of resistance of the black race in the world the leader Nelson Mandella, made the course of Right through the long-distance Education, offered for the University of England, when still was jailed in the South Africa. The EAD in my point of view came even though to spread the chance of qualification and access to the superior education for that in a way or of another one they turn over the process outside, or for lack technique or due to chance. The EAD oportuniza to the cursista pupil/to manage its proper knowledge, becoming it (the pupil) more responsible for its productions and searchs for knowledge. The Federal Government disponibiliza some virtual Platforms, one of them is the E-proinfo that offers courses of qualification to the professors of the public net of municipal education as in such a way state. The education process/apredizagem in the EAD generates much quarrel and some times even though raise some controversies on the part of actual education, but I believe that these quarrels are important, same reason they help to dismistificar the theory of that long-distance Ensino is more easy, can be used ' ' glue virtual' ' with more easinesses and other ranks of the sort. Controversies to the part, I find that the quality of the Course of Qualification, Graduation or After-Graduation (or at a distance actual) goes to very depend the involved ones in the process: Cursistas managers, Professors, Tutors and pupils/, complicity will be had, envolvement and responsalidade all will leave gaining and in counterpart the EDUCATION as a whole (actual or long-distance).

PROCESS According

(PAGNO, 2010)? Number of points for function (PF)? in this technique the size of the functionality is given in terms of combination of entrances, exits, archives of data, external consultations and interfaces, as well as, the values of adjustment of the complexity. (PRESSMAN, 2006) the estimates of LOC and PF are distinct techniques, however they possess some characteristics in common. The planner of the project starts with a delimited declaration of software and from it they decompose software in functions of the problem that can be esteem individually. LOC or PF then is esteem for each function, and the cost or effort corresponds is derived. (PRESMAN, 2006). Independent of the estimate 0 variable that is used, the planner of the project starts esteem an interval of values for each function.

Through the use of historical data, the proper one intuition and/or experience the planning one esteem an optimistical, most likely value and a pessimist for each function. An expected value, or of three points, can then be calculated, as weighed mean of the estimates optimistical (Sot), most likely (Sm) and pessimist (Spess). (PRESMAN, 2006). After to get the estimates of the size of each function the planner applies the historical data of productivity that reflect the reality of involved team e, thus, esteem the effort demanded for development of each function of the software product. Finally, the combination of these estimates, generates the total estimate, of effort and cost for the accomplishment of one determined project.

(PAGNO, 2010). The gotten estimates are not 100% insurances. Any estimate technique, does not import sophisticated quo, must be compared with other boardings, as well as, must take advantage common-sense and experience.


They had been wild? Not expensive reader they are until very smart imagine a new printer with new cartridges in the box with guarantee of 2 years to a cost of 140 Reals exelente not? Low cost a useful electronic to print billets, the photo of its excellent baby lindinho not? To be able to buy a so useful thing to a low value they had liked not? Therefore when not to finish the first cartridge you go to understand this account When to finish these cartridges you you will go you content purchase them but when arriving in the store the account does not go to beat to 4 120reais cartridges novos=? But as if a new printer already with the 4 cartridges it is 140 Reals I go to explain as this account closes (for the manufacturers) You purchase an only printer a time in the year and of the profit to the manufacturers a correct time? But they had discovered that he would be more lucrative to vender the printer the cost and the ink (cartridge) the gold price.

They would profit not vendendo 5 recharges of ink of what vendendo (with profit) an only machine for an only person They when venderem one scheme the cost at least gain others 10 with profit of the cartridges Negotiate good not? Good only for the manufacturers therefore the paid consumer 1ml of ink (original) 10 Reals But as when we feel to ache soon in the pocket arranges a solution the recharge of cartridges would be an excellent idea if the manufacturers already had not thought about this possibility, them place a foam in the cartridges that if spoils with the proper one (genuine ink) thus obstructing the impression head Another solution; cartridges made in plastic without intelligent internal foam and with one chip that reseta the level of ink in its printer when this arrives 10% hindering that it bar due to brilliant ink not? Yes brilliant and more brilliant still and the cost of the ink 1,5 cents 1 ml already of the one rude difference how much to the cartridge with ink (genuine) 10 Reals 1ml and not only the absurd difference in the price but in the form of recharge, you recharges in same house with a syringe without losing time when the ink only finishes there in the way of an important impression Is enough to open the cover of the re loadable cartridge and to place ink..

Empirical Models

As Alves (2006), ‘ ‘ esteem software cost is not a task easy, therefore it involves many 0 variable as the generated product quality, the established stated periods, the involved human resources, the identified risks, of among others same relevncia’ ‘. However, the organizations need necessarily esteem the involved effort and the cost in the process of software development. In this direction, Pressman (2006) presents some options to obtain estimates of trustworthy cost and effort: 1.Adie the estimate until the project is more in advance; 2.Baseie the estimates in similar projects, that already had been completed; 3.Use techniques of relatively simple decomposition to generate estimates of costs and effort of the project; 4.Use one or more empirical models for estimate of cost and effort of software. With same objective, to obtain estimates of trustworthy cost and effort, Sommerville (2007) presents some below techniques of estimates of costs of software, as described: 3.Estimativa algorithmic 1.Modelagem of costs 2.Julgamento of specialists for analogy 4.Lei of Parkinson 5.Atribuio of price to gain One or more described techniques for Pressman (2006) and Sommerville (2007) can (m) be used (s) to produce estimates of costs. Each technique presents positive points and negative, to get itself better resulted it is necessary to use one technique more than and to compare its results. In last the two decades, many studies have been carried through in the area of estimates of costs for software projects. Amongst the techniques of cited estimates the present article approaches two estimates of cost and effort according to Pressman (2006): Empirical techniques of Decomposition and Models. The boarding Empirical Models also is seen according to Sommerville (2007), nominated as algorithmic Modeling of costs.

Federal Government Evidence

Consequently, the biggest change will have estarassociada to the form as the educational resources will be projected, developed, managed and integrated to be disponibilizados aosestudantes. In this direction forms have appeared many related research snovas of use of the TICs as an effective support to the deensino process and learning, over all in virtual environments. In the last decade dosculo XX the use of these resources, exactly that of primary, permitiuum effective access the educational contents, from any place and aqualquer hour, consolidating at a first moment, application, exactly queembrionria form, of these technologies to the educative processes. 3.2 The professor eas new technologies: These processes start to require of the professors to umolhar more intent, to understand the amplitude of the technology concept and doespao required by this, which if presents as the supports, to ferramentasque we use so that the pupils learn (VIEIRA, 2003, P. 153).

the Federal Government Evidence-dries such influence has motivated already some time, that for meiodo Ministry of the Education – MEC comes developing some projects, the example National doPrograma of Computer science in the Education (ProInfo), of the Secretariat deEducao in the distance in partnership with state Universities and secretariats deeducao, in order to propitiate the formation of managers and professors of escolaspblicas for the incorporation of the TICs. Initiatives that demonstrate compreensoda importance of the movement for the increase of the ability of the school front essanova dynamic that the art to teach requires.