They had been wild? Not expensive reader they are until very smart imagine a new printer with new cartridges in the box with guarantee of 2 years to a cost of 140 Reals exelente not? Low cost a useful electronic to print billets, the photo of its excellent baby lindinho not? To be able to buy a so useful thing to a low value they had liked not? Therefore when not to finish the first cartridge you go to understand this account When to finish these cartridges you you will go you content purchase them but when arriving in the store the account does not go to beat to 4 120reais cartridges novos=? But as if a new printer already with the 4 cartridges it is 140 Reals I go to explain as this account closes (for the manufacturers) You purchase an only printer a time in the year and of the profit to the manufacturers a correct time? But they had discovered that he would be more lucrative to vender the printer the cost and the ink (cartridge) the gold price.

They would profit not vendendo 5 recharges of ink of what vendendo (with profit) an only machine for an only person They when venderem one scheme the cost at least gain others 10 with profit of the cartridges Negotiate good not? Good only for the manufacturers therefore the paid consumer 1ml of ink (original) 10 Reals But as when we feel to ache soon in the pocket arranges a solution the recharge of cartridges would be an excellent idea if the manufacturers already had not thought about this possibility, them place a foam in the cartridges that if spoils with the proper one (genuine ink) thus obstructing the impression head Another solution; cartridges made in plastic without intelligent internal foam and with one chip that reseta the level of ink in its printer when this arrives 10% hindering that it bar due to brilliant ink not? Yes brilliant and more brilliant still and the cost of the ink 1,5 cents 1 ml already of the one rude difference how much to the cartridge with ink (genuine) 10 Reals 1ml and not only the absurd difference in the price but in the form of recharge, you recharges in same house with a syringe without losing time when the ink only finishes there in the way of an important impression Is enough to open the cover of the re loadable cartridge and to place ink..