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National Union Attack

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The National Union Attack (Bulgarian:”””””””””’, Natsionalen S’yuz Ataka, also translated as “Attack Coalition) is a nationalist political party in Bulgaria. In the last legislative elections, held on June 25, 2005, gained 9 of the vote and 21 of the 240 seats in the National Assembly.
Attack National Union formed by the National Movement for the Salvation of the Motherland (Natsionalno Dvizhenie za Spasenie navarre Otechestvoto), the Bulgarian National Patriotic Party (B’lgarska Natsionalna-Partiya Patriotichna) and the Union of Patriotic Forces and the Military Book – Defense (S’yuz navarre Patriotichnite Sili i Voinite ot Zapassa – Zashtita). Led by conductor television Volen Siderov, who is generally considered anti-Semitic and racist, the coalition was formed only two months before the election. Siderov had created before a game with the same name, but his registration was delayed by the Court, so he could not participate in elections as such.
Leaders of the coalition have criticized the ethnic minorities in Bulgaria are considered too close, have accused all the Bulgarian political system to be totally corrupt, and are opposed to NATO, the war in Iraq and close ties with States USA. Although the coalition is not particularly against the membership of Bulgaria to the European Union, has strongly called for a revision of some of the documents signed (as the document for the closure of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant near the Danube river) , some of which are largely considered contrary to the interests of Bulgaria.
The unexpected success of attack has been attributed mainly to the poor electoral performance (31 of votes) of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, successor to the old Bulgarian Communist Party. Among the leaders of attack are political figures such as popular Petar Beron, Ognyan Sapareva, Rumen Vodenicharov Bankov and Stella. Members of the group in the Parliament attack include Bankov Petar Beron and Stella, as a group of generals and other military personnel, some of whom have left the group for various reasons, most of which conflict with the partisan leader Volen Siderov. sports betting Blog: ew Informaci daily sports betting. … Bulgaria and Turkey, two countries with a very distinto.Turquia is …
Bulgaria: Bulgaria is a little known country in eastern Europe, surrounded by Romania, Greece, Turkey and the black sea. Summer is a destination for skiing and …
Turkey. Pronunciation: not even have the pronunciation of the word. … Armenia, Georgia, egro Sea, Bulgaria and Greece, Europe and the Sea …

Biological role

Zinc is a chemical element essential for people involved in the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids, stimulates the activity of approximately 100 enzymes, assists in the smooth functioning of the immune system, is necessary for healing, skin care speaking in perceptions of taste and cardiovascular smell and the synthesis of DNA. The metal is found in insulin, zinc finger fitness proteins (zinc finger) and various enzymes such as superoxide dismutase.
Zinc is found body in various foods such as oysters, red meat, poultry, health some fish and shellfish, beans and nuts. The recommended daily intake of zinc is about 10 mg, less for babies, children and adolescents (for their lower body weight) and slightly higher for women during pregnancy and lactation.
Zinc deficiency can cause growth retardation, hair loss, diarrhea, impotence, damage to eyes and skin, loss of appetite, weight loss, delay in wound healing and abnormal sense of smell. The causes that can cause a zinc deficiency fitness include poor intake and poor absorption of the mineral ‘case of alcoholism that favors its elimination in urine or vegetarian diets in which the absorption of zinc is 50 lower than that of meat’ or its removal due to excessive gastrointestinal disorders.
Excess zinc nutrition has been associated health with low levels of copper, changes in the role of iron and decreased immune function and levels of good cholesterol.
It is believed that the sting of scorpions contain zinc with a purity of 1 / 4.

The Journal-Standard
A trip a few supermarket aisle is bound to leave you staring at the logo’s trump supplements financial heart healthy ingredients, weight loss properties or energy boost results.
HealthDay nutrients via Yahoo! News
Monday, February 23 (HealthDay News) – Forget the apple. The largest study of its kind to date have shown that vitamin D each day is what keeps wellness the doctor away when it comes to colds or flu.
Scientific American
Is the sun more than just a home remedy for a cold New research suggests that may be: In a study to be published tomorrow People with low levels of vitamin D – also known as the “vitamin Sunday” – were previously used for catching cold and flu than people in sufficient quantities. The effect of the vitamin was strongest in people with asthma and other lung diseases that have been predisposed to …
The New Straits Times
Q: I have a bad immune system and I fall sick easily. health care I would like to take vitamin C supplements, but I am worried about how it will affect my stomach problem because it is acidic. All other alternatives’


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It is important to place a rest area off the water for the turtles.
The turtle should be kept in an aquarium or other enclosure provided in proportion to its size. The size of the tank is the first very important aspect to be taken into account. Small portable containers which are generally sold together with the Japanese baby turtle at the time of purchase are completely inadequate for even the smaller individuals. A pattern used by many people to determine the appropriate size of the tank is at least 10 gallons of water per inch of carapace length (15 liters per centimeter). In this way, a single adult of this species will require between 90 and 120 gallons (400 liters) of water in your skin care tank. The water level should be as high as possible, but not enough wellness to escape.
There must be enough water in their supplements enclosure. However, for younger turtles water level they should be allowed to stand and reach the top of the water with your head, if not reach the surface stretching the neck could drown because they can not go out and breathe. If the turtle is apparently drowned when the water level rises, then the compound must be removed immediately. Although you may not want the turtle to nutrients swim to the top, you will learn very quickly. Filtration and water quality are also important aspects in a well maintained environment. Since the Japanese captive turtles eat, sleep and produce waste at the limited amount of water in which they find themselves, it is crucial to have good filtration. The clean water greatly body reduces the occurrence of infections and the growth of algae and fungi. The presence and development of harmful bacteria and debris should be monitored regularly to avoid problems later.
A rest area where the turtle can be included in its dry habitat. A heat lamp is also widely recommended for the turtles that live indoors or where not receive direct sunlight. If the lamp is used inside, the turtles must have access to it for three or four hours fitness a day. The water should be kept at a constant temperature of between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius (75-79 F), with lower water temperature can induce a hibernating turtle. Some sections of very cold water temperatures are sometimes called “zone of death” because they are not cold enough to try to hibernate the tortoise, but enough so that it can prevent proper metabolism. Water cardiovascular quality in any aquatic turtles can become a serious problem. Lee turtles accumulate rapidly, and the resulting ammonia coupled with the growth of bacteria may be seriously detrimental to the health of these animals. A good aquarium filter usually helps control this problem, as well as using a separate feeding tank, but a frequent change of water is very necessary to ensure their good health. For adult turtles (between 20-30 cm carapace length) accepting a tank with a volume of at least 500 liters (approximately 132 gallons). Another possibility is to keep the turtle health in a pond in the garden or in a small plastic pool as long as this closed at the top to protect them from potential predators such as dogs nutrition or cats.
Another requirement is that the rest area is equipped with a UV lamp, which simulates the sun’s rays and gives the turtle the vitamins needed to metabolize calcium and keep its shell healthy, as well as a heat source on the rest area so that sun comes out, sohaving a temperature between 30-33 degrees Celsius (86-91 F) herbal supplements / health to be obtained fitness from places of trust … or not, and herbal supplements / for health out of reach of children. …
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The shipper of the year

Twenty days before the New Year, the main priest begins to pray every five days at 1:00 am A turkey is taken to a hill about 10 kilometers from the village in a decorated box, slaughtered and buried immediately. The blood is shed in mud and sticks that also burned copal there. The main priest and pray on the main bundles of sticks and candles copal subsequently burned in the sacred sites of the people. It reads the ordinance, bathed continuously with the smoke of incense for a priest’s wife and minor principal priest, priests pray at home and in church ceremonies. The Mayans acatecos pray lay in front of the church throughout the night and complete the following day is done and marimba music trio, there is no consumption of liquor or dancing. Twenty-five days before the new year, the spirits of the young had left to go to the cave which is located in Santa Eulalia, these returning Twenty days later, after the spirits of the adults go to the cave to stay there for five days . There are special foods required for taboos and other adults in this period of five days, they are considered dangerous. The great prayer for rain, rain, invoking the four angels who look after the four quarters of the world, is held during the slaughter in celebration of the New Year. The shipper of the year is a very important and solemn ceremony.

Boston Globe
openly defy the law, a Kurdish politician, said legislators in Turkish parliament in the Kurdish language on Tuesday to celebrate UNESCO world languages week. State-run television immediately cut the live broadcast.
A politician stirred debate about the rights of minorities in Turkey when he spoke Kurdish in parliament on Tuesday, violating laws that bar the language in official settings. State-run television immediately cut the live broadcast of the legislature Ahmet Turk as he spoke in his native language.
AP via Yahoo! Malaysia News
openly defy the law, a Kurdish politician, said legislators in the Turkish parliament in the Kurdish language on Tuesday to celebrate UNESCO world languages week.
The Canadian Press via Yahoo! Canada News
ANKARA, Turkey – A Turkish Kurdish politician became law on Tuesday by giving a speech to parliament in the Kurdish language. State-run television immediately cut the live broadcast.

Economic crisis and famine

According to Casio Dion, the Empire faced a serious economic crisis gallery in 39. Suetonius provides the beginning of the crisis at 38. The policy of Caligula, marked by generosity and extravagance, depletion of reserves Financial Empire. the art dealers, Hicham and make the antiquities come to life Historians say that ancient Caligula react falsely accusing some senators and knights to fines and even executed for the purpose of seizing their assets. To cope antiquities with the crisis, Caligula launched a series of desperate measures , some of which are described by historians, as people borrow money at public events. established new taxes on trials, weddings and brothels, and implemented by the auction sales of the gladiatorial spectacles . The Roman citizens of wills leaving their property to Tiberius art were reinterpreted exhibits so that Caligula receive such goods. obliges the centurions who had acquired property during looting to return their booty to the Treasury, and the official responsible for collecting taxes related to the use of roadways were accused of incompetence and malfeasance, and fined heavily.
The Vatican obelisk was originally built in Egypt by the administration of Caligula. Originally conceived as the center of galleries a hippodrome built in the province.
Maybe this economic crisis was causing a famine brief yet unknown dimensions that hit the Empire at that time, although historians differ in their views clasicos: According to Suetonius, Caligula was a confiscation most public carriages. 55 According to Seneca, the reason was that Caligula prevented the use of vessels for the transport of grain for use as a floating bridge.

February 16 (Bloomberg) – exhibition England heritage plundered by nighthawkers, thieves who artifacts sneak into the field in the dark with metal detectors and unearth ancient artifacts, according to a group that advises the government on historic sites. the family of art dealers, lead by with an expertise in ancient Egyptian art
The Times of Trenton
The inside of the museum looked like a tornado had ripped through. Door after door was demolished, rooms were littered with crumpled paper and broken pieces of statutes under the floors.
The Capital
17 distinguished authors, editors and publishers to speak. The full day workshops, two new sessions on Internet writing, S.A. along with interviews by veteran Hollywood screenwriter and film Thomas B. Sawyer and award-winning poet Sue Ellen Thompson.
The Times of India
The indignation in the European Parliament on the auction of the Mahatma’s possessions is ironic as absurd right to them works of art frustratingly difficult.

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Hurricane Ivan

… development of tropical storms and providing continued coverage … characteristic of tropical storms are expected in your area in the next 24 hours. …
October 4 by 1980’11 October 1980
170 km / h, 970 mbar
Ivan was an exceptional storm, forming an extratropical system that had been tracked from the coast of Portugal since late September. The extratropical storm is moving erratically toward the southwest of the Azores, slowly acquiring tropical characteristics. On October 4, the system became a named storm. Tropical Storm Ivan intensified into a Category 2 hurricane, taking a path to the top west-northwest and then turning sharply to the northeast, Ivan was merged with an extratropical system and facing an October 11.
The formation of Ivan was unexpected, being in cold water and in a region of the tropical Atlantic where the development is not common, it was more northeast than any tropical system had formed until the occurrence of hurricane Vince much further north in the 2005 season. The hurricane caused no known damage, because he never approached land and no ship experiment with the force of hurricane winds. com and in the tropics the temperature is usually high, constantly … tropical waves forming all the time, but not all have the …
No time to recover from Hurricane Gustav, Haiti has been … 350 kilometers per hour, rotating tropical storms are phenomena …
… The expert predicts that 15 tropical storms formed, of which eight … Wilma or Rita for a long time recalling the tragedies that resulted. …


Mr S. left his art business to his sons, Ali and with an eye for detail and beauty The return of a classic to the Uffizi Gallery … Next March 3 U2 appear in stores next to their material. Dec-26 22:20 pm … exhibition
It starts three months before the reunion of Cyrus, leader of the gang of the Riffs, when we see that the Warriors (formed by antiquities Cleon, Vermin, Swan, Cowboy, Ajax, Snow, Cochise and Fox) to make membership Rembrandt. We like the Warriors are powerful slowly in small jobs and contests. One day they are attacked by the Hi-Hats, as Rembrandt won in a contest of graffiti in the end turned out to be a trap, causing the group to escape and take revenge by destroying entire gallery Chatterbox at the end of the fight with the Hi-Hats, paving its territory and kill his boss, Chatterbox. Days later attacked the Destroyers, killing Virgil, his boss. After helping the band of the Saracens, the Warriors are invited to attend the reunion of Cyrus.
When the day of the reunion, get together all the powerful gangs in New York, and the best part of the speech giving Cyrus, Luther, leader of the band the Rogues, shoots and accuses Cleon, the head of the Warriors , has been killed. Other Warriors to escape from the territory of the Turnbull AC, but Cleon artifacts is killed by members of the gang of art the Riffs, Ajax is in jail and Fox was killed by a cop who throws him to the train tracks. At the end of appointing the Chief Swan to return to Coney Island, ‘your’ territory, with all bands of the city (more than 60,000 gang members) against him and armed to the teeth.
In the end, Swan attracts the Rogues to the beach and stuck a S.A. knife in the arm of Luther, appearing suddenly the Riffs, who already know who killed Cyrus and really come for that. you feel like you are stepping back hundreds of years when you walk through the exhibits at Swan at the end, Rembrandt, Snow, Cowboy, Vermin and Cochise Warrior returned to the barracks with Mercy, the ex-girlfriend of works of art Sully, the head of the Orphans. EDGE OF PAGE: Allows you to define the style of the line of the border, border color, width and art. … on the table and the table will automatically appear galleries …
The claim is that the Artisan Gallery Jalisciense is traveling … CCU bet on the avant-garde art in December-21 19:14 hrs. Jalisco …
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After making the Cadastre Machado, it was revealed the appearance of the city in 1889.
The history and development of land the city is divided into two seasons, over which substantially change the way they represent the area, tools and methodologies that were used, as is pursuing advertising as cadastral and agreed to the maps and cartography of the city .
In 1889, under contract with the city of Cordoba under the agency of John M. de la Serna, the Surveyor angel Machado ran the first cadastral survey of the city. Basically their job was diagrammed and lifting parcels (existing limits and boundaries and improvements). What is cadastral maps were obtained which represented groups of six to ten blocks, now in the Municipal Archives .
Urban sprawl of the city. The boundaries of the image are also limits the Department’s Capital.
Until the late 30 century, 20 the town was still using the Cadastre Machado more drawings of the new districts that were approved in the city. Under the agency Donato Latella Frias contract in 1940, the company Sociedad Argentina de Cadastres. It was the first measurement and marking of the municipal ejido and from the documentation of the Cadastre and the Municipality of the Province created the parcel, documents representing the shape of each individual block in the city and its land division. These plans, many still questioned, originals of that time was still used until today. Later it was the topographic mapping of the city to the scale of 1:5,000, the firm run by Spartan Air Services in 1967 and the official plan of the city at 1:20,000 scale developed under the technical direction of the Engineer Geographer Severiano Bartaburu in 1987, the last official plan implemented by the municipality until the present .
More than 60 years after the work that makes up the chart plots maintained until today and 20 years after the last official plan of the city, currently under study a project in both its technical and technological aspects, allows the implementation a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) in the city of Cordoba, transforming the traditional concept of parcel maps and plans’ into a ‘database grafica only’ for all areas of government and municipal institutions and enterprises of the city.

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… A key

… A key concern about the weather, which began in the evening … utilitarian sense: the weather could depend on the success …
The National Water Commission is heir to a great tradition hydraulic and throughout its history has been comprised of professionals and specialists from various disciplines, internationally recognized for his dedication and skills.
Among the institutions that preceded it highlighted the Department of Water, Lands and Settlement was established in 1917, the National Irrigation Commission in 1926, the Ministry of Water Resources in 1946 and Secretary of Agriculture and Water Resources in 1976.
Currently, the mission of the National Water Commission is to manage and preserve national waters, with the participation of society to achieve sustainable use of resources.
The Commission, the participation of society is essential to achieve the goals they have set in each basin in the country, because among other things, the people can the continuity that is required for the actions raised.
The Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory of Mexico was created by presidential decree under the initiative of the Secretary of Public Works, Vicente Riva Palacio, February 6, 1877 and attached to the Commission of the Territory National Geographic Explorer, was launched on March 6 of that same year, during the government of Porfirio D az and installed on the roof of the Palacio Nacional.
In 1878, the Observat’orio moved to the Castle of Chapultepec. Subsequently, in 1880, the Observatory of technically and economically independent from the Commission Geographic Explorer and found a special on National Expenditure Budget. From that moment, having a director due to Mariano Barcena, so it is assigned a staff of 6 observers. In 1883 he moved to the Astronomical Observatory works with the weather, the building of the former Archbishop in Tacubaya. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Observatory continued to operate in the National Palace, at the same time it goes through the process of building a special building that houses it, but this never took place. In 1889 began the work of the seismological observatory in the same building where the Tacubaya observatory, under the direction of Mr. Felipe Valle. For those dates, Mariano Barcel continued as director and coordinate research on climate and weather in the Weather Service until his death in 1899 . / Spanish provide weather forecasts in the world, as well as maps and reports of local climate of North America and South America.
One of the things I like most of Back to the Future II when they come to … eating chocolate, Nature twisting, weather on the Internet …
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Portal: United States of America

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Portal of the United States
United States of America (United States of America) is a country located mainly in North America comprises 50 states and one federal district. It also has one state and several territories located in the West and in Oceania. Its form of government is a presidential republic and federal levels.
Forty-eight states in the region between Canada and Mexico. These states are called, more or less formally, the continental United States or contiguous and, sometimes below 48. Alaska is in the northeast of North America, separated from the other states by the Canadian territory of British Columbia. The Polynesian islands of Hawaii, the state number 50, is located in Oceania in the Pacific Ocean. The federal capital, Washington, is located in the District of Columbia, between the states of Maryland and northern Virginia to the south.
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News 24 South Africa
In a strange irony sport, Schalk Burger and Luke Watson will be the milestone of their 50th Stormer match.
Honolulu Advertiser
feat: one of the top 100 players in the Northwest … played football and competed in track and field … Named to Advertiser’s All-State first team.
Welcome Guest! Fiji competitive teams in the Heineken Hottest 7s in Darwin, Australia began to win points this morning.
Welcome Guest! Fresh from an excellent performance at the 2008 Rugby League World Cup, the Fiji Bati team is now focused on the resting place of the Rugby League Pacific Cup in Fiji.

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