Economic crisis and famine

According to Casio Dion, the Empire faced a serious economic crisis gallery in 39. Suetonius provides the beginning of the crisis at 38. The policy of Caligula, marked by generosity and extravagance, depletion of reserves Financial Empire. the art dealers, Hicham and make the antiquities come to life Historians say that ancient Caligula react falsely accusing some senators and knights to fines and even executed for the purpose of seizing their assets. To cope antiquities with the crisis, Caligula launched a series of desperate measures , some of which are described by historians, as people borrow money at public events. established new taxes on trials, weddings and brothels, and implemented by the auction sales of the gladiatorial spectacles . The Roman citizens of wills leaving their property to Tiberius art were reinterpreted exhibits so that Caligula receive such goods. obliges the centurions who had acquired property during looting to return their booty to the Treasury, and the official responsible for collecting taxes related to the use of roadways were accused of incompetence and malfeasance, and fined heavily.
The Vatican obelisk was originally built in Egypt by the administration of Caligula. Originally conceived as the center of galleries a hippodrome built in the province.
Maybe this economic crisis was causing a famine brief yet unknown dimensions that hit the Empire at that time, although historians differ in their views clasicos: According to Suetonius, Caligula was a confiscation most public carriages. 55 According to Seneca, the reason was that Caligula prevented the use of vessels for the transport of grain for use as a floating bridge.

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The inside of the museum looked like a tornado had ripped through. Door after door was demolished, rooms were littered with crumpled paper and broken pieces of statutes under the floors.
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The indignation in the European Parliament on the auction of the Mahatma’s possessions is ironic as absurd right to them works of art frustratingly difficult.

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