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To listen to the new sound, press the Scan button. You can also choose to voice any process its own file, click Browse. To save changes to a new sound scheme Click Save As, type the schema name and click OK. If you prefer, you can opt out of scoring system events. For this list, select Sound scheme Silent. When you close the window, do not forget click OK. Selecting a screen saver.

Logo – a simple animation or image that appears on the screen in the computer. Choose one of the available screen savers, and enter the settings by clicking on the link Splash window Personalization. Recently Mitchel Resnick sought to clarify these questions. To change the splash screen, select the drop-down list. For some screen savers can change the settings (for example, set label, the type of rotation, choose a folder of images, the speed of the drawing) in the window, click Options. To see the selected screensaver in action, click View. The demonstration screen saver stops as soon as you move the mouse or press any key. Period of time after which the show will include a screen saver, you can set a numeric field interval. Check box to begin with the login screen is designed to protect your computer from unauthorized access during non-users. Additional information at futurist supports this article.

Setting this flag has meaning only if your account is password protected. Then, after exiting the splash screen appears with the login The password prompt. Before you protect your computer in this way, note the time interval saver – if it is large enough, the attacker can do “all of his deeds” before it occurs. In bottom of the window there is a reference Change power options. Clicking on it, you’ll go to the settings window energy saving modes. Here you can choose from three standard plans, and configure each of them, clicking the Settings link in the plan. Change desktop icons. As we said before, after you install Windows on the desktop, there is only one icon – basket. Access to system folders can only be obtained through the Start menu. However, you can put icons on your desktop the most important system folders. To do this, click on the link Change desktop icons in the window Personalization in the dialog box select the check boxes the names of the folders that want to see on your desktop. In the center of this window you can see the icons used by default for the system folders. If desired, you can opt for any one of them a different icon. To do this, click on its icon, then click Change icon in the dialog box, specify one of the many samples. Return to standard view icon, you can by clicking the icon usual. You can resize icons on the desktop and arrange them on defined criterion. Right-click an empty section of the desktop, go to the menu View and select one of three sizes of icons. To arrange the icons, click a blank area of Workers table, right-click and choose the command sub-Sort. It is possible to sort the icons by name, size, type and modification date.

SpetsLab Source

GOALcity reached a new level of objects. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ConocoPhillips. In "Pegal" embedded 3D-engine three-dimensional control plans – both flat and three-dimensional object with a huge number of features designed specifically for the security sector. On Today, there is no difficulty to find a computer specialist, who will represent your home, office or an entire city in three dimensions. "Pegal" easily loads the standard 3D-graphics. And makes her a unique system security.

In three-dimensional form of a man clearly sees not only the scene of the accident, but the dynamics of the process. Interested drawdown zone are displayed in spectacular (this word is appropriate) form with a smooth transition of the total plan. Each specific area can be seen in conjunction with a complete object model. All sensors, keys, locks, lighting, etc. presented in their graphic display and can be drawn by the user. Man Now he is building its security system! All events and control can also be done directly with the Plan.

For example, the drawdown of the sensor, you can see how flashing a virtual sensor, as is 3D-man or change the color of the volume of the room. To include lighting, enough to click on the virtual floor lamps, and to open the door – a virtual lock. Not only the person gets in a virtual environment – a three-dimensional thinking begins and the program itself, tracing the coordinates of the movement, speed, direction, and calculating the possible threat. But more on that later … View Video: 3D-Plan can already be seen on the show floor SpetsLab last 3 years. To date, it is not only finished, but a well-tested product. It should be noted that the creation of 3D-engine – abroad almost the most expensive issue in programming. SpetsLab developed this technology (Previously used only for games) specifically for use in the security sphere. Developed by SpetsLab Source:

Windows 7 Taskbar

The taskbar is designed to display the shortcut to open windows and switch between running programs. (With illustrations here) There is also a main menu of your computer – the Start menu. The taskbar for Windows 7 changed greatly and includes many of the structural and graphic innovations. For example, in an explicit form of the Quick Launch toolbar, which is located on the left side is missing. Notification Area, located on the right contains a clock and icons of programs running in the background, and combined with the updated click Close all windows. This, of course, not all. Consider all the new and improved panel detail. COMPOSITION taskbar: By default, labels, denoting the running processes, completely impersonal.

They only represent a running program or process, but more specific details can be seen only when the mouse pointer to the desired label. Now, looking the new Taskbar, it is impossible to say exactly how much all open windows and running processes. And all because of one icon can not hide a single window. Try to move the mouse pointer over the icon running program, which is located on the taskbar. You'll see a thumbnail of the open window. As mentioned above, if the same processes or programs running multiple, then they will be associated with single icon. The number of sketches will be equal to the number of running copies. Also, if you could run your mouse pointer on the sketches have appeared, then it will appear full-fledged window programs.

Definition Laptop

Sonynachala company selling a new 17-inch laptop SonyVaioVPCEC2S1R. This laptop is assigned to class multimedia notebook that can meet the challenges of increased complexity. In SonyVaioVPCEC2S1R/BJ body in the classical style using VAIOs high quality plastic. The outer part is made of matte black plastic on the background of mass sleek design looks like this solution is practical and concise. The notebook just over three pounds, that would be undoubted advantage if you need to carry it with you. Functional features of novelty is constructed based on latest Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz and comes with 4 GB of RAM and two hard drives of 320 GB.

Also Sony's engineers have installed on the notebook discrete graphics system of the latest generation of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 with 1GB of video memory and a Blu-ray optical drive. Communications in this regard, a laptop Sony VAIO VPCEC2S1R/BJ all very standard: Wi-Fi with support for standard 802.11 b / g and Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR with a range of about 10 meters, and c the ability to connect up to eight devices simultaneously. Screen The screen of a laptop Sony VAIO VPCEC2S1R/BJ very high level with rich saturated colors, LED – highlighting possible eliminate the problem of dark spots (when the notebook from Sony lamp illumination were not illuminated by the upper and lower corners of the screen). The screen image can be seen as equally well in bright light, and at dusk. Razreshenie1920h1080 points takes a lot of fun for those who want to see Full HD video. Keyboard and Touchpad The keyboard of a laptop with a separate full-size numeric keypad.

The keys have a small offset from each other, the keyboard is quite comfortable, and typing on it is a pleasure. The touchpad is large and made flush with the hull. The panel supports a "multitouch" and is the area of vertical and horizontal scroll bar. The left and right touchpad buttons are separated from each other. Ports and connectors Sony VAIO VPCEC2S1R/BJ has a rich set of ports and connectors. On the right side: there are: three-slot USB, optical drive tray, connector for fastening the lock. On the left side: PCI Express Card 34mm port E-SATA/USB 2.0, HDMI and VGA, a connector for a power adapter. On the front end is Card-reader and two connectors Jack 3,5 (microphone, headphones). Runtimes Wait outstanding results do not account for, in a class of multimedia notebooks have a certain standard, and this laptop is no exception – the battery life is 1.5 hours. The performance set a high performance processors from Intel and a modern graphics systems can run on this laptop the most serious problem. Multimedia, games, movies, "High Definition" and 3D graphics – all models of Sony VAIO VPCEC2S1R/BJ forces. Opinion NBpro.ru This laptop is perfect for the role of home multimedia center. Notebook allows you to fully enjoy watching movies in Full HD, as on the screen of the device and connecting it to an LCD TV, an external monitor or projector. In addition, the new product can act as a gaming console, capable of entertaining its owner with the help of modern games. Laptop Sony Vaio VPCEC2S1R you can buy in our shop for the lowest price.

Computer Simulation

This PC game will provide an opportunity to find better hunting on a normal animal. Some may see the view that it is much easily: walk in the woods, running a strong trees, catch up with fleeing from the gray rabbits. So really any gray wolf hunting difficult. First we get the chance to pick up the color of gray and the floor being put after certain skills: security, speed and power. The player in possession is four square killometra mountain in the protected park where there is a lot of spruce forest with large meadows and cliffs. Eid In this computer game is fully seen gray feelings in this natural park is possible to catch plenty of both otbivshegosya from the main herd of the old boar, and the swift-footed rabbit. Anyone herd of herbivores can be easy to find on the detected odor that comes from the moose herd and their traces.

Sly wolf could easily run up to any herd and make an attack on the victim or patient frazzle her until exhaustion and easy to bring to an end an exciting chase. Wolves have the opportunity to hunt for quench hunger, and because of instinct. The resulting experience of the player is able to spend on improving the abilities of a wolf. In wolfquest can find shelter even cousins, following in the footsteps of their smell, and communicate with them. seeing myself suitable companions, you will be able to attack a bigger game – grizzly bears. To cope with a huge grizzly bear is not possible, he runs fast and very strong, so the hunt for this animal as required minimum number of wolf. This game should appeal to all lovers of wild animals.

Viewing Area

Measurement made diagonally from one corner to opposite corner. Sizes range from LCD monitors 15 inches to 25, but does not always mean more is better, the main thing that you feel comfortable. Native resolution: LCD monitor always has a definite recommend resolution. You can not exceed it, but you can do less, but image quality will deteriorate. If you need to change the screen resolution often enough CRT monitor should suit you more. Angle of view: One of the problems specific to LCD monitors is that you can not see anything, if you look at the monitor at an angle greater than the allowable. Therefore necessary choose a monitor with wide viewing angle, especially if you plan deltat presentation.

CRT monitors now let's look at some things to consider when buying a CRT monitor. The size of the tube and the apparent area: the size of the tube and the visible region of the CRT monitor is of paramount importance. The size of the tube will help you determine how much space you will need to monitor on your desktop. This is expressed in inches, measured from one angle of the monitor to the opposite corner. Viewing Area (also called the diagonal) shows how large will otobrazhats your entire working environment. Tube type: Traditional CRTs have curved screens, while as newer models are generally flat. Flat screens improve clarity and reduce glare, so it's best if you want to reduce eyestrain.

Maximum resolution and refresh rate, the maximum CRT monitor resolution can vary from 1024 x 768 at 75 Hz and 2048 to 1536 at 70 Hz. For normal use at home, 1024 x 768 at 75 Hz is sufficient. You should make sure that your CRT monitor refresh rate supported above 70 Hz – anything below 70 Hz can cause screen flicker and cause eye irritation. Point size CRT monitor to determine how sharp a picture – this figure can vary from 0.24 mm to 0.28 mm. Less pixel size often indicates a sharper picture. Of course, to the untrained eye, the difference in picture quality on this parameter are not very noticeable.

RAM System

Many want to improve the performance of your computer, but do not know how to do it. Everybody wants one – to improve performance. Nevertheless, the goals may be different: the installation of a new operating system installation of new programs or new games. Let's see how all the same "drive" your computer? It is important first to understand what it means to "overclock" your computer. Suppose you want to run on your computer, a task, for example, play toy, but your computer is old and can not cope with the task. As a result, you find additional capacity to your computer, using it, increase the power machines and playing games in which they wanted.

This is the "acceleration" of the computer. It is important to know, not all computers have the ability to "acceleration". As you know, to increase computer performance can be due to certain manipulation of three major components of the system unit CPU, RAM and video card. Each of these devices calibrated so as to stably operate in conjunction with other details. But each of these components has many settings, changing that can affect system performance. It is important here not to go face as You can screw up your computer .. If you talk to people overclocking the computer, they will tell you many stories about how they burned down one or another component. Individual computer components are burned due to overheating, since with increasing power and increasing pressure on system components, and standard coolers can not cope with cooling.

Analysis Of Deficiencies BUOK-4

BUOK-4 debriefing We Tell on BUOK-4 production of APF 'SWEET'. What is interesting, the production certified by ISO9001. Well what else to add, should be quite a decent production, should … be …. I had the misfortune check them out at the lecture, which we read experts NPF 'SWEET' lecture was immediately after the show on fire safety. And pulled me to the devil to go there … No, the lecture course they are well read, loaded us on a full program.

Such rhetoric would have it, some time later … Realizing that time is the most precious thing on this planet, yet I spend a little more, laying out a description of the crafts. At the same time the way we touch, and their shields SK-S. But the shields of course more fortunate, they are simpler, and electricians who collected them, have no such flight of ideas which are at the 'Engineers' NPF 'SWEET' creators 'masterpiece' BUOK-4. Ok start, start gutting this engineering marvel … We divide our analysis of the following stages: 1. The schematic circuit diagram 2.

Analysis of the schematic circuit diagram 3. Design features of the product 4. Analysis of the products in combat conditions 5. Recommendation 6. An overview of boards HQ-S start perhaps with a scheme of this 'instrument', which is a scheme I stubbornly refused to give the 'engineers' NPF 'SWEET', arguing that this know-how. And I see a complete goof, because it is not able to set up this wonderful work of art. Had to spend a day at srisovyvanie scheme.

The Device

This is something that concerns the planned prevention. But there are unforeseen and emergency situations, when the device suggests various ways to the owner that he must visit a service center for the extraordinary preventive service. Signals, which gives its owner the printer, usually boil down to three basic. The first alarm is a noticeable increase in noise when printing. If the printer was printing, publishing is not Slave to the user before the noise, it's time for a visit to a specialist.

If, apart from the noise, there was a crackling and grinding, you should visit the service center as soon as possible. Prior to that, it is advisable not to use the printer at all. The second sign misfortune to be given a printer – it's rough treatment of paper. Simply put, it begins its "zazhevyvat." Such behavior of the device indicates that the printer needs to be an effective internal cleansing. Worry about status of the printer is in most cases where a computer monitor messages start appearing on the various errors that occur during printing. The most unseemly are error messages in the print head. In this situation it is necessary without delay to seek a meeting with a specialist. How do I clean the printer Protect the printer from dust at 100 percent, no one has not worked. Even if the device cover cover every time you print, the dust still finds its way to the arrangements. Therefore, the printer requires regular cleaning of dirt and dust.


Caching of data can help you speed up the site while reducing the load on the primary database server. There are three options for the Joomla global settings to control the caching. In this article we will tell you about general principle of caching mechanisms and present some significant examples, which are directed to choose the optimum time to cache. – The principle of caching when the first claim to the material or the module is saved as soon as all the data you have selected a specific files that are located mostly in the directory cache. Such a mechanism can guarantee you that the file names will never be able to cross with existing ones. Besides that, these files are cached objects as it contains additional information about this unique zakenirovannom object. The next time, the manager checks whether there is such an object under the same parameters.

For example, name, content, date of document creation and data modification. If that is not found, means any material change, or have not received yet keshirovku. If you are requesting an object and it does not exist in the cache, the user before displaying the data, they will be placed in the cache. But if such data from the cache already exists, then the program will check the creation date, creation time. If date and time will vary on a large interval, more than the lifetime of the cache, the object would have to cache again. The advantages of long-cache was found that the lifetime of the cache is approximately equal to 900 seconds or 15 minutes.