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And we will not remain no choice but to try to get out of this scrape, do not lose your head from any bear traps, sticking to the head, like a dish antenna. Puzzling nuthouse Despite the fact that SAW: The Video Game shoved into a genre Action, pretty much have to spend time in solving puzzles and challenges. All begin with simple tasks, but the longer the hero will move to locations, the harder it will be set. Will have to work hard, swinging improvised means of individual protection, the provisions of the scenario in the game. The game is available 18 types of weapons, from mops up the revolver. But here comes up another time – an uncomfortable keyboard. For some reason management is done on the digital buttons, and change it can not under any circumstances.

So we should be, at least, a professional pianist to comfortably handle the administration. The enemy of your enemy … Actions character affect the final game. Keep in mind that some people whom you meet in locations not always hostile. Sometimes it's the same victim Designer, as Tapp. And from that, what kind of relationship will develop with a character them, too, will depend on the outcome of the game. Is the game and battle system.

But what was obviously sick. Often the game has literally fight with their fists. To do this, even the hero is such chips as a block, fast and strong attacks. Here are just a sense from them is not very much. Try to follow so as not to miss hits, otherwise you will find a massive brawl with the beating of an innocent child as a hero. Do not cling to construct a game engine, Unreal Engine 3. Everything has been done at a decent level. At least you can praise a well-developed characters and quality animation. As for the textures – they are rather weak. Environment looks gloomy, but blurry textures all ports. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit The Profit. Do not create the necessary trappings. One gets the feeling that you walk on an abandoned mental hospital is not, as the old dump. In general, the first couple of hours, you can and enjoy it. But then comes the feeling tuhlyaka. It becomes boring and monotonous. Assignments begin repeated, and a fight with local thugs on my nerves more than fun. Developers result of Zombie Studios, probably trying to do something more or less large scale, based on the well-known full-length series. But if budget is not enough, or forces and ideas have ended … unknown. In any case, SAW: The Video Game will not shine nor particularly original, is not any more twists, catchy gamer.