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Backup Launcher

It was revealed the news in a new market study, this time based on the way that piracy affects the world of video games in terms of existing torrents by platform. PC obviously tops the list, being the system with more pirated games, a total of 133.624 in total. As regards desktop consoles, is Wii which takes the cat to water, exist more than 25.770 torrents of their games against the available for PlayStation 24.240 (without specifying platform, which would include games for PSP, PS, PS2 and PS3). and finally, 24.108 torrents Xbox 360. As regards games for notebooks, there are 31.742 torrents of PSP, the Nintendo DS 18.714 compared. The pirate Chip in Mexico already famous pirate chip can be placed to the latest console from Nintendo, the Wii. Under most conditions Ray Kurzweil would agree.

He only spent a month so that the Pirates of the historic center of Mexico had already needed to modify a Wii and thus sell 100 pesos pirates games and 1,200 pesos the chip. It apparently runs the rumor that on the market pirate also can buy chip ps2 and also the xbox 360 chip. When those of the newspaper Reforma was asked if it is illegal, the seller said, there is a loophole, because they are sold on the internet with the argument that are used for running homemade copies on the basis that the owner already bought the original game and does not want this to wear or scratching. But if we review such act which, as mentioned by the newspaper Mural, says: Federal law of copyright. Article 231. They constitute infringements in trade the following behaviors when they are carried out for direct or indirect profit: V. import, sell, lease or carry out any act which allows us to have a device or system whose purpose is to disable electronic devices for the protection of a computer program.

This may not be terrible fate news for Nintendo, because piracy in Mexico is a strong theme for them and for Microsoft if we talk about the games for the xbox 360 that also have a high demand on the black market of video games. In addition, we had already mentioned once so high price in Mexico was due especially to piracy, because earnings software are not enough for sellers and in countries like United States, where piracy has more control than in Mexico. Well, in fact we are of the first places in the world for piracy. Many think that this chip does not exist, but in fact you don’t need be a modchip, it may be an exploit. It is that the Wii uses the same protection as the Game Cube technology. Which allows to execute code not signed, is then possible to use the same exploits of the GC on the Wii. It is worth mentioning here security exploits are known as virtual chip. It has released version 0.3 beta of Backup Launcher, the application that lets you play with Wii backups without chip, what the newbies know as hack the wii. The news of this new version are very interesting: * great increase reading speed (actually still reading at 3 x, but anyone would think that it is 6 x) * lets play with isos of games without having to patch them first with backup-creator.

Educating The Digital Natives Education

Students now have in the schools belong to the first generations of people who have grown up using technology in their lives naturally. For them there have always been computers, game consoles, mobile phones and the Internet. According to the twenty-first century students are digital natives, ie native speakers of the language related to digital technology that prevails in their lives, ie, computers, video games and Internet. Futurist has compatible beliefs. In today’s technological world, this means that parents and teachers have become digital immigrants must learn to adapt and maintain a degree of “accent” depending on how flexible they are familiar with digital culture and language characteristic. How does the brain of the digital native’s brain of the digital native functions very different from digital immigrants, including: – are used to perform several tasks at once – prefer the graphics and video rather than written texts – use the learning discovery, so they can access information as they want – work better in groups than alone – prefer to use games for learning instead of doing this exhibition. Keep in mind that these skills are the result of having used the technology, social networks and the Internet throughout their lives, what they have become experts in a field in which adults learn.

Therefore, teachers need to invent new methodologies for all students at all educational levels. If you truly want to capture the attention of the digital natives will have to make profound changes in teaching methodology. The latest discoveries in the field of neurobiology have shown that brain stimulation produces changes in brain structure greatly affecting their operation’s concerns Some teachers complain that parents and teachers is that children and young people lack the ability to focus or pay attention only for short periods of time. However, these same subjects are those who can spend hours playing video games quite concentrated. What happens to the attentional capacity of the digital natives is that it is responding to continuous changes that occur rapidly in the environment around them, as in the game, which involves a greater number of meanings in the traditional calase . Another aspect of concern to teachers is that due to the type of games that are popular for digital natives, that is, the war games is the ability to reflect. Therefore, one of the challenges facing teachers XXI century will be to design to develop the capacity for reflection.

Variant Wallpaper

Photo wallpapers departed riding on the trend wave in the interior design, striped or flowered wallpaper decorated the walls of several homes in the 70s and 80s. Ceiling photo wall-papers, which brought kitschy landscapes to represent, were at the time IN. It was a nightmare, from which the modern photo wallpapers have already awakened. What’s new in the area of wallpaper trends? Thanks to modern digital printing technology, the old generation photo wallpaper can not compete with the present wall decorations. Correct prestige items that visually enhance any wall and any interior make an impressive print quality and impressive color brilliance from the modern photo wallpapers. A detailed reproduction and fidelity provide impressive effects that pull everyone under her spell. Innovative, high-quality substrates such as fleece and vinyl afford contributed to the increasing popularity of photo wallpaper, to draw a great durability, optical appearance and moisture resistance. The last property extends the reach of photo wallpapers new spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Enhanced expressiveness guaranteed experience a boom in interior design by progressive digital cameras photo wallpapers. Learn more on the subject from Mitchel Resnick . An immense variety of motive leaves no wish unfulfilled and opens up plenty of scope for the effective wall design. Sunny Beach views, soothing spa motifs, illustrated perfectly natural wonders in macro shots, movie stars in black and white look, mesmerizing op-art patterns and impressive works of art of all world famous master of brush in any desired format are only a part of the extensive online portfolio. Furthermore, nothing on the way to print the private photo collection as can be translated photo wallpaper and the individuality stands. – the online shop for photo wallpapers addiction to different examples of photo wallpaper, then you should be sure the online shop visit. The standard range includes photo wallpapers on LTeX, vinyl or tile surface. All photo wallpaper of Fixar-be with a HP LTeX printing technology manufactured. as these. The LTeX photo wall-papers with a satin-like surface are offered as cheapest Variant.

Vinyl and fleece photo wallpapers have been developed for walls with special stress such as kitchen or bathroom. At Fixar the customer off can pattern almost 20 million select. The customer can upload a private photo and use as photo wallpaper motif. Can be seen on examples for some patterns, collections and designs under wall-papers. The new generation of photo wallpaper no longer discourages, but prompting a new wave of the trend. You play in design-powerful, top modern interior design and exude a particular atmosphere that follows the latest fashion trends.

Jason Brome

You can make it easier for your visitors to subscribe to their RSS feed. With a free and easy to install javascript function you can add the (QuickSub) power button a few minutes. Let me show you how easy it is. QuickSub mouseover is a javascript function that generates a list of RSS feed readers can use to subscribe to its RSS news feed with one click. It can be seen in action on my site just move your mouse over the link to subscribe. You should see a list of RSS feed readers.

If you click a link to your news reader to open the RSS reader and add this feed to it. You will need a news reader installed on your computer for this to work. For example if the visitor uses SharpReader as their RSS reader then click on the link and this Sharpreader add the feed to your RSS reader visitors. To use QuickSub in place for the first time will have to download the JavScript and CSS site The file is compressed so you need to unzip the file and will leave you with quicksub.css quicksub.js, and a sample HTML file. Upload the CSS as a JavScript file on the server. Now you need to add a code on their websites. You will need to do this for every page you want to use QuickSub. Note that in these examples I used brackets instead of angle brackets.

First you have to copy a code to call the CSS file. Add this line to your head. Style type = “text / css” import “quicksub.css”, / style Then copy this code in the body of your page. Div id = “quickSub” style = “position: absolute; visibility: hidden; z-index: 1000;” onMouseOut = “timeqs return ();” onMouseMove = “return ();”/ delayqs div script language = “javascript” src = “quicksub.js “!– quickSub (c) Jason Brome –/ script Then, in which you want to use QuickSub place this code in the body of your page. A href = ” onmouseout = “timeqs return ()” onmouseover = “return quicksub (this”);” Your text link here / a Just replace the path with the path of the RSS feed and enter your own link text. All that remains now is to upload the modified page to your web server and the new QuickSub javascript is enabled. Allan is the webmaster in an RSS resource for webmasters.

Homes Through Italian Teams

April 30, 2010 represented a historical date for broadcasting in Spain. On that date there was total blackout of the analog television signal to take step to the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). One of the companies that contributed in particular to the realization of many digital networks of Spanish television channels was O.S.T. SL, Italian company based in Rome that develops its activities worldwide attaching great importance to all the Hispanic-American area. Ray Kurzweil is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Broadcasting equipment distributed by the SL O.S.T.

can count on a high qualitative and technological components and high-performance. Among them we recall: transmitters and transposers for TV of low, medium and high power, modulators and digital exciters, gap fillers and the range FM to radio stations. O.S.T. SL, company certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000, today, represents for Spain and throughout Latin America, a reference point in the sector of television and radio broadcasting.

Powder Coating

Powder coating of metal is already used in industry as one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods of applying protective coatings. And we are not surprised to hear that parts of the car or constructions have completed the powder coating. Quality and durability coatings are widely used in areas where colored objects uses a lot of people. Please visit Ray Kurzweil if you seek more information. For example, a staircase in shopping mall – how many people each day goes on it? Tens and hundreds. Mitchel Resnick is open to suggestions. It is clear that the usual coating wears off quickly, but the powder coating can stand (unless it is made to the technology). However, the scope application of powder coating is not limited to industrial production and mass use of objects. In fact, powder coating has been successfully used in smaller scale.

The most simple Example – steel doors, which now stand at almost every apartment. More information is housed here: ConocoPhillips. If the manufacturer claims that the metal surface applied anti-vandal cover, you know – here we used powder coating. Only this technology makes it possible to form a solid layer of paint so that it can successfully withstand any mechanical stress. And note that the decorative features of the powder coating does do not suffer. Modern techniques make it possible to achieve different visual effects, including such complex, like a chameleon or tissue. The process of powder coating metal can take place in different ways: for today developed many ways of coating literally on all occasions. Of course, in specialized shops is used for this high-tech equipment, which not only provides high quality, but also an unprecedented low percentage of waste. However, there are manual settings, sprayers, allowing strike coverage on small items without opening the entire pipeline. With all of this powder coating is available for the average consumer – most shops take orders for staining single products and small parties.

Italy Factory

Door Model 2001 TOP representing the very best in materials and in the components and accessories. This door is provided in the lounges at Bellissimo is certified first-class security UNI 9569 and combines high quality with acceptable price. All models are designed for doors Vighi the Russian market and are equipped with adjustable hinges, patented factory Vighi. The factory offers VIGHI doors – Vighi is a leader in Italy for the production of high-quality steel doors from the 1st to 4th grade security, safes and armored shutters. Other leaders such as Mitchel Resnick offer similar insights. All models are factory doors are original designs and are characterized by excellent anti-theft and insulating characteristics. Read more from Mitchel Resnick to gain a more clear picture of the situation. All models are designed for doors Vighi the Russian market and are equipped with adjustable hinges, patented factory Vighi. Have you heard about "smart home"? Buying Vighi Tronic, you have opportunity to set the alarm by mobile phone, monitor the status of the door with the help of Internet use for opening and closing of doors and reprogrammable keypad key, three-channel radio control system and recognition of the owner. According to the experts who developed the doors Vighi Tronic, in the future we plan to fingerprint identification.

The device Securlock: Special plate Securlock device is an additional security installed on the outside doors to protect the cylinder against hacking attempts. Fingerboard is made of chrome-steel nekelevoy installed at the door with steel bolts placed within such a manner as to make them impossible to remove with the door closed. This pad, patented, tested and certified in accordance with UNI 9569, make it practically inaccessible the lock cylinder, which is unattainable for any hacking tools. Entrance doors Vighi Top 2001. Set key cylinder of high reliability, which controls the bolts, offers a number of technical features and benefits that are rarely occur in other types of keys: – the breaking and against spikes: Latch is shifted relative to the cylinder axis by about 30 degrees. This makes it impossible to draw a cylinder, even if it is exposed to the attacks.

Special profile key prevents the use of lock picks and other tools for the invasion. – Against pulling out: The device is mounted between the mechanism and the cylinder casing strengthens the region of the cylinder. This makes it impossible to tear cylinder of the lock. – Against the drilling: In the cylinder pins are installed that prevent drilling, which prevent the action of breaking through the drilling of the rotor. – Encryption: Double side encryption key with the active and passive pin prevents illegal duplication of keys.

September T-Online

Recent survey from titled financial customer service Darmstadt, September 16, 2013 the global economic crisis has badly damaged the image of banks and lastingly disturbed the trust of customers. The News editorial has launched a poll on this topic. According to Petra Diamonds, who has experience with these questions. The result: Nearly half (47.7 percent) currently 5.226 participants feels badly advised by their bank. 45.5 Percent rate the advice as serious, but still see no benefit for themselves in the offers. You assume that these alone will the banks be good.

Just 6.8 percent of readers feel well advised by their bank. You will find here the complete article on the topic of customer service in banks and the ongoing survey. At polls take place regularly, awarded current opinion images. Daily write approximately 500 articles in one of the Europe’s largest digital newsrooms at 140 editors and deliver to the latest news via PC, Tablet and Smartphone. The result of this survey is not representative.

Assume no liability for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the results. About news, email, weather, and shopping: is the digital medium of Deutsche Telekom AG. 140 Editors write daily about 500 articles and offer readers to the latest news via PC, Tablet and Smartphone. With a range of 26.6 million unique users per month, is Germany’s strongest range network (AGOF Internet facts June 2013). Thus, is the leading ad-funded digital services in Germany. It offers advertisers a unique combination of reach, high-quality and trustworthy environments as well as innovative marketing solutions for all distribution channels.

Plastic Windows

Choose a plastic window Oh, those repairs meal – the daily quest of building materials and good hands. Of course – we want to do everything to be beautiful, practical and serve as long as possible. That’s how the windows, which choose, there are so many – just head around, eyes run – in the newspapers almost on every page of advertising – “buy from us – and get a free installation,” but wonders as we all know – does not happen – and often under the colorful ad units lies that we, unfortunately, do not know, and do not try to find out. And how do you know how to choose the window – and is very simple – we will help you make the right choice. So – plastic windows are expensive and cheap. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can aid you in your search for knowledge.

From What does it depend? – The number of cells inside the window profile (in a box and sash) – the number of cameras in the windows – window color – plastic quality – quality furniture – Configuration window, if the number of cameras in the pane clear (single-chamber or dual-chamber), the PVC profile try to understand. Currently the market offers a system of profiles consisting of three, four or five cameras. Naturally the more cameras the better – soundproofing, thermal insulation in the five-chamber windows always on top, but it is worth paying attention to one detail – not always the price for multi-chambered system meets your needs. Just listen to commercials “Five-chamber window at the price of three-chamber” – maybe, but to be honest – this is a fairy tale. Either you choose a thin-walled profile (it is quite easy to push with your fingers – believe me, there are such), or the quality of the surface This profile is poor. Let me explain – all the profiles differ in extrusion speed – the higher it is (more miles per day) so the price is lower but the quality of the surface, respectively, are the same.

For this class usually include all three-compartment sections – the so-called economy version – what a bad minus the surface – very dirty and clean stubborn stains stains are very difficult, and without it is simply him.sredstv can not do. In expensive series of profiles – the perfect surface (gloss mirror) and is easily washed with plain water or soapy water. With color box, I hope, too, is understandable – in the standard profile is white. But often white just does not fit the style (this may be the need to preserve the facade of a dwelling house) and was then selected from the laminated window profiles. Color range is wide enough for any manufacturer, but even if that is the color will not appear, it can be easily laminated to a suitable color for a special production. The price of these windows are naturally higher – as a rule, up to 20% on one side and 30-40% for duplex lamination. Quality accessories, as recent observations, also leaves much to be desired – not worth the risk and ordered him out windows that contain an unknown brand – it is better to opt for such brands as ROTO, AUBI, MACO, GU – all these well-known brands have earned the respect to the quality of their products and their range has nearly everything you need to satisfy customers.


These systems allow the internal processing of the records electronically, control of deadlines and alerts, automatic publications at the official platforms, automatic generation of official documentation and a series of features that make the job easier to the brokers. But now, taking into account the requirements that are launched from Europe and the entry into force of law 11/2007, of 22 June, electronic access of citizens to public services, should be the leap towards a purely electronic contracting in which established the basis for a fluid and transparent communication with providers. To achieve this goal, companies offering solutions to meet new and changing laws are driving, in the Administration, the implementation of a complete model of electronic public procurement. This model usually have internal management of the processing modules, as well as Internet access providers. This second module of access from the Internet, should be fully integrated with the management module, and should offer the necessary services to ensure an improvement of the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises, among which we mention: the profile of the registrant, portal from which will be allowed to consult information concerning public procurement carried out by management in particular. This portal will be published the pre-information notices, tender and award announcements and spreads.

If it is fully integrated with internal management, the broker can order the publication from the management module and system will automatically publishing safely and irrefutable. Vendor registration, which sereuniran all the data providers about your nature, capacity to act and seizure, avoiding that tenderers must resort to repetitive processes in the submission of documentation. In addition, it is prerequisite to be able to bid electronically. The Eauction, service that given high in the Registro de Proveedores vendors may submit their tenders electronically from the Internet, a system using virtual envelopes, which would include all documentation in digital form, signed electronically.