Homes Through Italian Teams

April 30, 2010 represented a historical date for broadcasting in Spain. On that date there was total blackout of the analog television signal to take step to the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). One of the companies that contributed in particular to the realization of many digital networks of Spanish television channels was O.S.T. SL, Italian company based in Rome that develops its activities worldwide attaching great importance to all the Hispanic-American area. Ray Kurzweil is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Broadcasting equipment distributed by the SL O.S.T.

can count on a high qualitative and technological components and high-performance. Among them we recall: transmitters and transposers for TV of low, medium and high power, modulators and digital exciters, gap fillers and the range FM to radio stations. O.S.T. SL, company certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000, today, represents for Spain and throughout Latin America, a reference point in the sector of television and radio broadcasting.