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NET on the language. This first stage of the compilation can occur automatically when the first page request, or it can be done in advance (a process known as pre-compiled). Compiled code file is the IL assembly. The second phase of the compilation comes just before actual implementation of the page. At this stage, the IL code is compiled into a low-level machine code your own. This stage is known as operational compilation 'exactly the right moment' (Just-In-Time – JIT) and it goes the same for all applications.

NET (including, for example, applications Windows). Fig. 1 shows this two-step process of compilation. Fig. 1. Compilation in ASP.NET Web-page compilation. NET is divided into two stages, with the aim of providing developers with user-friendly environment and mobility.

Before creating a low-level machine code compiler needs to know what operating system and basic equipment which will operate the application (for example, a 32 – or 64-bit operating system Windows). With two stages of compilation, you can create a compiled assembly code. NET and distribute it to more than one platform. ASP.NET applications do not require that you compile on every request Web-page. Instead, the IL code they created once and re-generated only if you change the source code and files its own machine code is cached in the system directory path that looks something like this: C: WindowsMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727Temporary ASP.NET Files At some point it code is compiled to IL, depends on how you build and deploy applications. If the application is created as a Web-project in Visual Studio, code is compiled to IL during the compilation of the project. But if it is created as not related to any project Lightweight Web-site, then the code of each page is compiled the first to request this page. But in fact, and in another case, a second phase of the compilation (which implies the transformation of the IL-code to machine code) the code is already the first execution.

USB Flash Drive

To the data rate was satisfactory, note that the interface model has been chosen-USB 2.0. Usually the cost of flash drives is directly linked to the speed of reading and writing. Also, do not be lazy to learn the results of tests on flash cards of various technical sites. For some customers the importance of design has acquired stick. Here it is all about taste. However, if you want to connect a flash drive to the laptop, it may happen that a large flash drive just is not suitable for closely spaced USB-connectors. A little flash drive is also somewhat inconvenient to use.

There are two variants of the traditional flash cards – with a cap and with a retractable USB-plug. The cap can be lost, so easy to use USB Flash cord, and in the second – break down joint. But nothing in the eternal this world anyway. Most often, the stick body is made of plastic. However, there are metal, wood and even rubberized, water resistant variants. If you are looking for a flash drive is not for myself, but as a gift – manufacturers offer gift, nicely decorated versions. A great gift for those who love puzzles – USB Flash-cube Rubik, and for those who appreciate the aesthetic appearance, USB Flash range of different colors will delight them.

The more expensive the flash drive, the higher the degree of protection against copy. Expensive option is to choose those who need to keep information out of reach of prying eyes form. Some flash drives are equipped with a bootable module. With them, you can install programs, such as such – as on Windows. In today's market there are USB Flash Drive technology U3. These options are divided into 2 disks. In the first data, and the second – can be stored and run customized programs. With these flash drives you can work on any computer using only your software. The most important disadvantage is the limited life of USB Flash drives. Usually it is about 5 years, rarely up to 10. out of standing is related to limited number of writes information to a USB Flash drive.

Windows Server

The widespread use and development of computer technology in various fields of human production produced the large number of new trades and professions. This programmers, web designers, animators computer graphics, 3D models, developers, specialists in computer music writing, and many others. All these people in their professional use of such modern tools computer. However, as well as any technical device, the computer must maintain, update and customize. It is in these cases all look back on another specialty – the system administrator. People in this profession can be found in any organization or institution.

Their responsibilities include: installation and maintenance of the operating system on users' computers and servers, computer maintenance and diagnostics, "iron" and peripherals organization of local computer networks and Internet access, in addition, they engaged in the protection of the perimeter of their networks from virus attacks and malicious actions. The system administrator should know how to work with operating systems like Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and server versions of Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, with various modifications of Linux and BSD. This person should understand and to configure network equipment: Cisco, 3COM, DLink, Zyxel. For most users, system administrator (ie so abbreviated to the system administrator) is "a magician and magician and keyboard myshy." It will help deal with their difficulties and be able to make "all the work." It is for these people, and was coined site Notes administartora system. He is in blog format, which publishes articles about new products in the IT sector, about setting up specific programs and operating systems, and also describes various problems that may stand in front of system administrator in the process, and their solutions. Blog is a professional system administrator with experience in this industry for over 10 years.

Laptop Accessories

In our mobile age where everything is changing fast, portable computers (laptop, notebook) is gradually becoming an attribute of any person. After all, you can use them to stay abreast of all the news anywhere in the world, communicate with family, friends, colleagues, being very far away. The advantages of mobile computers very much. But is it perfect? Every modern notebook is equipped with a touch panel (touch pad) to control cursor in different programs. Still, we recommend that, when given the opportunity and the laptop is on the table and work with the mouse.

Here are a few reasons for this: Let us examine them in detail. The reason for ergonomic – mouse when working with reduced voltage on the wrist, since the manipulator has a special hull form, which makes work more comfortable. The reason for the economic – sensory panel, touch pad notebook (netbook) is a node in a mobile computer, and an output node failure can cause costly repairs, which will definitely be more expensive than buying a new mouse. The reason technology – modern mouse much more sophisticated than the touch pad even the most advanced notebook computer. Resolution, additional buttons, sensitivity – this is not a complete list of parameters on which the mouse is left far behind sensory panels of laptop computers.

So, we have determined that the mouse is a necessary accessory for even the mobile computer. What criteria it should meet, so that buying it, you realize that money is spent not in vain? We formulate important, in our opinion, the factors – the mouse should be: compact, lightweight, strong, to fit in a pocket laptop bags, not to be broken on the road, in transit, to allow work in confined spaces conditions – when the workplace and at least mestaudobnoy funktsionalnoyotvechat your ideas stilenu and, of course, affordable choice models of mice in the Russian market is huge. Let's try to hold them classification. By type of interface connection to a computer: USB – universal fit, as to personal computers and laptops, netbooks, equipped with a port USBPS / 2 – are mostly designed for desktop computers, since modern laptops are usually not equipped with a PS / 2 port for the type of sensor: Optical – to illuminate the ground on which the mouse moves, a special diodLazernye – to highlight surface of the semiconductor laser is used, which allows for more precision work that requires designers, gamers type of connection to the computer: Wired – using a cable, can be uncomfortable and old-fashioned, but reliable and nedorogoBesprovodnye – a communication channel, it can be a radio frequency and more exotic – via Bluetooth, for example by size: desktop (large, length 10-11cm) – designed to work home, ofiseMini (6-7cm long) – medium razmerovUltra mini (length 4-5cm) for notebook computers, we recommend to stop your choice on wired mini optical mouse with interface USB. There are several reasons: Relatively low – no driver and a special equipped nastroykMogut mosey into the coil cable, which saves space, as well as more convenient to carry and operate myshyuDostupnaya the price at retail such manipulators are from 300 to 1,000 rubles Please pay attention to the mouse KS-is. Their distinctive features are: An attractive case design, developed in Japan, is designed to reduce stress on your wrist when working with manipulyatoromUniversalny – suitable as a right and a left rukuKachestvennye materials and color options komponentyRazlichnye case – will be combined with the different mobile computer mice – a useful accessory for any mobile computer!

New Trains

To which the speed of passenger trains we used to? Maximum in Russia – 200 km / h, in China, today – 350 miles. per hour, in the future – 600-1000 km. per hour, one day even the speed reaches 20 000 km. per hour. The other day we learned that a group of scientists from South-Western University is developing a communications vacuum magleva (new word for us in the future to replace the phrase passenger train) with up to 20 000 km.v hour, still at the theoretical level. Trials are magleva at speeds up to 600 km. h According to the thematic group Yaopina Chang, the group has been developing vacuum magleva at 600-1000 km.v hour and will soon launch a large-scale trials. It is expected that technology will be put into operation after 10 years.

A member of the laboratory, the academician Shen Zhiyong said that the high-vacuum communication relies on a vacuum tube, from which exhausted air, which moves on maglev. Since there is no air resistance, you can apply for the development of an amazing speed. Construction costs of the train are lower than conventional railways. Zhang Yaopin said vacuum maglev would travel in a vacuum, the train will be fine, and passengers will feel as usual. As for the price of building such a vacuum of wire, it will be much lower than the present railway, as a simple railroad costing 150 million yuan per km. You can also save money on steel materials, as they will need less. What about ticket prices, according to Zhang Yaopina, after start-up cost will be higher than the price of a ticket on an ordinary train.

But as technology maturation price will gradually decline. According to Zhang Yaopina now three countries in the world have begun to explore this technology, particularly the U.S., Switzerland and China. On the question of whether, after 10 years the technology of vacuum magleva at speeds up to 600 km. per hour, Zhang Yaopin said that, from a technical point of view, it is possible, but final decision on the use of this technology will be adopted by the Ministry of Railways. Now the leadership of the Ministry has drawn attention to this development and is high enough to evaluate it. Source: SANYATODAY.INFO

Choosing a Consultant

If you are looking for an agency with good reputation, find out how often it is mentioned in the media and the Internet, whether a member of professional organizations. Also note that the opinions and feedback from customers, the presence of positive or negative rumors, the quality and duration of advertising campaigns. Visit our website to find out the number of visitors, information, and the regularity and frequency of updates. Most agencies on the market today guarantees high quality work. If this statement is true, then the percentage of repeat orders from customers and the closure of vacancies is high at low rate of replacement candidates during the warranty period. An important characteristic of the employment agency is its industry specialization, that is, the range of occupations, which focuses its main activities. When choosing a contractor must make sure that this parameter it corresponds to the profile of your company.

Only under this condition, the agency will have an extensive database of candidates to open your stance. Otherwise, you will have to rely solely on luck. In addition to the division by sectors, the agency specializes in recruitment certain level. For example, there are companies picking administrative or production staff, or exclusively concerned with finding senior managers (the agency executive search). It is therefore worth wary of the agency that has a large variation in the vacant positions (from workers to CFOs).

Please attention to several points concerning the cost of services of agency: a scheme for payment is made, what is the budget for recruitment, whether the company without payment, as well as a maximum percentage required for a company Closing. Most staffing firms seek compensation in the amount of 1 to 2 month of salary. When looking for employees in key positions should not use the services of agencies offering services at low prices. Such companies are likely working line method and are engaged exclusively in sending resumes, so rare to find a specialist or senior managers are unlikely to. Agencies providing high-quality services, be sure to invest in the development of their business, so the cost of their services is higher than the average market. Become more familiar with the recruiting agency, make sure that it has clear, well-adjusted and transparent scheme of work with the client. Necessary to have customer feedback and regular reports on progress and preliminary results. Professional recruitment company necessarily provide a guarantee on their work. Typically, a recruitment agency offering free to replace the candidate within 90 days. Such a measure as the speed of order execution is also important, but to unrealistic promises should be viewed with caution. The fact that the technology recruiting includes a sequence of actions and takes from 2 to 4 and sometimes up to 8 weeks. More quickly force the consultant to or otherwise violate the technology, which ultimately affects the outcome. Finally, professional agency usually provides the flexibility to work with clients, so it often offers additional features such as discounts at the order of a few specialists, subscription service for regular customers, etc. We hope that these tips will help you make the right choice!