Windows Server

The widespread use and development of computer technology in various fields of human production produced the large number of new trades and professions. This programmers, web designers, animators computer graphics, 3D models, developers, specialists in computer music writing, and many others. All these people in their professional use of such modern tools computer. However, as well as any technical device, the computer must maintain, update and customize. It is in these cases all look back on another specialty – the system administrator. People in this profession can be found in any organization or institution.

Their responsibilities include: installation and maintenance of the operating system on users' computers and servers, computer maintenance and diagnostics, "iron" and peripherals organization of local computer networks and Internet access, in addition, they engaged in the protection of the perimeter of their networks from virus attacks and malicious actions. The system administrator should know how to work with operating systems like Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and server versions of Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, with various modifications of Linux and BSD. This person should understand and to configure network equipment: Cisco, 3COM, DLink, Zyxel. For most users, system administrator (ie so abbreviated to the system administrator) is "a magician and magician and keyboard myshy." It will help deal with their difficulties and be able to make "all the work." It is for these people, and was coined site Notes administartora system. He is in blog format, which publishes articles about new products in the IT sector, about setting up specific programs and operating systems, and also describes various problems that may stand in front of system administrator in the process, and their solutions. Blog is a professional system administrator with experience in this industry for over 10 years.