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Presented at the forum "Security and Safety Technologies – 2010" CCTV-2S equipment and new development of software and hardware solutions UnitECO caused great interest of participants. At the booth of 2S was demonstrated wide range of cameras, lenses for cameras, video recorders and transponder signals over twisted pair. Despite its recent appearance, equipment 2S did not become an absolute novelty in the exhibition: it already be known among the leading installers and has already established itself in both quality and reliable security equipment (TSB). Salman Behbehani is open to suggestions. In particular, since September last year, the chamber successfully 2S used in surveillance systems of national and international retailers, as well as several of the largest industrial enterprises. In addition to CCTV-2S equipment was a presentation of new developments, have filled range of other, better known brand – UnitECO.

Visitors were shown the software and hardware solutions UnitECO ALARM-C and UnitECO SCAN. Others including Professor of Internet Governance, offer their opinions as well. UnitECO ALARM-C – an upgraded version of the solution UnitECO ALARM, which not only trace event the fire alarm system (OPS), and centrally manage the large and geographically distributed sites. This innovative product has no domestic analogues and is the result of collaboration with one of the largest Russian installers: UnitECO ALARM-C was created on the basis of technical specifications developed by the Civil Unite at the request of customers who ordered UnitECO ALARM with broader functionality. No less unique development is UnitECO SCAN – this hardware and software solution enables you to create a system that allows you to perform video surveillance for inspection and automate the process of access control in areas with enhanced security requirements. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Viktor Mayer-Schönberger on most websites.


To listen to the new sound, press the Scan button. You can also choose to voice any process its own file, click Browse. To save changes to a new sound scheme Click Save As, type the schema name and click OK. If you prefer, you can opt out of scoring system events. For this list, select Sound scheme Silent. When you close the window, do not forget click OK. Selecting a screen saver.

Logo – a simple animation or image that appears on the screen in the computer. Choose one of the available screen savers, and enter the settings by clicking on the link Splash window Personalization. Recently Mitchel Resnick sought to clarify these questions. To change the splash screen, select the drop-down list. For some screen savers can change the settings (for example, set label, the type of rotation, choose a folder of images, the speed of the drawing) in the window, click Options. To see the selected screensaver in action, click View. The demonstration screen saver stops as soon as you move the mouse or press any key. Period of time after which the show will include a screen saver, you can set a numeric field interval. Check box to begin with the login screen is designed to protect your computer from unauthorized access during non-users. Additional information at futurist supports this article.

Setting this flag has meaning only if your account is password protected. Then, after exiting the splash screen appears with the login The password prompt. Before you protect your computer in this way, note the time interval saver – if it is large enough, the attacker can do “all of his deeds” before it occurs. In bottom of the window there is a reference Change power options. Clicking on it, you’ll go to the settings window energy saving modes. Here you can choose from three standard plans, and configure each of them, clicking the Settings link in the plan. Change desktop icons. As we said before, after you install Windows on the desktop, there is only one icon – basket. Access to system folders can only be obtained through the Start menu. However, you can put icons on your desktop the most important system folders. To do this, click on the link Change desktop icons in the window Personalization in the dialog box select the check boxes the names of the folders that want to see on your desktop. In the center of this window you can see the icons used by default for the system folders. If desired, you can opt for any one of them a different icon. To do this, click on its icon, then click Change icon in the dialog box, specify one of the many samples. Return to standard view icon, you can by clicking the icon usual. You can resize icons on the desktop and arrange them on defined criterion. Right-click an empty section of the desktop, go to the menu View and select one of three sizes of icons. To arrange the icons, click a blank area of Workers table, right-click and choose the command sub-Sort. It is possible to sort the icons by name, size, type and modification date.

Windows XP

It doesn’t matter if you have Windows XP, Vista or Windows installed on your computer. In each version of Windows, you can have problems with a file called DLL. What is a DLL? To understand the problem you have to have a minimum idea of the function that has a DLL on your pc. A DLL (some call it driver) is a file that provides a specific service and can be used for one or more applications. The drivers/DLL is used by developers to be able to recycle code and isolate different tasks.

The drivers cannot be run directly, you need to call them from an external code.It is quite technical, but it is not easy to explain in a few words. Here you can find a simpler description. Variations in DLL a DLL error error, it has a different name but the problem is for everyone the same. Side effects of DLL errors, Dll errors, slow down the computer in several ways: you may notice that the computer takes to boot, features programs stop working and in the worst cases, the program or computer It does not start over. In most cases, you will notice that your Pc and Internet is slower because each error consumes more of your system resources.

What causes DLL a DLL errors provides a specific service and an application. Windows depends on this service. The application that uses this service, expects a certain behavior of this service. If the behavior has changed the application it petara. What you can and what you can do when you have a DLL error? Never download a DLL from the Internet! There are websites where you can download a DLL. Do not do it, a DLL is easy to manipulate and there are hackers that add extra functionality to a DLL, you can damage your computer with Malware or a virus. If you have a DLL error or you’re not sure, but you notice that your computer is slow, I recommend you read the web page to fix DLL error. On the website cleaning my computer.It offers more explanations and solutions on how you can speed up your system.

Windows 7 Taskbar

The taskbar is designed to display the shortcut to open windows and switch between running programs. (With illustrations here) There is also a main menu of your computer – the Start menu. The taskbar for Windows 7 changed greatly and includes many of the structural and graphic innovations. For example, in an explicit form of the Quick Launch toolbar, which is located on the left side is missing. Notification Area, located on the right contains a clock and icons of programs running in the background, and combined with the updated click Close all windows. This, of course, not all. Consider all the new and improved panel detail. COMPOSITION taskbar: By default, labels, denoting the running processes, completely impersonal.

They only represent a running program or process, but more specific details can be seen only when the mouse pointer to the desired label. Now, looking the new Taskbar, it is impossible to say exactly how much all open windows and running processes. And all because of one icon can not hide a single window. Try to move the mouse pointer over the icon running program, which is located on the taskbar. You'll see a thumbnail of the open window. As mentioned above, if the same processes or programs running multiple, then they will be associated with single icon. The number of sketches will be equal to the number of running copies. Also, if you could run your mouse pointer on the sketches have appeared, then it will appear full-fledged window programs.


Caching of data can help you speed up the site while reducing the load on the primary database server. There are three options for the Joomla global settings to control the caching. In this article we will tell you about general principle of caching mechanisms and present some significant examples, which are directed to choose the optimum time to cache. – The principle of caching when the first claim to the material or the module is saved as soon as all the data you have selected a specific files that are located mostly in the directory cache. Such a mechanism can guarantee you that the file names will never be able to cross with existing ones. Besides that, these files are cached objects as it contains additional information about this unique zakenirovannom object. The next time, the manager checks whether there is such an object under the same parameters.

For example, name, content, date of document creation and data modification. If that is not found, means any material change, or have not received yet keshirovku. If you are requesting an object and it does not exist in the cache, the user before displaying the data, they will be placed in the cache. But if such data from the cache already exists, then the program will check the creation date, creation time. If date and time will vary on a large interval, more than the lifetime of the cache, the object would have to cache again. The advantages of long-cache was found that the lifetime of the cache is approximately equal to 900 seconds or 15 minutes.

Windows Server

The widespread use and development of computer technology in various fields of human production produced the large number of new trades and professions. This programmers, web designers, animators computer graphics, 3D models, developers, specialists in computer music writing, and many others. All these people in their professional use of such modern tools computer. However, as well as any technical device, the computer must maintain, update and customize. It is in these cases all look back on another specialty – the system administrator. People in this profession can be found in any organization or institution.

Their responsibilities include: installation and maintenance of the operating system on users' computers and servers, computer maintenance and diagnostics, "iron" and peripherals organization of local computer networks and Internet access, in addition, they engaged in the protection of the perimeter of their networks from virus attacks and malicious actions. The system administrator should know how to work with operating systems like Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and server versions of Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, with various modifications of Linux and BSD. This person should understand and to configure network equipment: Cisco, 3COM, DLink, Zyxel. For most users, system administrator (ie so abbreviated to the system administrator) is "a magician and magician and keyboard myshy." It will help deal with their difficulties and be able to make "all the work." It is for these people, and was coined site Notes administartora system. He is in blog format, which publishes articles about new products in the IT sector, about setting up specific programs and operating systems, and also describes various problems that may stand in front of system administrator in the process, and their solutions. Blog is a professional system administrator with experience in this industry for over 10 years.