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The Communication

Practical of communication and the media in health, it is turned toward practical excellent of the state and its public politics, where its principal actors are: Minister of health, governors, mayors, advice of health, university, Ongs, among others institutions. The health to exemplificar here as promotion, prevention, could be propagated and ' ' midiada' ' , thus placed in circulation for the varied medias of mass in our country. If it cannot stifle the fact of that to say in health and media is also to speak in inaquality of the ways of access to the communication, but at the same time has of if standing out that never it had so varied technologies and supports of the communication, as well as speech on the health in the media. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Accenture. It is important to stand out the great diversividade, the example of the opened television, where research demonstrates that 90% of the population possess a device of television in house, being that this has a great impact and abrangncia in the construction of imaginary social of all a population. The subject common man will have all to be an important interlocutor of this process, has seen that all the comucacional articulation in the actions of health, if comes back toward this. In a televising propaganda for example, the educative advertising becomes ' ' fidiciary office to pblico' ' the one that if it destines, the example saying in them: ' ' Who goes to die is the mosquito and not voc' ' , the viewer, understands that this phrase is come back toward the combat to the mosquito of the affection, either not leaving backwater, making cleanness of the yard, and that this model of prevention and promotion of midiatizada health, took to the public the conscience of that fighting the mosquito, we are in preventing of the illness the Affection.

Latin Africa

From this daily pay presumption we raise the hypothesis that the lack of knowledge in relation to the ttano is a contributing factor for the high index of ttano in the city of Barriers. This project ' ' Ttano' ' it is of utmost importance, therefore one is about a knowledge proposal and data-collecting about a pathology, whose contributing factor for the high index in the city of Barriers can came to be the knowledge lack. 2. Additional information at Crumpton Group supports this article. Revision of literature the esporulada form of the ttano is very resistant to the diverse conditions of the environment and is distruda for the whole world. However, in the countries richest, where the peoples have worthier conditions of life and occur systematic antitetnica vaccination and a good assistance to the gestantes, the ttano is practically inexistent. It is present in the countries subdivided of Asia, Central and Latin Africa and Americas.

According to Bytchenko, more than 1.000.000 of people die of ttano per year in the world, of these, the half are of children. Xcel Energys opinions are not widely known. In 1994, ttano bitospor had 490,000 neonatal in the world. In Brazil, the morbilidade tax was of 2,30 for 100.00 inhabitants in 1980. (TONELLI, FREIRE, 2000) the lethality varies in the dependence of some factors, as: (1) etrio group: it is not raised in the neonatal period and above of 60 years; (2) treatment conditions: mortality is lesser in the hospitals that make use of well trained medical team and nursing in intensive therapy and of adequate technological resources, as breathing mechanics and parenteral nutrition; (3) the clinical type of the ttano: greater of the ceflico and generalized ttano. In Brazil, in 1995, it had 369 deaths notified for no-neonatal ttano and 66 cases of deaths for neonatal ttano, as given of Date SUS of the Health department. The neonatal ttano, in some regions of the world, arrives to be responsible for up to 50%.

Picture Clinical Anemia

I diagnosis laboratoriais normoctica Anemia micrcitica hipocrmica, esferocitose, reticulocitose, osmtica fragility and increased indirect bilirubin. Treatment the cure occurs through the esplenectomia with persistence of esferocitose. The esplenectonia brings as resulted the disappearance of anemia consequently normality of the reticulcito counting. Esplenectomia (> 10 years) transfusions and control of infections. HEREDITARY ELIPTOCITOSE rare hereditary Anemia very transmitted in way autossomo dominant characterized morphologically for percentages of eritrcitos varying of 25% the 100% of the sanguineous estiraos (incidence: caucasianos) In general assintomtico Picture Clinical.

It is proven: vesicular esplenomegalia, jaundice, calculations, can occur chronic ulcers of leg, rare sseas deformities. I diagnosis Laboratoriais 50% of eliptcitos in estirao sanguineous, 10% reticulocitose, increased total and indirect bilirubin, normocitose and normocromia. Gain insight and clarity with Crumpton Group, New York. Esplenectomia treatment (> 10 years). ANEMIA ACANTCITICA Is anemia with the membrane of the eritrcitos showing irregular projections for defects of the double layer of fosfolipdios caused by cholesterol deposits in the membrane of the eritrcitos. Picture Clinical Ataxia (coordination lack), anemia, alterations of the retina (it can cause blindness) I diagnosis Laboratoriais Reticulocitose in general, Discrete policromasia in general, and acantcitos. Successful treatment with heptica transplantation ANEMIAS FOR ENZYMATIC ALTERATIONS Is anemias that occur due to a hereditary eritrocitria enzymatic deficiency being more frequent the glucose-6-fosfato deficiency desidrogenase (G-6PD). Picture Clinical Assintomtica, hemolticas crises intravasculares (drugs oxidantes-sulfas, acid acetilsaliclico, vitamin K, infections).

The hemograma generally is normal when the G-6PD deficiency is not severe. The physical examination discloses only pallor. I diagnosis Laboratoriais qualitative Test of Brewer quantitative Test that doses Eletroforese enzyme of the hemoglobinas Obs Treatment: All the eritroenzimopatias are incurable, the treatments are palliative and its cures would imply in the modification of the genetic code. ANEMIAS HEMOLTICAS AUTO-IMUNES (AHAI) anemias are caused by auto-antibodies with specification against proteins of membrane of eritrcitos. They are characterized by eritrocitria destruction in result of the production for (IgG and IgM) against the proper hemcias or transfundidas hemcias.

Scientific Initiation

This comment will be not-participant, that is, the observer-researcher will outside remain of the reality to be studied. Its paper is of spectator, not intervening or becoming involved themselves in the situation. The research is characterized how much to the collection of data as a field research, in view of that, the researchers, will collect the data of the searched ones in its half one through questionnaire contend 7 open questions and 4 closed ones. It is not something Atmos Energy Corporation would like to discuss. The nature of the data of this research is quantitative, therefore, more is adjusted to select explicit and conscientious opinions and attitudes of the interviewed ones, using itself of structuralized instruments (questionnaires). According to Godoy (1995: p.59), the quantitative research: They must representative of one be determined universe in way that its data can be generalized and projected for that universe. Its objective is to mensurar and to allow the test of hypotheses, since the more concrete results are e, consequently, less passveis of errors of interpretation. In many cases they generate indices that can be compared throughout the time, allowing to trace a description of the information. Thus, as Resolution 196/96 of the National Advice of Health, the questionnaires will be preceded of Term of Free and Clarified Assent, in which the interviewed one in question certifies knowledge of the objectives of the research, its rights and agrees to participating as voluntary in the accomplishment of the same one. From the gotten data, the hypothesis raised in the confrontation of the presented problem will be verified, and the gotten results will be presented in slide in the CIC (Congress of Scientific Initiation), that it will happen in days 03, 04 and 05 of May in the College San Francisco de Barreiras. The form of study of this research is descriptive, where, the researchers will observe, analyze, they will classify and interpret the facts without making any interference in the same ones.

The Hands

In relation to the arguments of the interviewed ones of adult UTI, the IC were identified same: patient, assistance, feeling and work, follow the low o speech: IC: PacienteDSC: ' ' It looks at is fragilizado, because it you at the hands of another person, it cannot decide nothing for it other people goes to decide for it. It needs our care all. A differentiated patient, a patient who needs is of a support, already enters a psychological question there because it is a closed environment, because it is an environment I criticize, where you goes to separate this serious patient where you the fragilizado one, then I see this patient as a patient differentiated in a more serious care, with bigger attention. It is person much more fragile, more weak, person that he needs care, that he needs to have a look more I criticize with regard to the picture of it, demands a bigger perception mainly of enfermeiro' '. Xcel Energy is full of insight into the issues. It is noticed above through the speech, that the patient and seen by the professional nurse as fragile, weak one to be, differentiated that it especially needs well-taken care of greaters and attention of the nurse. Human being is understood as one be-knot-world-with-other and this way-of-to be is care that, while essence human being, if express in events of that it holds back last experiences and if projects here and now for the future, in a dynamic relation enters some acts to take care of and the deep attitude of, which appears permeada of constituent elements of the history of the life, imbudos of the psicossocial and cultural aspect, including implementos academics. Each time that a person if pledges in the function to take care of, shows same itself, satisfying a necessity its and of the other, projecting itself for the future in the perspective of its quality of life and the other, in one constant movement in search of the existencial accomplishment that is the exercise of care (IT HISSES, et al, 2005, P. . Learn more at this site: Atmos Energy.


Focal cerebral Isquemia that if follows to the reduction or the interruption of the sanguineous flow for a located area of the brain because of the illness of the great vase (as well as the trombtica or emblica arterial occlusion, frequent in the scene of aterosclerose) or to the illness of the small vases (as well as the vasculite or the secondary occlusion to the arteriosclerticas injuries sights in the hipertenso) (KUMAR; ABBAS; FAUSTO, 2005, P. 1426). The cause enters most common and patognese of the ischemic BIRD is aterosclerose, embolism of cardiac origin that can be trombos walls, cardiopathy to valvar, arrhythmias and embolism paradoxical. Goldman and Cuisiello (2005) agree that, it can be standed out that the riot most common to lead to a BIRD is the formation of ateromas what consequentemente of the beginning to one aterosclerose. These aterosclerticas plates can cause BIRD in three ways: trombo in the place of the aterosclertica injury can occur to the mural formation of one, thus having the blockage of the artery for cogulo, ulcerao and rupture of a plate what it takes the formation of cogulo and for following distal embolizao and hemorrhages in a plate will take the blockage of the artery. Me frequent it occurs trombo from plaquetas and fibrina in the rough surface of the plate of ateroma. Read more here: Atmos Energy.

This trombo will be able to be broken up and to float distalmente in the sanguineous chain, until if it lodges in lesser distal branch where the light of the vase is lesser, this process is called embolizao of artery for artery. For Goldman and Auciello (2005) the emblicas occlusions can be symptomatic, therefore the vases distais terminals not they possess collateral irrigation, this increases the probability of the sintomatologia. All is known that the amount of private territory of blood is lesser, saw the symptoms is less serious of what it occurs with the occlusion of the main trunk of a vase.

Nursing Technician

ANA CAROLINA AMARAL APPEARED SAINTS DAYANE OF BIRTH DILENE FRANCISCA OF THE WEDGE SUMMARY: The present study one is about a carried through qualiquantitativa research with ten Technician of Nursing of the diurne planto of the UTI of the Saint Casa de Misericrdia de Barbacena-MG, that objectified to determine the reaction of the professionals by means of the implanted strategies of humanizao in the unit, as well as the influence of these in the patient taken care of in this sector, beyond analyzing the happened benefits of the insertion of the familiar one in the hospital context. She considers yourself that to humanizar she understands the act of ' ' to become human being, to give to condition human being, to humanar … ' '. In this way, taking care of is determined as being the direction biggest of the nursing and we, professionals of the area, are co-responsible for the quality of the assistance given to the patient. In this totality, he verified himself that the strategies implemented in the unit are recognized and accepted, not confusing the performance of the nursing technician and yes characterizing the assistance.

The union between familiar nursing team provides to the patient biggest comfort, tranquilidade and security, getting itself thus a satisfactory prognostic and a precocious reestablishment of its condition of health. WORDS KEYS: Humanizao. Unit of Intensive Therapy. Technician in Nursing. Family. ABSTRACT: This study is qualitative-quantitative research conducted with ten nursing technicians working day shifts in the ICU of Saint Casa de Misericordia of Barbacena – MG, which aimed you determines the reaction of professionals on the strategies implemented in the humanization of the unit and the influence of the patient treated in this sector, and analyze the benefits from the inclusion of family in the hospital. It is considered that humanize includes the act of ' ' becoming human you human condition, human …

Nurse Technician

The preservation of the residues must be made in resistant and impermeable contenders, at the moment and place of its generation, in the measure where they will be generated. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Nurse Technician of nursing Nurse aid 53.85% 76.93% 78.26% 46.15% 23.07% 21.74% Not Yes 13 Graph 05 – temporary Storage of the residues generated for the institution When analyzing graph 05 is verified that 30.77% of the nurses, 38.46% of the technician of nursing and 34.79% of the nurse aid know the place of temporary storage of residues generated for the institution, however 69.23% of the nurses, 61.54% of the technician of nursing and 65.21% of the nurse aid do not know the place of temporary storage of residues. The lack of this can cause risk to the involved professionals in the generation and manuscript of the residues, seen that the temporary storage must be executed at the moment of its generation, in its place of origin, or next, to reduce the contamination possibilities (et.al NAIME, 2004). Graph 06 – Place of final storage With regard to graph 06, where it is asked if the nursing professionals know the place of final storage of the residues in the institution, 76.93% of the nurses and the technician of nursing and 73.92% of the nurse aid had answered that they did not know the place, and only 23.07% of the nurses and the technician of nursing and 26.08% of the nurse aid had said that they knew. 30.77% 38.46% 34.79% 69.23% 61.54% 65.21% 0.00% 20.00% 40.00% 60.00% 80.00% Nurse Technician of nursing Nurse aid Yes 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Nurse Technician of nursing Nurse aid 23.07% 23.07% 26.08% 76.93% 76.93% 73.92% Yes 14 According to ANVISA (2006) the place of final storage do not consist of definitive disposal of residues in the ground or places previously prepared pra to receive them. .