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Nursing Technician

ANA CAROLINA AMARAL APPEARED SAINTS DAYANE OF BIRTH DILENE FRANCISCA OF THE WEDGE SUMMARY: The present study one is about a carried through qualiquantitativa research with ten Technician of Nursing of the diurne planto of the UTI of the Saint Casa de Misericrdia de Barbacena-MG, that objectified to determine the reaction of the professionals by means of the implanted strategies of humanizao in the unit, as well as the influence of these in the patient taken care of in this sector, beyond analyzing the happened benefits of the insertion of the familiar one in the hospital context. She considers yourself that to humanizar she understands the act of ' ' to become human being, to give to condition human being, to humanar … ' '. In this way, taking care of is determined as being the direction biggest of the nursing and we, professionals of the area, are co-responsible for the quality of the assistance given to the patient. In this totality, he verified himself that the strategies implemented in the unit are recognized and accepted, not confusing the performance of the nursing technician and yes characterizing the assistance.

The union between familiar nursing team provides to the patient biggest comfort, tranquilidade and security, getting itself thus a satisfactory prognostic and a precocious reestablishment of its condition of health. WORDS KEYS: Humanizao. Unit of Intensive Therapy. Technician in Nursing. Family. ABSTRACT: This study is qualitative-quantitative research conducted with ten nursing technicians working day shifts in the ICU of Saint Casa de Misericordia of Barbacena – MG, which aimed you determines the reaction of professionals on the strategies implemented in the humanization of the unit and the influence of the patient treated in this sector, and analyze the benefits from the inclusion of family in the hospital. It is considered that humanize includes the act of ' ' becoming human you human condition, human …

Nurse Technician

The preservation of the residues must be made in resistant and impermeable contenders, at the moment and place of its generation, in the measure where they will be generated. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Nurse Technician of nursing Nurse aid 53.85% 76.93% 78.26% 46.15% 23.07% 21.74% Not Yes 13 Graph 05 – temporary Storage of the residues generated for the institution When analyzing graph 05 is verified that 30.77% of the nurses, 38.46% of the technician of nursing and 34.79% of the nurse aid know the place of temporary storage of residues generated for the institution, however 69.23% of the nurses, 61.54% of the technician of nursing and 65.21% of the nurse aid do not know the place of temporary storage of residues. The lack of this can cause risk to the involved professionals in the generation and manuscript of the residues, seen that the temporary storage must be executed at the moment of its generation, in its place of origin, or next, to reduce the contamination possibilities (et.al NAIME, 2004). Graph 06 – Place of final storage With regard to graph 06, where it is asked if the nursing professionals know the place of final storage of the residues in the institution, 76.93% of the nurses and the technician of nursing and 73.92% of the nurse aid had answered that they did not know the place, and only 23.07% of the nurses and the technician of nursing and 26.08% of the nurse aid had said that they knew. 30.77% 38.46% 34.79% 69.23% 61.54% 65.21% 0.00% 20.00% 40.00% 60.00% 80.00% Nurse Technician of nursing Nurse aid Yes 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Nurse Technician of nursing Nurse aid 23.07% 23.07% 26.08% 76.93% 76.93% 73.92% Yes 14 According to ANVISA (2006) the place of final storage do not consist of definitive disposal of residues in the ground or places previously prepared pra to receive them. .