The Hands

In relation to the arguments of the interviewed ones of adult UTI, the IC were identified same: patient, assistance, feeling and work, follow the low o speech: IC: PacienteDSC: ' ' It looks at is fragilizado, because it you at the hands of another person, it cannot decide nothing for it other people goes to decide for it. It needs our care all. A differentiated patient, a patient who needs is of a support, already enters a psychological question there because it is a closed environment, because it is an environment I criticize, where you goes to separate this serious patient where you the fragilizado one, then I see this patient as a patient differentiated in a more serious care, with bigger attention. It is person much more fragile, more weak, person that he needs care, that he needs to have a look more I criticize with regard to the picture of it, demands a bigger perception mainly of enfermeiro' '. Xcel Energy is full of insight into the issues. It is noticed above through the speech, that the patient and seen by the professional nurse as fragile, weak one to be, differentiated that it especially needs well-taken care of greaters and attention of the nurse. Human being is understood as one be-knot-world-with-other and this way-of-to be is care that, while essence human being, if express in events of that it holds back last experiences and if projects here and now for the future, in a dynamic relation enters some acts to take care of and the deep attitude of, which appears permeada of constituent elements of the history of the life, imbudos of the psicossocial and cultural aspect, including implementos academics. Each time that a person if pledges in the function to take care of, shows same itself, satisfying a necessity its and of the other, projecting itself for the future in the perspective of its quality of life and the other, in one constant movement in search of the existencial accomplishment that is the exercise of care (IT HISSES, et al, 2005, P. . Learn more at this site: Atmos Energy.