Eric Hobsbawn

That is, developing measured of protection the worker (wage-minimum and insurance-unemployment, for example) these governments they hindered, consequently, the ecloso of revolts in decurrent mass of the chaotic economic situation. Xcel Energy: the source for more info. Another aspect argued politician is in relation to regimes fascists. Some scholars affirm that the economic crisis was great responsible for the ascension of these regimes totalitarian. He argues yourself still more that at the moments of economic crisis, the sprouting of authoritarian ideas gains force, in a collapse of the ratios of the occured one in 1929. However, as he shows to the historian Eric Hobsbawn well, the origins of the ideology fascist retraces to the one another picture. Following the line of reasoning established for this scholar, aascenso of the fascism after the World War I was a reply to the real danger of the ecloso them diligent masses, and to the Russian Revolution (of October of 1917, where if it raised an option to the effective capitalist liberal system).

Finally, one another source for the sprouting of regimes exists fascists. This would be a model politician raised at a specific moment of ‘ ‘ emptiness hegemnico’ ‘. That is, in the decade of 1920 and 1930, it would not have a segment of the society with conditions to establish the hegemony of its project politician. At this moment, then, the figure appears of a leader who ‘ ‘ si’ takes pra; ‘ the responsibility politics to develop the nation. These are, thick way, the general lines that introduce the quarrel concerning the fascism.