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Project System

The great difficulty is to assure to the man of the field of the regions without tradition, that normally does not know the necessary techniques of creation of the bees, conditions for maintenance of the swarms in the beehives and, consequently, the attainment of the production with the quality demanded for the market, since the principle, the enthusiasm of the agriculturists with the creation great must the basic training carried through by the incentivadoras institutions more when they start to feel difficulties and they search an orientation, already ha to who not to appeal, a time that the assistance lack techniques is evident in the communities of the region concomitantly finding other difficulties as, for example, the precarious conditions of the vicinal ones disabling to drain the productions of its cultivos. It is of well-known knowledge that one of the attributions of the education is to enable the individual to the life in society. So that this occurs, in accordance with Dolores this must enclose four basic learnings, that are them pillars of the knowledge: to learn to know, to learn to make, to learn to coexist, to learn ser' ' , phases that become only one, due the interdependence between them in the complementation of its rights. Ahead of the displayed one, the assistance technique is a procedure used for accompaniment and recommendation to the agricultural producers on appropriate technologies the determined system of production. For in such a way, the Project Alive Forest FD7-05-04 focuses ' ' praxidade' ' , that is, the theory (course of qualification in Beekeeping) and practical through advising the technician, considering strategies of sustainable development to the familiar establishments favored in the Project of Support to the Apicultural Sector of the BR-163, in order to introduce new practical of handling adequate to the type of system. 2.1.Metodologia of the Project Alive Forest the principle initiated the activities with survey of the diverse experiences of the producers in the area of the project in the month of May of 2007 in the Communities above cited happening with application questionnaires, giving basements in what it says respect to the production system; its characteristics and experiences acquired for these in the determined activity having the systematization of the results, noticing there that the area is predominated by small producers, having as income source the cultures of subsistences (rice, maize, beans, cassava) where the same ones prepare the land, still carry through in the traditional system cut and burn, some families plant (maize, beans) in unnecessary the sultry method making the use of the fire, however exactly thus it needs to attempt against for sustainable techniques of handling, because the deforestation and the exploration of the natural resources advance in the properties in unknown virtue causing maleficent consequences.

Project Singularidades

The Project of the Multitude the project of the multitude not only express the desire of a world of equality and freedom, not only demands a democratic global society that is opened and inclusive, as it provides the half ones to reach it. (HARDT; NEGRI, 2005, p.9) Hardt and Negri give the name of Empire to the new order that currently regulates the circuits of production and the international market world-wide, without respecting the national borders and establishing a command center. The Empire, the production of wealth is translated as biopoltica production, a time that is not limited to its economic aspect, but engloba also the politician and the cultural one and in this way appears as the production of the proper social life. It is the age of the control society, in which the power leads the people to a state of independent alienation by means of machines, as systems of communication and nets of information, that directly organize the brains and the bodies. From the diagnosis above, Hardt and Negri defend thesis of that the power of the Empire, that if all spreads for the globe looking for to keep the order through new mechanisms of control and conflict, if oppose to a force that makes possible the creation of communication nets and cooperation that make possible the concretion of joint actions. This force comes from the set of singularidades that compose what Hardt and Negri call multitude: To understand the concept of multitude in its more general and abstract form, we initially go to contrast it with the one of people. The people is joins. The population, of course is composed of numerous individuals and different classrooms, but the people synthecizes or reduces these social differences to an identity. The multitude, in contrast, is not unified, remaining itself plural and multiple (…) the multitude is composed of singularidades? with singularidades we want relating in them here to a social citizen whose difference cannot be reduced to the uniformity, a difference that if keeps different.

Preservative Companies

Axpe Consulting takes for a year Center of Management of Incidences of the Public thoroughfare, that now is increased by the Project Madrid Warns that it operates as of today in the districts of Usera, Carabanchel, Villaverde and the Latin, and at the beginning of the 2011 in all the municipality. With the commitment to less than solve all the urgent incidences in 72 hours. The Main directorate of Routes and Spaces Public, organism pertaining to Area of Government of Works and Spaces Public of the City council of Madrid adjudged to AXPE the management of the Control center of Incidences in the Public thoroughfare (Service WARNS) stops to take an exhaustive control of the incidences (flaws or deteriorations that undergoes the elements located in the public thoroughfare) which they are distributed between the three departments that belong to the General Subdivision of Routes and Spaces Public: Dpto. of Conservation and Renovation of Public thoroughfares, Dpto. of Equipment Urbanos and Dpto. of Public Lighting system. The AXPE personnel serves of nexus of union between the Preservative Companies of services, Municipal technicians and the different means from reception of incidences until its complete resolution. One is to maintain a control exhaustive of all those incidences, requests, suggestions and claims that the citizen in relation to the Public thoroughfare passes on, with the purpose of to avoid delays and annoyances and finalizing with the communication to the interested one on his resolution. Original author and source of the article

Pedagogical Project

The PPP (Project Pedagogical politician) is a resulted document of the planning is in it that they are registered the decisions most concrete of futuristas proposals. It is project because it requires plans for the future, he is politician because all must participate and are pedagogical because it surrounds the education. One is about a natural and intentional trend of the human being. All project assumes rupture with the gift and promises for the future in the objective to reach. To project means to try to break a comfortable state to risk themselves, to cross a period of instability and to search a stability in promise function that each project contains of better state of what the gift. An educative project can be taken as promise front determined ruptures. The promises become visible the possible fields of activity, compromising its actors and authors.

To speak of a proposal pedagogical is to inside say in construction and definition of ideas of all the involved ones of the education. To speak in pedagogical project is to speak in future, in consistent planning and that it aims at a participativo context, where the initial step is the elaboration of the referencial landmark, being this the light that will have to illuminate making of the too much stages. All school must have definite, for same itself and its pertaining to school community, an identity and a orienting set of principles and norms that illuminate the daily pedagogical action. The Pedagogical Project sees the school as a whole in its strategical perspective, not only in its pedagogical and administrative or exactly bureaucratic dimension. It is used in order to carry through dreams, is a managemental tool that assists the school to define its strategical priorities, to convert the priorities in educational goals, to decide what to make to reach the goals of learning, to measure if the results they had been reached and to evaluate the proper performance.

Quality Project

Proposal of Transdisciplinar Project TO THINK GLOBAL TO ACT LOCAL We cannot escape to the environment. It is everything what in the fence. We are also part of it, we live in it! (Anderson Herane) JUSTIFICATION OF THE PROJECT Law n 9.795/1999: Art. 1o Understands for ambient education the processes by means of which the individual and the collective construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the conservation of the environment, public easement of the people, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support. Art. 2o the ambient education is an essential and permanent component of the national education, having to be present, of articulated form, in all the levels and modalities of the educative process, in formal character and not-deed of division (grifo ours).

Considering the proposal educational of this Center of Young Education of Adult, centered in the principles of not the dissociao teach-research, and of the Inter and transdisciplinaridade, as well as guided by the Law n 9,795/1999, in whose Article 2 foresees the ambient education articulated in all the levels and modalities, is that the team of the Area of Sciences Social Human beings and presents this Project for the school year. Thinking over all about the proposal of this Center, of development of articulated collective Projects to the context of the community where if it finds inserted, we consider the subject considering the possibility of abrangncia of all the segments that compose this pertaining to school community and in accord with the Project to transdisciplinar of the new educational chains, whose thematic it is the Quality of Familiar Life. Thus, a project that it intends to unfold itself in Action, revealed pertinent, in the measure where it will make possible to reach this intention.