Preservative Companies

Axpe Consulting takes for a year Center of Management of Incidences of the Public thoroughfare, that now is increased by the Project Madrid Warns that it operates as of today in the districts of Usera, Carabanchel, Villaverde and the Latin, and at the beginning of the 2011 in all the municipality. With the commitment to less than solve all the urgent incidences in 72 hours. The Main directorate of Routes and Spaces Public, organism pertaining to Area of Government of Works and Spaces Public of the City council of Madrid adjudged to AXPE the management of the Control center of Incidences in the Public thoroughfare (Service WARNS) stops to take an exhaustive control of the incidences (flaws or deteriorations that undergoes the elements located in the public thoroughfare) which they are distributed between the three departments that belong to the General Subdivision of Routes and Spaces Public: Dpto. of Conservation and Renovation of Public thoroughfares, Dpto. of Equipment Urbanos and Dpto. of Public Lighting system. The AXPE personnel serves of nexus of union between the Preservative Companies of services, Municipal technicians and the different means from reception of incidences until its complete resolution. One is to maintain a control exhaustive of all those incidences, requests, suggestions and claims that the citizen in relation to the Public thoroughfare passes on, with the purpose of to avoid delays and annoyances and finalizing with the communication to the interested one on his resolution. Original author and source of the article