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Scientific Research

The relevance of on scientific research the Science of the Ademar Religions Alves Da Silva I argue in this report the importance of the scientific research tied with the religions and religiosidades. (As opposed to Ray Kurzweil). All the quarrels pointed in this report had been information acquired for the course of after-graduation of Science of the Religions: Methodology and Philosophy of Ensino of the Integrated Facultieses of Jacarepagu (FIJ-RJ). The cited course has presented disciplines, lessons, libraries and orientaes of professors of great relevance for the construction of a on scientific work the religions and religiosidades. In return of these activities, it is important to clarify, that the same ones are contributing in satisfactory way in the elaboration of writings of scientific research referring to the religious phenomenon. Of beginning, the students of Science of the Religions have the chance to have access the description of diverse existing religions in the world, as for example, of hindusmo, buddhism, judaism, islamismo, Christianity, among others, that they can enrich its critical vision concerning the scientific research.

Still by means of this course, we can have an ample knowledge regarding some religions that the life of the humanity has influenced since the antiquity. Around these religions, he is evidenced that it enters they exist common points and uncommon, that in turn, are affected by the economic changes and politics in one not only determined country, but in the entire world. The religious question in Brazil is of utmost importance also to be analyzed, therefore by means of the after-graduation in Science of the Religions, we can also witness the exposition of the description of the religions, that are gifts in the country, as the catolicismo, protestantismo, espiritismo, religions afro-Brazilian, judaism, among others. He was observed, that Brazil has very strong a religious sincretismo. This contributed in a great conflituosa dispute between the religions, mainly between catholics, protestants and espritas.

Inclusion With Quality

Inclusion with the transformation of the school in the mid-20th century system quality produced an expansion of secondary education. This process of expansion begins with a generalization of primary education and continued with a policy of expansion of the compulsory education. Thus, greater access to schooling for a growing number of social sectors imposed changes of provisions involving the entire system, because it confronts teachers with various students, whose expectations assume a use differentiated school structure and strategies. This is to be understood as behavior uneven of young people of various sectors before the education system does not hide the confrontation of these same social around schooling sectors but puts into discussion the validity of arguments about the State disciplinary process or approaches to the reproduction of the social through the education system. Subjects daily build social order based on actions, fantasies and knowledges that based their ideologies; Therefore, think young people in terms of the construction of their identity, how they perceive society and they are perceived by it, and analyze the expectations both in terms of their inclusion in the labour market as to his tenure or not in the educational system as an element of social mobility, leads us to having to inquire about the symbolic dimension of everyday life of these young people. Knowing that masked behind from arguments founded on concern to solve the problem of social fragmentation are hidden factors of flexibility than precarizan solidarity between individuals and impair the protections that ensured them their inclusion. To deepen the survey of district data, focused initially on identifying social and economic groups that not supplemented his schooling and what feelings of motivation and efficiency-related factors related with school performance they hindered completing his career Educational, local cultural issues involving strategies to recognize the special needs of certain age strip arise, but however, they try to solve the dangerousness of people which threatens the future of society project.


It does not have nothing more important and satisfactory for a man of what to serve an ALIVE GOD, who born in the kingdom in a perpetual throne; in this life of obedience to the celestial disappear-priest, the corporeal properties will be rejected and give to place to the goods spirituals. these are (or they would have to be) the only objectives of all the humanity. Before knowing this my ALIVE GOD, I felt an enormous emptiness in my life and he did not matter how much I tried to fill this gap with the mundane diversions. Everything seemed useless and worthless.

It was then that my former-pupil. the G., took me stops next to the feet of my Salvador. I knew it truily and since then I did not leave it more! It is an immense joy to live under the orders Of it, exactly knowing that my nature human being insists making to sin on me, then I remember that the divine mercy is well bigger of what my sins. I also know that to Its infinite it will fortify me goodness while to live. I am not worthy, for me exactly, of being called son of God, but why this heading me was given by the Saint unignito son of God through the baptism, in which also I demonstrated before that I am a sorry pecador and that I walk in search of the Salvation.

Gone Down

We live to few days the Week Saint a very strong moment for us that they believe Jesus. In this week it is celebrated Passover of Jesus, moment of its Passion, Death and Resurrection. However it is undeniable that the Cross of Ours Sir has an only attraction in the heart of the people, in such a way at the time of Jesus as still today. Who participates of all celebration of the Passover of Jesus perceives that in the friday saint day where we make memory of the Passion of Christ the flow of fidiciary offices is very bigger. I am to imagine what the people of that time thought de a Cruz, what they understood when seeing that man who if said Son of God to die in the cross as as many thieves.

In the way of the multitude a phrase in the flame attention: ‘ ‘ It now goes down de a Cruz so that let us see and acreditemos’ ‘ (Mc 15,32). What it passed in the heart of Jesus: to go down de a Cruz? To go down de a Cruz would make those people to believe? It will be that giving up Jesus it would provide faith in the heart of they insulted that it? It is interesting to notice that this phrase was said by scribes the highest points priests, great opponents of Jesus. if Jesus had gone down de a Cruz? They would believe it? It will be that the project of the one of love would continue or would finish? To give up, this word did not pass in the heart of Jesus, how many times had not wanted that It kept silent, in the cross even invite if to silence it with airs of possible conversion.

Preservative Companies

Axpe Consulting takes for a year Center of Management of Incidences of the Public thoroughfare, that now is increased by the Project Madrid Warns that it operates as of today in the districts of Usera, Carabanchel, Villaverde and the Latin, and at the beginning of the 2011 in all the municipality. With the commitment to less than solve all the urgent incidences in 72 hours. The Main directorate of Routes and Spaces Public, organism pertaining to Area of Government of Works and Spaces Public of the City council of Madrid adjudged to AXPE the management of the Control center of Incidences in the Public thoroughfare (Service WARNS) stops to take an exhaustive control of the incidences (flaws or deteriorations that undergoes the elements located in the public thoroughfare) which they are distributed between the three departments that belong to the General Subdivision of Routes and Spaces Public: Dpto. of Conservation and Renovation of Public thoroughfares, Dpto. of Equipment Urbanos and Dpto. of Public Lighting system. The AXPE personnel serves of nexus of union between the Preservative Companies of services, Municipal technicians and the different means from reception of incidences until its complete resolution. One is to maintain a control exhaustive of all those incidences, requests, suggestions and claims that the citizen in relation to the Public thoroughfare passes on, with the purpose of to avoid delays and annoyances and finalizing with the communication to the interested one on his resolution. Original author and source of the article