It does not have nothing more important and satisfactory for a man of what to serve an ALIVE GOD, who born in the kingdom in a perpetual throne; in this life of obedience to the celestial disappear-priest, the corporeal properties will be rejected and give to place to the goods spirituals. these are (or they would have to be) the only objectives of all the humanity. Before knowing this my ALIVE GOD, I felt an enormous emptiness in my life and he did not matter how much I tried to fill this gap with the mundane diversions. Everything seemed useless and worthless.

It was then that my former-pupil. the G., took me stops next to the feet of my Salvador. I knew it truily and since then I did not leave it more! It is an immense joy to live under the orders Of it, exactly knowing that my nature human being insists making to sin on me, then I remember that the divine mercy is well bigger of what my sins. I also know that to Its infinite it will fortify me goodness while to live. I am not worthy, for me exactly, of being called son of God, but why this heading me was given by the Saint unignito son of God through the baptism, in which also I demonstrated before that I am a sorry pecador and that I walk in search of the Salvation.