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Faith And Big Goals In Life

Entire project in life demand belief in what is going to achieve, persevere despite the difficulties, have a flame that impels us to continue within our heart, involves being willing to sacrifice us, without a doubt that is an internal State which guides us to greater challenges. The role of faith is essential for the development of all objective, implies hope in moments of difficulty, move forward with tenacity. It is possible that we sometimes have to deal with many fears, but with the faith within us we will know that everything will be perfectly well, we can break negative paradigms that inhabit our being, life will begin to gradually illuminate for us until we can reach the levels we want. Maybe we have heard the phrase that faith is able to move mountains and that is really possible, with faith we got an interior State of security and certainty about the occurrence of certain facts or circumstances according to our own perspectives and should use this power to create benefits and satisfactions in life. Faith is a State and not a simple idea, when externally we feel a great desire for activities that support our desires, which in turn are accompanied by confidence and conviction about something that we want to develop then we are perceiving the faith. Faith impels us to change, fills us with a tremendous energy to deal with different problems and also to find the inspiration that allows us to develop magnificent projects, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt learn all related concepts to achieve a deep state of faith enabling us to harmonize our entire existence and create wonderful conditions in our life. For years we have heard and read various information about the faith, but while we do not experience it in the flesh will seem us as a very nice information, however the faith is true power, but having that strong conviction is not a simple task because usually we let ourselves be guided by what our senses perceive at certain times, sometimes let us fold by the illusion of an apparent pain or by what they perceive our senses, I’m happy, I’m Rico of Andrew Corentt we are taught appropriate methods for achieving overcome the illusion of this material plane and thus activate the power within ourselves to create an illusion according to our goals and at the same time begin to chart our path of liberation and illumination.

Inner World

The time is not distance, but feeling. Spengler up good feelings, if exalt too much, are able to lead us to deplorable errors. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in the measure that we are waking up and perceive the importance of knowing the opportunity that is given to us through this plane, we cannot ignore the importance of delving into our inner world where dwells the higher self that we have been cultivating in the appearances we have made in this dimension. In our inner world is our real wisdom that you we have been feeding our actions, behavior, giving you the opportunity to grow spiritually with our spirit. Luis Gerardo Rodriguez gives us on the subject, that throughout this life project, assume that the personal reality is due to the projection of the inner world about the external world. However, is something that takes its time validating the complexity of people, the influence of the environments and the social and economic conditions of the time in which It was live.

According to this criterion of reality, this guide’s personal work develops the hypothesis that: there is a space of cohesion of the experiences that configures the personal story, and thence the original answers we give to the requirements of the personal reality assumed as a projection of the inner world are generated. Such integration of experiences makes up human and from that space and content experience, the life of every human being is the result of the expression of his inner world. To make feasible this hypothesis of personal work, each person focuses its action in the development of the si itself through self-observation and exploration of their abilities, vocations and skills, with which it facilitates both understand the value as the scope of the potential inside that is possessed, for which knowledge of itself represents the central contents of that process. In addition, cohesive thoughts, feelings and experiences, collected from the daily work to know the inner world, makes up an evidence that the inside education leads to form better people, because through this process are expressed moral, ethics, vision of the future, dreams, intentions our evolution is individual to the extent that we face challenges, tests that life presents to us daily, we are giving way to all those positive actions that give us the opportunity to prosecute us on the right path that we must walk while we are given it is express in our inner world opportunity to be. We must understand the relevance, reach that generates knowledge to delve into our interioro world and give way those thoughts that provide us with favorable results in our growth Rodriguez reminds us also, that with the application of the inner look, seeks to consolidate options for personal growth, in response to a world increasingly globalized and more modernized, which demands and requires that each human being’s original responses to the fictitious and real needs that such condition of globalization imposes especially in countries excluded, since we are convinced that in the near future, inside people’s potential will make a difference in the development of peoples. Definitely keep in mind that indicates Oscar Basurto Carbonell, that life could not survive but we treasure the inner world because if it beats the heart makes it because it has a reason. And this is the secret lives where always the sweet smile of God.

Republic Argentina

Learn a foreign language facilitates the incorporation of grammatical and logical structures in Castilian. The reasons that are usually apply in favour of the knowledge of several languages is compounded by the finding of another one: students who learn a foreign language at school have better outcomes in the materna.traductores online language learning. So indicates a study that did the Spanish Ministry of education and the British Council about the experience of 120 bilingual public schools from Spain who have English as a second language, and whose result published the newspaper El Pais of Madrid. Argentine specialists also corroborate what in the Republic Argentina. The improvement in the learning of the mother tongue is verified not only in those kids that attend a bilingual institution, but also in those who receive an education intensified in a second language, as happens in multilingual public schools of the city of Buenos Aires. The benefits are tested. Sometimes, already within the first year, the boys begin this reflection that allows them, for example, discover the order of the adjective and the noun.

The same activities that are used to lead them to make comparisons and to develop this plasticity to move from one language to the other, said Teresa Davis, Professor of English, who worked at the beginning of the plurilingues.trabajos language services in schools project. Current Executive Director of the University Center of languages (CUI) of the UBA, Davis noted: in the most unfavourable contexts schools, is much more evident to learning a foreign language helps the boy further develop their mother tongue and up their self-esteem. The specialist noted that the benefits of learning a second language it have been established not only with the teaching of English, but also French, Portuguese and the italiano.registro of professionals. The guys who go to the multilingual schools have eight hours of class per week from first grade, and fourth foreign language degree incorporates the teaching of a second language, with a load of three hours a week. These institutions are of double day. Advantages – From one to another. The guys who learn a foreign language incorporate grammatical and logical structures of the Spanish more easily.

-The most difficult. They intensify their understanding of texts and reading ability, two frequent difficulties in the learning of the mother tongue. -Self-esteem. They are better prepared to learn a third language and demonstrate changes in their self-confidence to estudiar.profesionales in translation of texts. -With fewer, more. The benefits are particularly notorious in kids in disadvantaged social contexts.


Thats what it says Hernan Molina, director of the energy and Gas (CREG) regulatory Committee, in an interview with Reuters: it is a market that has respected the rules of the game for 10 years, a country that has established trust, with an efficient price formation process, and that gives signals to enter. This change in the rules of the game is of the utmost importance for the success of the above-mentioned tenders as there was an outline of generation in which projects were designed, built and operated by the State until the Decade of the 90s. This system collapsed at the beginning of the 1990s with worse rationing of energy in the history of the country. This caused millions in losses that Colombia does not want to repeat. In these auctions won not only large companies, but also other small such as Gecelca and Poliobras, who also built and operated plants, backed by firms such as the Helm group of United States or the Japanese Marubeni Corp., which apply innovative systems of generation as big drops of water-based.

The Spanish giant Endesa, will build the hydroelectric project El Quimbo, through its subsidiary EMGESA. At the same time, public enterprises of Medellin (EPM), the largest provider of public services of the country, will lead the project Pescadero Ituango with a capacity of up to 2,400 megawatts. I would remind you that in the energy sector, Colombia has made great progress in tendering’s exploratory areas of the petroleum sector where there is a great potential for wealth to be discovered that could be ten times the current stock of oil reserves proven in Colombia. Colombia knows that to grow it needs major investment and is for this reason that it has also proposed a target on the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI).


Remember, the conflict can you afford with negotiation, mediation, where negotiate is to address issues to reach an agreement, and it’s reaching an agreement with someone, because there is something that motivates a common interest. It is an act that we do with our families, co-workers, neighbors or anyone with whom we interact on a daily basis. However, while we do it consistently, not always the results are optimal; We can leave (to us or to another person) with a certain flavour of dissatisfaction, exhaustion and even enmity. Mediation, is nothing more than the assistance of an independent third party, facing the deconstruction of the problem situation and facilitates the decision-making of the parties and which has also been called referee. This person usually has great experience in the proposal of alternatives that have not been considered previously, help maintain a suitable social climate, are persuasive try reflection among both parties, etc.

Teresita j. Martinez Perez’s, tells us, that negotiation can run on three fundamental stages: 1. analysis. It is a stage where it comes to gather all the information possible, confront it. Where needs and personal and social values should be analyzed to defend. It must be a stage of organization and meditation information, as well as the analysis of perceptions and hostile emotions, the possible lack of clarity, barriers in communication, etc. 2.

Projection. Here discusses the triad conflict-man – context in a constant interdependence. It is a stage where you decide what will be done, when, how and why, still convinced, that even most skilled managers cannot reach to anticipate all the consequences of the actions being undertaken contingencies exist, are not created intentionally. The truth is that the flexibility, creativity and honesty go hand in hand in the success of this phase of plan a projection in the negotiation of a conflict. 3 Discussion. Already the parties communicate in search of reaching an agreement, where social skills are essential for treatment and understanding between the parties. As we had mentioned earlier, actions consistent and honest, will always be favor for decision-making in the proper handling of a conflict.


Avoiding random has nothing to do with playing lotteries, bingos or card games, but is concerned that if we want to succeed in a specific area we should take control of circumstances. How to do it? Well, to take control, it is necessary to go giving a series of small steps, then medium-sized steps, then steps long, run and then fly with our projects. Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals tells us that a goal requires ongoing commitment to make the ideas work, then how take control? Control is taken to the extent that we work on the basis of clearly defined goals and objectives and you will know perfectly how to achieve through the book the secret of the power of goals, you will depart from the principle fundamental to culminate a goal must be to define clearly what they want to, when you know what you want to set a guidean address, therefore we have a vision of what we want and all that translate it into concrete actions, through the reading of This book you will have an extraordinary motivation and there is no obstacle that can not defeat because your goal will be fully internalized and will be an integral part of his being, that is one of the secrets to make that a goal has enormous power. Goals define where and when, but should be properly formulated, in the book the secret of the power of goals is defined a very precise methodology that we are fulfilling each goal and remove the excuses of our life, our subconscious mind is taking power and it is clear what are our purposes. On the contrary when we have no discipline we began to make a complete mess of our lives and every day see further the realization of our goals. We create our world and make it through the predominant thoughts we have added to our emotions, why when we talk about goals must feel a beautiful emotional state, only to imagine how what we feel when we have achieved our vision. Remember that you are not at the mercy of the random, or circumstances, you can actually control your universe, the way to achieve it is doing so in a systematic manner with appropriate techniques.