Remember, the conflict can you afford with negotiation, mediation, where negotiate is to address issues to reach an agreement, and it’s reaching an agreement with someone, because there is something that motivates a common interest. It is an act that we do with our families, co-workers, neighbors or anyone with whom we interact on a daily basis. However, while we do it consistently, not always the results are optimal; We can leave (to us or to another person) with a certain flavour of dissatisfaction, exhaustion and even enmity. Mediation, is nothing more than the assistance of an independent third party, facing the deconstruction of the problem situation and facilitates the decision-making of the parties and which has also been called referee. This person usually has great experience in the proposal of alternatives that have not been considered previously, help maintain a suitable social climate, are persuasive try reflection among both parties, etc.

Teresita j. Martinez Perez’s, tells us, that negotiation can run on three fundamental stages: 1. analysis. It is a stage where it comes to gather all the information possible, confront it. Where needs and personal and social values should be analyzed to defend. It must be a stage of organization and meditation information, as well as the analysis of perceptions and hostile emotions, the possible lack of clarity, barriers in communication, etc. 2.

Projection. Here discusses the triad conflict-man – context in a constant interdependence. It is a stage where you decide what will be done, when, how and why, still convinced, that even most skilled managers cannot reach to anticipate all the consequences of the actions being undertaken contingencies exist, are not created intentionally. The truth is that the flexibility, creativity and honesty go hand in hand in the success of this phase of plan a projection in the negotiation of a conflict. 3 Discussion. Already the parties communicate in search of reaching an agreement, where social skills are essential for treatment and understanding between the parties. As we had mentioned earlier, actions consistent and honest, will always be favor for decision-making in the proper handling of a conflict.