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Compostagem Garbage

The industrial and domestic garbage if fits in the direction most including depoluio, but when analyzed under diverse aspects, also can servisto as a social or, in contrast, as solution, oupelo, less palliative problem for several other problems. Certain techniques of treatment of the garbage allow, among others things, to get energy, through biogs; to get organic composition, through dacompostagem: that it is a process of transformation of orgnicacontida substance has remaining portions of animal or vegetal origin. What it was considered to make in this article will be to argue its advantages, and osbenefcios to the environment of the compostagem. The sped up growth of the cities and the change of hbitosdas people, on to an exaggerated consumption had given to origin the factors that vmgerando a different garbage in quality, amount and composition. The current paradigms must be reviewed and the direction to be in the search of a melhorgerenciamento of the garbage, what it includes its formation, discarding ereaproveitamento. According to Birth, et al (2005, p.53-54) as advantages of the compostagem we can observe: ‘ ‘ it improves of the health of the ground. The composed organic substance seliga to particles (sand, 00ze and clay), helping in the retention and draining dosolo improving its aeration; it increases the infiltration capacity of water, reducing aeroso; it makes it difficult or it hinders the germination of seeds of plantasinvasoras; I number it increases it of earthworms, insects and microorganismosdesejveis, had the presence of organic substance, reducing the incidence dedoenas of plants; they keep the temperature and the levels of acidity of the ground; active the life of the ground, favoring the reproduction beneficial demicroorganismos to the agricultural cultures; degrande makes possible the resolution of the problem of the final deposition part of the solid residues urbanos.’ ‘ reduction of the garbage destined I fill with earth to it, with the conseqenteeconomia with the costs of I fill with earth and increase of its useful life; agricultural exploitation of the substance organic; ambiently safe process; elimination of patgenos; economy of treatment of effluent.

Cerebral Cortex

Then, if there are questions of human beings are important for what they make in biosfera or for is in the biosfera. The human being is in the top of the alimentary chain, dominates the language written, has the opposing thumb and the developed super cerebral cortex, had had reproductive success, a demographic explosion, had developed the medicine, increasing with this the longetividade. What we make of the biosfera already is known: pesticide deforestation, use, contamination of body d, methane water, production, for cattle and the food production. The technology of exploration of the nature in extreme way modifies the habitat and natural resources, promoting wars between as many uses and abuses and with this appeared the ecology human being whom paper of prominence in science has gained and its ‘ ‘ objeto’ ‘ of study the human beings and have become an increasing focus of social and scientific attention. Forest fires and deforestation made by the human beings, age and need to be substituted generating lixos residues and.

Any substance or form of energy to the environment results in bigger concentrations that the natural ones. Pesticide is known that they contaminate the water and the adaptability of the nature, the pesticides weaken, one see that the plagues develop immunity. With the relation to the food production, exactly without the foreseen growth, we are citizens the sporadical crises of hunger and to the chronic and periodic malnutrition. The agricultural activities human beings produce deserts of salt in the valley of the rivers Eufrates and Tigres. The pasturing also can bring problems for the production of foods. In the long run it can provoke a heterogeneidade in the distribution of water, nitrogen and other resources of the ground, promoting invasion of arbustivas plants of desert and loss of fertility for the erosion. A historical continuous that extended horizontes of Biology for the Ecology in the end of years 1800, and of the Ecology for the interaction with the society in the end of the years of 1900.A variability of organisms livings creature of all the origins, understanding, amongst others, the terrestrial, marine ecosystems and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of that they are part; understanding still the species diversity inside, between species and of ecosystems.

The Bases

In agreement the EA ate agreement must be critical, transforming, socioambiental to epopular contributing for the transformation of the human being in the way as foiinserido and as it exists in the world, carrying through reflections on the life and naturezae contributing for an only theoretician-practical category that it is the education. In synthesis, EAvem assuming the paper to understand the world in constant transformation and agirsobre it of critical form in the context of a globalizada society where oambiental derivative of environment is in the center of the relations between nature dopresente, what it would lead to a trend, of ample form, the termosocioambiental. For I castrate et al (2008) still is far from being concluded opacto that it will make possible a new alliance between the society and the nature emborareconhea that this alliance is being assayed in different> chances. However, this researcher assumes that the moment to collate and to argue on the bases emque could occur a reconversion of the projects of society in umaordem to direction sustainable would have on the basis of to happen it a EA sensible to the interessessocioambientais and pautada by the conquest of the citizenship. Of this form, setrata not to remain an only scene for the EA, but to problematizar its horizontede possibilities. However, it recognized that the horizontehistrico – cultural of this debate it is obliqued by a multiplicity deinteresses and social projects that go to concur with different interpretaessobre ' ' ambiental' '. Porconseguinte, exists a variety of quarrels to this respect in the search to deformular convincing answers for the historically situated processes nointerior of the ambient field becoming, over all, a dispute space social entreconcepes, interests and groups. In this direction it is standed out existncianeste field of one raised heterogeneidade where the movimentossociais and filiations are enclosed ideolgicas public politics, political parties, alternative styles of life, options and habits of consumption. /’>Phoenix Ancient Art for additional related pages.

United Nations

Inside of this context, Brazil, China and India more tend to be the benefited countries with the implantation of the projects of Mechanism of Clean Development and with the sales of carbon credits of resultant them, therefore they are countries where new technologies can be implanted to a lesser cost of what other nations. It fits to stand out the actions that has been proposals for mitigao of these effect undesirable of the antrpicas activities, that is, the actions human beings: the climatic quarrels on sustainable development, alterations and mainly the creation of> commodities ambient side letters), thus contributing so that the society has plus an instrument of information and critical evaluation on the commercialization of right of poluir . 2.1.2 Methodology Of the point of view of the objective, the used research in this work can be defined, in agreement GIL (apud HISSES and MENEZES, 2006), as exploratria, therefore it involves bibliographical survey. Of the point of view of the procedures technician, as GIL (apud HISSES and MENEZES, 2006), she could be qualified as bibliographical and documentary, in this last case because she involves consultation the documents without interpretation, the Protocol of original Kyoto. For the elaboration of this work, original workmanships or texts, statistical data secondary etc. had been used primary bibliographical sources Organization of United Nations referring to the Protocol of Kyoto, the original of the Protocol, base of the argument, and documents, data of the MCT Ministry of Science and Technology and of the MDIC – Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, Industry and Foreign commerce, beyond data of the BM F Commodity exchange and Futures, that a market of carbon credits is developing in Brazil and that already it has available a bank of MDL projects. 2,2 Economic development and Sustainable Development One of initial landmarks of the debate on the action of the man intervening negative with the environment where it lives and compromising the conditions of life of the next generations had been the results presented for Rachel Carson in Quiet Spring in the decade of 1960, on as the DDT penetrated in the alimentary chain and was accumulated in greasy fabrics of the animals, also of the man (it even arrived to be detected the presence of DDT in human milk), with the risk to cause cancer and genetic damage, that> the limits for the growth Our Common Future, elaborated for the World-wide Commission of Development and Environment of United Nations, in 1987. .

The Decurrent

Critical attitude ahead of the challenges that the crisecivilizatria places in them, breaking itself of the beginning of that the way as vivemosno takes care of more to our yearnings and understanding of world and necessary society and que to create new ways; ‘ ‘ Concrete concern in stimulating the debate and dilogoentre sciences, redefining study objects and knowing; 13 ‘ ‘ Agreement of the democracy as condition for construode a substantive support; ‘ ‘ Certainty of that the exercise of full the social and oexerccio participation of the citizenship is practical indispensable to the democracy and socioambiental emancipao; ‘ ‘ Contrary search of rupture and transformation of the values and prticassociais to public well-being and the equity. Therefore, the necessity to know the quesignifica each one of these conceptions is important and of as each one can influence odestino of the public decisions that if relate to the quality of life daspopulaes. more, the decurrent conditions of the performance human being in the environment sodefinidas in function in each way of social life, in interaction with the condiesecolgicas of sustentation. It is important to stand out that, in practical the pedagogical dodia-the-day, several of these trends, many times, join. Obviously quenum given historical moment had the predominance of some of them. This because aeducao is not a separate sphere of the society, immune to the questions of seutempo.

The pedagogical trends are guided for filosficosgerais principles, of matrix social politician and, beyond those specifically pedagogical. Being thus, the adoption of a pedagogical trend has implications of social ordempoltica and. This adoption, in a democratic perspective, implicardesenvolvimento of a politician-pedagogical project, that will have to be delineadopela pertaining to school community as a whole. Exactly that the school has not chosen a tendncianorteadora for practical its pedagogical e, in consequncia, not desenvolvaexplicitamente a politician-pedagogical project, exactly thus each educator will oestar making unconsciously.

State Houses

When visiting the region of Amazon can be pereceber the life of the peoples of this community presents life and joy. A people come of the Maranho and the Cear to produce foods evidences its regions and to construct worthy life. When arriving in Rorainpolis the impression that apprehends in first momenot is that still exists a people who inhabits the region stimulated for the military regimen, its houses wooden remember the first come inhabitants of the Maranho to plant and to inhabit. Everything is in cosntruo. the houses are distant one of the others with a lot of great land in relation the biggest cities of Brazil. Perhaps it lacked in the future can have a project of settling with railroad transport in a region that almost does not have mounts. It can be thought about this possibility for the sustainable development. The road transport is expensive and faces the operation covers constant hole due rains to be permanent.

When the user travels itself very faces a deteriorated highway due to conservation, BR 174 existing since the time of the dictatorship the transport of goods produced in the region is full of holes harming. In relation the solar energy could use to advantage the sun that is always active, instead of continuing spending in plant that uses fuel to ilumiar the houses of the colonists. In relation the communication not yet has cellular in maioira of the territory of Roraima. The people is waiting for decisions politics that delay very, perhaps for viability technique, or because still it is a State in Construo.A degradation of the environment is increasing, therefore meets many would saw making the destruction of the local habitat, extinguishing animal and deforesting everything that finds for the front. After speaking of Rorainpolis, where he had a ticket of four days. In Manaus experincai of five days was another one.

The city is giant has millions of inhabitants meets a true urbanization degradante, a city that swells with northeasterns come to live in poor houses in the periphery. The marginalizao is visible degradante and, much people from fear assaults as in the great urban centers of the Pas.Esta city does not stop, seems that all run for an accident of time in when, here does not have almost oxygen as in the cold and pleasant bushes. the place barulhento and is poluido. It was a trip where I could observe much thing, but still is tried to analyze others aspectso that they had made of this people in its majority of the Maranhense and the Person from the state of Cear. One a true place of suffered life and race to support the capitalism wild that does not observe the native peoples around 60% inhabit in the Amazonas.A politics have ranso of the traditionalism, but it perceives that some citizens are questioning this reality that she needs to move, seno will tonaro Manaus in a place impossible to live.

Environmental Wastefulness

However, it is very important that if it visualizes as this control is made. When it is returned for the analysis from productive process inside of the aspect that describes the form of development of the product, is confirmed that only one small parcel of the plants possesss somebody assigned person for the projetual task or a department or a department of project, what leads to conclude that this control is carried through of form not planned inside of the execution proceeding of the product. This lack of planning is suggested that is responsible for possible raw material wastefulnesses and, in this point, esbarra in problematic the excellent ones for the sector. 5. Destination of the residues Even so the representatives of the sector declare to make control of the productive processes inside preventing loss of raw material, the expressive majority not yet obtain to have total exploitation in its plants discarding lesser residues (very small or defective leftovers of serragem, pieces etc.). The reaproveitamento of the residues is internally made in the manufacture of complementary parts and/or small devices wooden.

However always it has parcels of size or characteristics inadequate that they finish being discarded for 68% producing them. (SECTAM, 2002) 6. Consideraes ends Currently, the exploitation of residues wooden constitutes a significant source of income generation and electric energy for communities of the Amazon region. As proposals to face problematic the decurrent one of raw material wastefulnesses, it is suggested to characterize and to quantify wastefulnesses wooden in the industrial processing, to identify to the degrees of wastefulness associates to each stage of the productive process, to identify to technologies and processes to minimize these wastefulnesses, to detach those that present greaters degrees of economic viability and technique in the conditions of the state of Par and to identify local consuming markets, national and international for products derived from the exploitation of residues, whose production observes principles of ambient protection.

Rock Consumption

Today we live in a world that grows to each day, that and that avanatecnologicamente also dumb its ways of living. In this perspective, surrounding omeio comes suffering alterations and the balance sewn in cosmo amilhes of years has if I insult. Thus, this study it had for objetivodiagnosticar the ambient vision of the employees of the Frum JosAlfredo Appeals court judge Snows of the Rock, in the city of Itapetinga, with intention to depossibilitar the accomplishment of ambient projects that aim at to the improvement ambient daqualidade of this public sector. Through the qualitative research efazendo questionnaire use one became collects it of data, and, first, foitraado the profile of the interviewed ones. Obtidosque was perceived through the results these employees knows what it is environment, perceives who and as if fazmal to the environment, as to preserve it and in what noambiente is possible to change the habits of work so that the environment comes to be benefited. Still, vlido to say that all action human being is capable to transform the nature, being able, thus, to impactar it.

Therefore, one becomes necessary, ahead of this perception buscarformas to live better in the work environment and it are of it. Valley salientarque the Ambient Education is an important instrument of sensitization in searched conscience ambient, being able to take the changes of attitudes searching amelhoria of the ambient quality. INTRODUCTION the population growth in the last half of this century, folloied of the fast technological advances, produced the intense capital dochamado consumption natural, establishing a scene of disruption of equilbriode diverse ecosystems. This disordered consumption of the ambient assets tempromovido a clutter in the organizacional structure of the livewares and novivos gifts in the Land, therefore the disaggregation of this set of ambientaisaliados elements to the position lack pro – active in on questions to the environment, it has proportionate the disequilibrium and the lack of perspectives how much sobrevivncia of the future generations.

Soya Oil

The culture of the soy is practically being in all domestic territory, being main agricultural product of the country, originating its more important derivative the soy oil. Figure 3. In what if they relate to the question of the impact caused for the discarding of the vegetal oil after-I consume in the environment of incorrect form, is perceived in figure 3, the absence of knowledge of the causes and consequencias to the environment. This remote a necessity to elaborate through lectures and activities with the pupils who are agents right-handers in the familiar awareness of the importance of if giving a correct destination to this residue, fits to the ambient educator to be the direct agent in this process. Figure 4. In relation to the interviewed ones that they make to the separation of the garbage in its residence, it was verified, as figure 4, that the great majority inhabits has to separate it the garbage in its residence, this if must to the fact of the quarter have an association of catadores of materials recycle.

Figure 5. Evaluating the degree of knowledge of the interviewed ones how much to the option of the garbage as income, it is observed in figure 5, that it has a satisfactory index of people that it observes the garbage as income and not as something indesejado. 4 CONCLUSION Through the gotten results the application of the questionnaires to the familiar ones of the pupils, was observed that the problem of the residues generated in its residences mainly the vegetal oil after-I consume can be cured with programs of ambient awareness. Valley to stand out that the Ip-Purple College can be a point of collection of this residue, beyond offering space so that the community can learn to use this product and transforms it into an income source. Actions as lectures and workshops must be continuous, the participation of the society are basic for the good relationship with the pertaining to school community. In this case the Ip-Purple College yielded a space for the storage of this residue (attached) and through lectures directed to the pupils and its parents they had been possible to develop a project in which the community can use the space of the college to learn to reuse this residue of conscientious form.

Questionnaire 1. You have conscience of the importance of the environment in its life? () yes () not 2. You frequently use oil of kitchen in its residence? () yes () not 3. You have knowledge of the problems that can cause to the environment with the inadequate destination of the kitchen oil? () yes () not 4. You have the habit to separate the garbage in its house? () yes () not 5. For its family the garbage is an income option? () yes () not ATTACHED State College Ip-Purple located in the quarter New City Storage of the vegetal oil after-I consume.


Of this anthropocentric relation, the environment passed to be degraded, for the deforestation, the incorrect use of the ground, for the exploration of the resources not-renewed, etc. These are some examples that had provoked and provoke this degradation, that direct or indirectly affects the balance of the system, that need these resources for the support of the life in the planet. The construction of houses from recycled material foresees things among others the support, energy rationalization and the minimum of ambient impact. Logically that this type of construction also foresees activities directed to the ambient education, choosing material that they can easily recycled and be applied in the construction, as well as also can be made rational use of the energy potential in the new house. She is necessary that new constructive and alternative techniques of energy attainment and treatment of the other considered materials residues are seen by the civil construction as a new alternative of construction, more sustainable, more artisan and less impactante for the nature. It has diverse materials that they can recycled and be applied in the civil construction, being the one of them wood, renewable resource, of great aid in the deficit situation of habitation in the country, since it can also serve for the construction of housings and even of habitacionais sets destined to the low income families.

2 Independent JUSTIFICATION of the innovations architectural, most important is that this type of construction, happened of the use of recycled, either projected material to give comfort to the user, economy and to serve to the principles of ambient conservation. It has many alternatives that can be useful in the construction: pisos tiles can be changedded into mosaics that can decorate tables, sidewalk, walls, walls. The pieces wooden can be reaproveitados giving new felt to the architecture. Bottles pet, of glass, coconuts, at last has a infinity of natural materials also that they can serve of substance cousin in the construction.