Cerebral Cortex

Then, if there are questions of human beings are important for what they make in biosfera or for is in the biosfera. The human being is in the top of the alimentary chain, dominates the language written, has the opposing thumb and the developed super cerebral cortex, had had reproductive success, a demographic explosion, had developed the medicine, increasing with this the longetividade. What we make of the biosfera already is known: pesticide deforestation, use, contamination of body d, methane water, production, for cattle and the food production. The technology of exploration of the nature in extreme way modifies the habitat and natural resources, promoting wars between as many uses and abuses and with this appeared the ecology human being whom paper of prominence in science has gained and its ‘ ‘ objeto’ ‘ of study the human beings and have become an increasing focus of social and scientific attention. Forest fires and deforestation made by the human beings, age and need to be substituted generating lixos residues and.

Any substance or form of energy to the environment results in bigger concentrations that the natural ones. Pesticide is known that they contaminate the water and the adaptability of the nature, the pesticides weaken, one see that the plagues develop immunity. With the relation to the food production, exactly without the foreseen growth, we are citizens the sporadical crises of hunger and to the chronic and periodic malnutrition. The agricultural activities human beings produce deserts of salt in the valley of the rivers Eufrates and Tigres. The pasturing also can bring problems for the production of foods. In the long run it can provoke a heterogeneidade in the distribution of water, nitrogen and other resources of the ground, promoting invasion of arbustivas plants of desert and loss of fertility for the erosion. A historical continuous that extended horizontes of Biology for the Ecology in the end of years 1800, and of the Ecology for the interaction with the society in the end of the years of 1900.A variability of organisms livings creature of all the origins, understanding, amongst others, the terrestrial, marine ecosystems and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of that they are part; understanding still the species diversity inside, between species and of ecosystems.