Rock Consumption

Today we live in a world that grows to each day, that and that avanatecnologicamente also dumb its ways of living. In this perspective, surrounding omeio comes suffering alterations and the balance sewn in cosmo amilhes of years has if I insult. Thus, this study it had for objetivodiagnosticar the ambient vision of the employees of the Frum JosAlfredo Appeals court judge Snows of the Rock, in the city of Itapetinga, with intention to depossibilitar the accomplishment of ambient projects that aim at to the improvement ambient daqualidade of this public sector. Through the qualitative research efazendo questionnaire use one became collects it of data, and, first, foitraado the profile of the interviewed ones. Obtidosque was perceived through the results these employees knows what it is environment, perceives who and as if fazmal to the environment, as to preserve it and in what noambiente is possible to change the habits of work so that the environment comes to be benefited. Still, vlido to say that all action human being is capable to transform the nature, being able, thus, to impactar it.

Therefore, one becomes necessary, ahead of this perception buscarformas to live better in the work environment and it are of it. Valley salientarque the Ambient Education is an important instrument of sensitization in searched conscience ambient, being able to take the changes of attitudes searching amelhoria of the ambient quality. INTRODUCTION the population growth in the last half of this century, folloied of the fast technological advances, produced the intense capital dochamado consumption natural, establishing a scene of disruption of equilbriode diverse ecosystems. This disordered consumption of the ambient assets tempromovido a clutter in the organizacional structure of the livewares and novivos gifts in the Land, therefore the disaggregation of this set of ambientaisaliados elements to the position lack pro – active in on questions to the environment, it has proportionate the disequilibrium and the lack of perspectives how much sobrevivncia of the future generations.