Environmental Wastefulness

However, it is very important that if it visualizes as this control is made. When it is returned for the analysis from productive process inside of the aspect that describes the form of development of the product, is confirmed that only one small parcel of the plants possesss somebody assigned person for the projetual task or a department or a department of project, what leads to conclude that this control is carried through of form not planned inside of the execution proceeding of the product. This lack of planning is suggested that is responsible for possible raw material wastefulnesses and, in this point, esbarra in problematic the excellent ones for the sector. 5. Destination of the residues Even so the representatives of the sector declare to make control of the productive processes inside preventing loss of raw material, the expressive majority not yet obtain to have total exploitation in its plants discarding lesser residues (very small or defective leftovers of serragem, pieces etc.). The reaproveitamento of the residues is internally made in the manufacture of complementary parts and/or small devices wooden.

However always it has parcels of size or characteristics inadequate that they finish being discarded for 68% producing them. (SECTAM, 2002) 6. Consideraes ends Currently, the exploitation of residues wooden constitutes a significant source of income generation and electric energy for communities of the Amazon region. As proposals to face problematic the decurrent one of raw material wastefulnesses, it is suggested to characterize and to quantify wastefulnesses wooden in the industrial processing, to identify to the degrees of wastefulness associates to each stage of the productive process, to identify to technologies and processes to minimize these wastefulnesses, to detach those that present greaters degrees of economic viability and technique in the conditions of the state of Par and to identify local consuming markets, national and international for products derived from the exploitation of residues, whose production observes principles of ambient protection.