State Houses

When visiting the region of Amazon can be pereceber the life of the peoples of this community presents life and joy. A people come of the Maranho and the Cear to produce foods evidences its regions and to construct worthy life. When arriving in Rorainpolis the impression that apprehends in first momenot is that still exists a people who inhabits the region stimulated for the military regimen, its houses wooden remember the first come inhabitants of the Maranho to plant and to inhabit. Everything is in cosntruo. the houses are distant one of the others with a lot of great land in relation the biggest cities of Brazil. Perhaps it lacked in the future can have a project of settling with railroad transport in a region that almost does not have mounts. It can be thought about this possibility for the sustainable development. The road transport is expensive and faces the operation covers constant hole due rains to be permanent.

When the user travels itself very faces a deteriorated highway due to conservation, BR 174 existing since the time of the dictatorship the transport of goods produced in the region is full of holes harming. In relation the solar energy could use to advantage the sun that is always active, instead of continuing spending in plant that uses fuel to ilumiar the houses of the colonists. In relation the communication not yet has cellular in maioira of the territory of Roraima. The people is waiting for decisions politics that delay very, perhaps for viability technique, or because still it is a State in Construo.A degradation of the environment is increasing, therefore meets many would saw making the destruction of the local habitat, extinguishing animal and deforesting everything that finds for the front. After speaking of Rorainpolis, where he had a ticket of four days. In Manaus experincai of five days was another one.

The city is giant has millions of inhabitants meets a true urbanization degradante, a city that swells with northeasterns come to live in poor houses in the periphery. The marginalizao is visible degradante and, much people from fear assaults as in the great urban centers of the Pas.Esta city does not stop, seems that all run for an accident of time in when, here does not have almost oxygen as in the cold and pleasant bushes. the place barulhento and is poluido. It was a trip where I could observe much thing, but still is tried to analyze others aspectso that they had made of this people in its majority of the Maranhense and the Person from the state of Cear. One a true place of suffered life and race to support the capitalism wild that does not observe the native peoples around 60% inhabit in the Amazonas.A politics have ranso of the traditionalism, but it perceives that some citizens are questioning this reality that she needs to move, seno will tonaro Manaus in a place impossible to live.