The Decurrent

Critical attitude ahead of the challenges that the crisecivilizatria places in them, breaking itself of the beginning of that the way as vivemosno takes care of more to our yearnings and understanding of world and necessary society and que to create new ways; ‘ ‘ Concrete concern in stimulating the debate and dilogoentre sciences, redefining study objects and knowing; 13 ‘ ‘ Agreement of the democracy as condition for construode a substantive support; ‘ ‘ Certainty of that the exercise of full the social and oexerccio participation of the citizenship is practical indispensable to the democracy and socioambiental emancipao; ‘ ‘ Contrary search of rupture and transformation of the values and prticassociais to public well-being and the equity. Therefore, the necessity to know the quesignifica each one of these conceptions is important and of as each one can influence odestino of the public decisions that if relate to the quality of life daspopulaes. more, the decurrent conditions of the performance human being in the environment sodefinidas in function in each way of social life, in interaction with the condiesecolgicas of sustentation. It is important to stand out that, in practical the pedagogical dodia-the-day, several of these trends, many times, join. Obviously quenum given historical moment had the predominance of some of them. This because aeducao is not a separate sphere of the society, immune to the questions of seutempo.

The pedagogical trends are guided for filosficosgerais principles, of matrix social politician and, beyond those specifically pedagogical. Being thus, the adoption of a pedagogical trend has implications of social ordempoltica and. This adoption, in a democratic perspective, implicardesenvolvimento of a politician-pedagogical project, that will have to be delineadopela pertaining to school community as a whole. Exactly that the school has not chosen a tendncianorteadora for practical its pedagogical e, in consequncia, not desenvolvaexplicitamente a politician-pedagogical project, exactly thus each educator will oestar making unconsciously.