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Learn a foreign language facilitates the incorporation of grammatical and logical structures in Castilian. The reasons that are usually apply in favour of the knowledge of several languages is compounded by the finding of another one: students who learn a foreign language at school have better outcomes in the materna.traductores online language learning. So indicates a study that did the Spanish Ministry of education and the British Council about the experience of 120 bilingual public schools from Spain who have English as a second language, and whose result published the newspaper El Pais of Madrid. Argentine specialists also corroborate what in the Republic Argentina. The improvement in the learning of the mother tongue is verified not only in those kids that attend a bilingual institution, but also in those who receive an education intensified in a second language, as happens in multilingual public schools of the city of Buenos Aires. The benefits are tested. Sometimes, already within the first year, the boys begin this reflection that allows them, for example, discover the order of the adjective and the noun.

The same activities that are used to lead them to make comparisons and to develop this plasticity to move from one language to the other, said Teresa Davis, Professor of English, who worked at the beginning of the plurilingues.trabajos language services in schools project. Current Executive Director of the University Center of languages (CUI) of the UBA, Davis noted: in the most unfavourable contexts schools, is much more evident to learning a foreign language helps the boy further develop their mother tongue and up their self-esteem. The specialist noted that the benefits of learning a second language it have been established not only with the teaching of English, but also French, Portuguese and the italiano.registro of professionals. The guys who go to the multilingual schools have eight hours of class per week from first grade, and fourth foreign language degree incorporates the teaching of a second language, with a load of three hours a week. These institutions are of double day. Advantages – From one to another. The guys who learn a foreign language incorporate grammatical and logical structures of the Spanish more easily.

-The most difficult. They intensify their understanding of texts and reading ability, two frequent difficulties in the learning of the mother tongue. -Self-esteem. They are better prepared to learn a third language and demonstrate changes in their self-confidence to estudiar.profesionales in translation of texts. -With fewer, more. The benefits are particularly notorious in kids in disadvantaged social contexts.