Project Singularidades

The Project of the Multitude the project of the multitude not only express the desire of a world of equality and freedom, not only demands a democratic global society that is opened and inclusive, as it provides the half ones to reach it. (HARDT; NEGRI, 2005, p.9) Hardt and Negri give the name of Empire to the new order that currently regulates the circuits of production and the international market world-wide, without respecting the national borders and establishing a command center. The Empire, the production of wealth is translated as biopoltica production, a time that is not limited to its economic aspect, but engloba also the politician and the cultural one and in this way appears as the production of the proper social life. It is the age of the control society, in which the power leads the people to a state of independent alienation by means of machines, as systems of communication and nets of information, that directly organize the brains and the bodies. From the diagnosis above, Hardt and Negri defend thesis of that the power of the Empire, that if all spreads for the globe looking for to keep the order through new mechanisms of control and conflict, if oppose to a force that makes possible the creation of communication nets and cooperation that make possible the concretion of joint actions. This force comes from the set of singularidades that compose what Hardt and Negri call multitude: To understand the concept of multitude in its more general and abstract form, we initially go to contrast it with the one of people. The people is joins. The population, of course is composed of numerous individuals and different classrooms, but the people synthecizes or reduces these social differences to an identity. The multitude, in contrast, is not unified, remaining itself plural and multiple (…) the multitude is composed of singularidades? with singularidades we want relating in them here to a social citizen whose difference cannot be reduced to the uniformity, a difference that if keeps different.