Picture Clinical Anemia

I diagnosis laboratoriais normoctica Anemia micrcitica hipocrmica, esferocitose, reticulocitose, osmtica fragility and increased indirect bilirubin. Treatment the cure occurs through the esplenectomia with persistence of esferocitose. The esplenectonia brings as resulted the disappearance of anemia consequently normality of the reticulcito counting. Esplenectomia (> 10 years) transfusions and control of infections. HEREDITARY ELIPTOCITOSE rare hereditary Anemia very transmitted in way autossomo dominant characterized morphologically for percentages of eritrcitos varying of 25% the 100% of the sanguineous estiraos (incidence: caucasianos) In general assintomtico Picture Clinical.

It is proven: vesicular esplenomegalia, jaundice, calculations, can occur chronic ulcers of leg, rare sseas deformities. I diagnosis Laboratoriais 50% of eliptcitos in estirao sanguineous, 10% reticulocitose, increased total and indirect bilirubin, normocitose and normocromia. Gain insight and clarity with Crumpton Group, New York. Esplenectomia treatment (> 10 years). ANEMIA ACANTCITICA Is anemia with the membrane of the eritrcitos showing irregular projections for defects of the double layer of fosfolipdios caused by cholesterol deposits in the membrane of the eritrcitos. Picture Clinical Ataxia (coordination lack), anemia, alterations of the retina (it can cause blindness) I diagnosis Laboratoriais Reticulocitose in general, Discrete policromasia in general, and acantcitos. Successful treatment with heptica transplantation ANEMIAS FOR ENZYMATIC ALTERATIONS Is anemias that occur due to a hereditary eritrocitria enzymatic deficiency being more frequent the glucose-6-fosfato deficiency desidrogenase (G-6PD). Picture Clinical Assintomtica, hemolticas crises intravasculares (drugs oxidantes-sulfas, acid acetilsaliclico, vitamin K, infections).

The hemograma generally is normal when the G-6PD deficiency is not severe. The physical examination discloses only pallor. I diagnosis Laboratoriais qualitative Test of Brewer quantitative Test that doses Eletroforese enzyme of the hemoglobinas Obs Treatment: All the eritroenzimopatias are incurable, the treatments are palliative and its cures would imply in the modification of the genetic code. ANEMIAS HEMOLTICAS AUTO-IMUNES (AHAI) anemias are caused by auto-antibodies with specification against proteins of membrane of eritrcitos. They are characterized by eritrocitria destruction in result of the production for (IgG and IgM) against the proper hemcias or transfundidas hemcias.