Real Family

Its sprouting in Brazil occurs for 1836 return, succeeding the InconfidnciMineira, the coming of the Real Family and Brazilian independence, favours formao of one I publish reader who longed for to see itself portraied. Exactly norteadopelo European Romantismo, had peculiar characteristics, since the period daindependncia despertou in the population the desire to create a national literature. Brazil after-independence used the romance as construocultural instrument, turning itself toward the national space, what it justifies diverse romantic types deromances that they had come to appear. We had thus the Urban Romances, that osvalores and problems lived for the Carioca society of century XIX standed out. Podemosexemplificar it with the romance Lady, of Jose de Alencar. The RomanceHistrico, that disclosed to the search of the nationality by means of reconstitution related historical defatos with the colonial past, is the case of minasde silver, also of the above-mentioned pertaining to the state of Cear writer.

indianista romance quese pledged in the nationalistic project to recognize the national space and aborgines, example: The Afono Indian, of Guimares Bernardo. We had osromances still regionalistic, whose project was pautava in the redescobertos of the Country, nassuas regional varieties and cultural, deVisconde of Taunay is the case of the romance Innocence. According to Proena Son (2007), the Romantismo is one constelaode traces that dominated a period of history. Such constellation characterizes-sepelos following luminous points: cosmoviso marked for the shock with immediate ocotidiano; creative imagination; subjectivity; evasion or escapism; mystery sense; conscience of the solitude; reforming policy; dream; faith; illogicality; cult of the nature; return to the past; taste for the colorful one; I exaggerate; liberdadecriadora; sentimentalismo; Gloria anxiety; importance of the landscape; taste pelaruna; taste for the nocturnal one; sacralizadora function of the art and idealizao to damulher, etc. Already in the second half of the century XIX, new they princpioscomearam to modify and to mark the humanity, and a new literary school appears, opposing the Romantismo: The Romantismo was the apotheosis of the feeling: the Realismo the anatomy of the character.