New Trains

To which the speed of passenger trains we used to? Maximum in Russia – 200 km / h, in China, today – 350 miles. per hour, in the future – 600-1000 km. per hour, one day even the speed reaches 20 000 km. per hour. The other day we learned that a group of scientists from South-Western University is developing a communications vacuum magleva (new word for us in the future to replace the phrase passenger train) with up to 20 000 km.v hour, still at the theoretical level. Trials are magleva at speeds up to 600 km. h According to the thematic group Yaopina Chang, the group has been developing vacuum magleva at 600-1000 km.v hour and will soon launch a large-scale trials. It is expected that technology will be put into operation after 10 years.

A member of the laboratory, the academician Shen Zhiyong said that the high-vacuum communication relies on a vacuum tube, from which exhausted air, which moves on maglev. Since there is no air resistance, you can apply for the development of an amazing speed. Construction costs of the train are lower than conventional railways. Zhang Yaopin said vacuum maglev would travel in a vacuum, the train will be fine, and passengers will feel as usual. As for the price of building such a vacuum of wire, it will be much lower than the present railway, as a simple railroad costing 150 million yuan per km. You can also save money on steel materials, as they will need less. What about ticket prices, according to Zhang Yaopina, after start-up cost will be higher than the price of a ticket on an ordinary train.

But as technology maturation price will gradually decline. According to Zhang Yaopina now three countries in the world have begun to explore this technology, particularly the U.S., Switzerland and China. On the question of whether, after 10 years the technology of vacuum magleva at speeds up to 600 km. per hour, Zhang Yaopin said that, from a technical point of view, it is possible, but final decision on the use of this technology will be adopted by the Ministry of Railways. Now the leadership of the Ministry has drawn attention to this development and is high enough to evaluate it. Source: SANYATODAY.INFO