To the data rate was satisfactory, note that the interface model has been chosen-USB 2.0. Usually the cost of flash drives is directly linked to the speed of reading and writing. Also, do not be lazy to learn the results of tests on flash cards of various technical sites. For some customers the importance of design has acquired stick. Here it is all about taste. However, if you want to connect a flash drive to the laptop, it may happen that a large flash drive just is not suitable for closely spaced USB-connectors. A little flash drive is also somewhat inconvenient to use.

There are two variants of the traditional flash cards – with a cap and with a retractable USB-plug. The cap can be lost, so easy to use USB Flash cord, and in the second – break down joint. But nothing in the eternal this world anyway. Most often, the stick body is made of plastic. However, there are metal, wood and even rubberized, water resistant variants. If you are looking for a flash drive is not for myself, but as a gift – manufacturers offer gift, nicely decorated versions. A great gift for those who love puzzles – USB Flash-cube Rubik, and for those who appreciate the aesthetic appearance, USB Flash range of different colors will delight them.

The more expensive the flash drive, the higher the degree of protection against copy. Expensive option is to choose those who need to keep information out of reach of prying eyes form. Some flash drives are equipped with a bootable module. With them, you can install programs, such as such – as on Windows. In today's market there are USB Flash Drive technology U3. These options are divided into 2 disks. In the first data, and the second – can be stored and run customized programs. With these flash drives you can work on any computer using only your software. The most important disadvantage is the limited life of USB Flash drives. Usually it is about 5 years, rarely up to 10. out of standing is related to limited number of writes information to a USB Flash drive.