These systems allow the internal processing of the records electronically, control of deadlines and alerts, automatic publications at the official platforms, automatic generation of official documentation and a series of features that make the job easier to the brokers. But now, taking into account the requirements that are launched from Europe and the entry into force of law 11/2007, of 22 June, electronic access of citizens to public services, should be the leap towards a purely electronic contracting in which established the basis for a fluid and transparent communication with providers. To achieve this goal, companies offering solutions to meet new and changing laws are driving, in the Administration, the implementation of a complete model of electronic public procurement. This model usually have internal management of the processing modules, as well as Internet access providers. This second module of access from the Internet, should be fully integrated with the management module, and should offer the necessary services to ensure an improvement of the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises, among which we mention: the profile of the registrant, portal from which will be allowed to consult information concerning public procurement carried out by management in particular. This portal will be published the pre-information notices, tender and award announcements and spreads.

If it is fully integrated with internal management, the broker can order the publication from the management module and system will automatically publishing safely and irrefutable. Vendor registration, which sereuniran all the data providers about your nature, capacity to act and seizure, avoiding that tenderers must resort to repetitive processes in the submission of documentation. In addition, it is prerequisite to be able to bid electronically. The Eauction, service that given high in the Registro de Proveedores vendors may submit their tenders electronically from the Internet, a system using virtual envelopes, which would include all documentation in digital form, signed electronically.