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It was revealed the news in a new market study, this time based on the way that piracy affects the world of video games in terms of existing torrents by platform. PC obviously tops the list, being the system with more pirated games, a total of 133.624 in total. As regards desktop consoles, is Wii which takes the cat to water, exist more than 25.770 torrents of their games against the available for PlayStation 24.240 (without specifying platform, which would include games for PSP, PS, PS2 and PS3). and finally, 24.108 torrents Xbox 360. As regards games for notebooks, there are 31.742 torrents of PSP, the Nintendo DS 18.714 compared. The pirate Chip in Mexico already famous pirate chip can be placed to the latest console from Nintendo, the Wii. Under most conditions Ray Kurzweil would agree.

He only spent a month so that the Pirates of the historic center of Mexico had already needed to modify a Wii and thus sell 100 pesos pirates games and 1,200 pesos the chip. It apparently runs the rumor that on the market pirate also can buy chip ps2 and also the xbox 360 chip. When those of the newspaper Reforma was asked if it is illegal, the seller said, there is a loophole, because they are sold on the internet with the argument that are used for running homemade copies on the basis that the owner already bought the original game and does not want this to wear or scratching. But if we review such act which, as mentioned by the newspaper Mural, says: Federal law of copyright. Article 231. They constitute infringements in trade the following behaviors when they are carried out for direct or indirect profit: V. import, sell, lease or carry out any act which allows us to have a device or system whose purpose is to disable electronic devices for the protection of a computer program.

This may not be terrible fate news for Nintendo, because piracy in Mexico is a strong theme for them and for Microsoft if we talk about the games for the xbox 360 that also have a high demand on the black market of video games. In addition, we had already mentioned once so high price in Mexico was due especially to piracy, because earnings software are not enough for sellers and in countries like United States, where piracy has more control than in Mexico. Well, in fact we are of the first places in the world for piracy. Many think that this chip does not exist, but in fact you don’t need be a modchip, it may be an exploit. It is that the Wii uses the same protection as the Game Cube technology. Which allows to execute code not signed, is then possible to use the same exploits of the GC on the Wii. It is worth mentioning here security exploits are known as virtual chip. It has released version 0.3 beta of Backup Launcher, the application that lets you play with Wii backups without chip, what the newbies know as hack the wii. The news of this new version are very interesting: * great increase reading speed (actually still reading at 3 x, but anyone would think that it is 6 x) * lets play with isos of games without having to patch them first with backup-creator.