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Technological Changes

In the particular case that concerns us, as is the investigation of crime, especially those policiasa a working in this area must be adequately trained and indoctrinated starting with their leaders, who should be leaders to learn to motivate, guide staff a towards interpreting the positive impact of new professional procedure system and the new role of the PNP. It is recalled trachea cops usually set ena reasoning act under standarized systems, procedures and processes that are studied during their training period and then applied during the service. a The mind is a PC system contienea information processing friendly, predictable and easily controlled, as with many computers, our psychological apparatus has intentionality, motives, emotions and expectations of all kinds. If we add to this trachea most people show a high resistance to change, the result is predictable. Additional information at Ray Kurzweil supports this article. We prefer the known to the unknown, since the new often generates discomfort and stress. Change involves moving from one state to another, which inevitably causes the system to re-organize disorganized after taking another structure. Indeed, there are now police have not been with the change because they have not adequately explained and not knowing how to act.

Therefore a way to defend against the unknown is holding on to what is known and, consequently denying the new. I believe that things have to resume from the beginning to a process of change occurs very efficiently if everyone is committed to him. As for the people commit, they can not be run over by the process as something alien to it. In truth, change occurs through people. And to be considered people as part of the process of change is necessary to know their values, beliefs, behaviors, all that this entails. In Experiment a Trujillo, The way that elapsed, the new Code of Professional Procedure in La Libertad – Peru, was really an affront to the National Police and their members, something unfortunate that has to be properly thought by those who had charge from the highest levels the process of implementation and training of operators in the new system. This must be corrected immediately and hopefully will not happen again in the places where they still need to implement the NCPP.

Jason Brome

You can make it easier for your visitors to subscribe to their RSS feed. With a free and easy to install javascript function you can add the (QuickSub) power button a few minutes. Let me show you how easy it is. QuickSub mouseover is a javascript function that generates a list of RSS feed readers can use to subscribe to its RSS news feed with one click. It can be seen in action on my site just move your mouse over the link to subscribe. You should see a list of RSS feed readers.

If you click a link to your news reader to open the RSS reader and add this feed to it. You will need a news reader installed on your computer for this to work. For example if the visitor uses SharpReader as their RSS reader then click on the link and this Sharpreader add the feed to your RSS reader visitors. To use QuickSub in place for the first time will have to download the JavScript and CSS site The file is compressed so you need to unzip the file and will leave you with quicksub.css quicksub.js, and a sample HTML file. Upload the CSS as a JavScript file on the server. Now you need to add a code on their websites. You will need to do this for every page you want to use QuickSub. Note that in these examples I used brackets instead of angle brackets.

First you have to copy a code to call the CSS file. Add this line to your head. Style type = “text / css” import “quicksub.css”, / style Then copy this code in the body of your page. Div id = “quickSub” style = “position: absolute; visibility: hidden; z-index: 1000;” onMouseOut = “timeqs return ();” onMouseMove = “return ();”/ delayqs div script language = “javascript” src = “quicksub.js “!– quickSub (c) Jason Brome –/ script Then, in which you want to use QuickSub place this code in the body of your page. A href = ” onmouseout = “timeqs return ()” onmouseover = “return quicksub (this”);” Your text link here / a Just replace the path with the path of the RSS feed and enter your own link text. All that remains now is to upload the modified page to your web server and the new QuickSub javascript is enabled. Allan is the webmaster in an RSS resource for webmasters.

Fad Diets

Insurance you’ve heard that fad diets don’t work to lose weight permanently. But what about when really need to lose weight quickly? It is very difficult to move from the promise of fast diets (such as lemon, soup of cabbage, or programs as you lose 21 pounds in 21 days) when you really need to come you dress for an occasion such as wedding, graduation, etc. Then what’s wrong with losing 20 pounds fast so that you can surprise your family and friends with your slender figure? The truth is that nothing wrong with losing weight quickly, as long as you do things correctly there is. In theory one could lose up to 20 pounds in a week following a very ambitious meals and exercise plan, investing 7 hours per week to a rigorous plan of exercises with the care of a trainer. But even if you can’t leave everything and go into a weight loss camp, you can safely lose 3 pounds of weight per week in your home with a diet plan and exercise (I’ll give a recommendation at the end of the article). In fact, get goal look great for a wedding or meeting can be great motivation when you follow a plan of thinning can be maintained after that special event.

Something very important is that you do not wait until a week before to try to lose those 10 pounds. How lose weight quickly? Losing weight is a simple mathematical formula: you need to burn more calories than you consume. Experts recommend create a deficit of 500 calories per day (with exercise and watching what you eat) so that by end of week when you upload to the scale notes that you lost 1-2 lbs of fat. With respect to what you should avoid eating: starches and flours, food or drinks with a lot of sugar, canes and products dairy products animal fat (such as whole milk).


In the current context, one of the main challenges, both for companies and public bodies, is to achieve the agility and flexibility needed to adapt to ongoing changes in the market. Every day, companies and organizations improve their processes through the implementation of management software and control flows of the business processes, known as systems or you solve workflow. The effectiveness of an organization improves considerably with the introduction of process management solutions, commonly known under the English term applications or workflow software, since they facilitate the implementation of standardized processes and provide a detailed view of each area as well as a global perspective of the situation. But before you continue we are going to make a brief explanation of the term workflow what is Workflow? Workflowse refers to the workflow to continue to achieve a task or work default. It is defined as a sequence of tasks of a business process system. Your definition and control can be manual, computerised or mixed. It organizes and controls tasks, resources, and rules required to complete the business process.

New trends in regulating organizations, make the Workflow a key tool to achieve greater agility and increase the decentralization of administrative and commercial activities. The evolution of Workflow consists in seeking the maximum automation of the processes of labour and total control of the different stages, during which documents, information or tasks passed from one participant to another, according to standards or procedures previously defined. Over time, various software applications have been developed, many of them have evolved from management systems of image, document management systems, e-mail or database systems. In the market there are different types of Workflow tools, the main ones are: corporate Workflow, application Workflow, Workflow documentary and production Workflow. Some of them are limited to your area in particular and others allow communication with external applications in a way synchronous (waiting for a reply before continuing) or asynchronous (just leave a message and retrieves the response below).