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Unsinkable Industry

Wood industry edge continues to grow. Constantly increasing volume of exports, and that is indicative not of roundwood and wood products. Companies operate without staff cuts and all the declared investment projects continue to be implemented. In February, Deputy Agriculture Minister Yuriy Kukuev expressed forecast to reduce the volume of harvest in Russia in 2009 to 30%. Learn more on the subject from Ray Kurzweil. The Deputy Minister suggested that government support measures will be enough to stop the decline in production and firing employees. Indeed, at present, even in large lesodobyvayuschih and wood-processing companies Irkutsk, , Chita region is the total reduction in staff.

But forest enterprises of the Krasnoyarsk Territory is stable and no staff reductions. Helping Hands According to the Federal state statistics of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the turnover of entities operating in the forestry sector and the provision of services in this area in 2008 amounted to 4,015,700,000 rubles, and in I quarter 2009 – 779.2 million rubles. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the industry employs about 34 thousand people. The economic crisis has certainly affected the forest complex. Wood processing company noted a sharp decline in demand for its products. According to experts, against the backdrop of the crisis in human loss of edge forest industry companies could be about 10.1 thousand people. To avoid total reductions, January 29, 2009 was adopted by regional law on state support of enterprises of the forest complex. It applies to organizations engaged in activities on the edge of harvesting, wood processing, production of pulp and paper products, and contains a set of measures of state support for the crisis period.

Powder Coating

Powder coating of metal is already used in industry as one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods of applying protective coatings. And we are not surprised to hear that parts of the car or constructions have completed the powder coating. Quality and durability coatings are widely used in areas where colored objects uses a lot of people. Please visit Ray Kurzweil if you seek more information. For example, a staircase in shopping mall – how many people each day goes on it? Tens and hundreds. Mitchel Resnick is open to suggestions. It is clear that the usual coating wears off quickly, but the powder coating can stand (unless it is made to the technology). However, the scope application of powder coating is not limited to industrial production and mass use of objects. In fact, powder coating has been successfully used in smaller scale.

The most simple Example – steel doors, which now stand at almost every apartment. More information is housed here: ConocoPhillips. If the manufacturer claims that the metal surface applied anti-vandal cover, you know – here we used powder coating. Only this technology makes it possible to form a solid layer of paint so that it can successfully withstand any mechanical stress. And note that the decorative features of the powder coating does do not suffer. Modern techniques make it possible to achieve different visual effects, including such complex, like a chameleon or tissue. The process of powder coating metal can take place in different ways: for today developed many ways of coating literally on all occasions. Of course, in specialized shops is used for this high-tech equipment, which not only provides high quality, but also an unprecedented low percentage of waste. However, there are manual settings, sprayers, allowing strike coverage on small items without opening the entire pipeline. With all of this powder coating is available for the average consumer – most shops take orders for staining single products and small parties.


Polycarbonate – a material that has long proved to be the good side and are now used almost universally. This kind of material is obtained by polycondensation of acid chloride carbonic acid and diphenylolpropane. Due to the fact that the derivatives of carbonic acid are carbonates, this type of material and has been called polycarbonate. Through the use of modern methods and technologies, cellular polycarbonate acquired properties that an order of magnitude properties of other materials previously used in all types of construction. Polycarbonate is highly resistant to various weather conditions. Their properties it maintains a temperature range of -60 to +80 degrees. In addition, the polycarbonate has a sufficiently high viscosity index that allows you to bend it in a cold state without possibility of deformation or loss of other qualities of the material.

Due to its structure, polycarbonate is very lightweight, almost 16 times lighter than glass, which gives him certain advantages with respect to the latter. Cellular Polycarbonate has high durability. In that case, if the installation was carried out by competent installers, the only guaranteed service life of the material is about 10 years, in fact, the term of his Service is much more than 30 years, while it retains all the inherent properties of the new material. Also, polycarbonate has a sufficiently high impact resistant properties, resulting in deformation of the material is practically impossible. Man almost beyond the power to violate the integrity of the polycarbonate. In addition, the material in more than 200 times stronger than glass, and the breach of its structure, unlike glass, does not have splinters.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Everyone who uses electricity in the home at least once faced with its sudden shutdown. Are we looking tv, wash clothes there, working on your computer, or prepare food, no electricity can seriously interfere with our plans. Residents of large cities, where better to work established for such services, may still be hope for the prompt elimination of the causes of unplanned outage. Although if an accident Seriously, they have every chance to remain without electricity for a longer period. What can we say about the countryside? Responsiveness of local services and organizations in charge of the repair of power systems significantly lower. This is due to close completely objective factors: the large area of services, lack of qualified personnel, problems with transport, and sometimes with access to facilities in need of repair, poor logistical support. The reliability of electricity supply in rural areas can affect the human factor.

For example, use housewifely peyzanin lack of privacy and ten meters wires, pointless, in his opinion, leaving the forest. Another, hearing that transformer oil prevents rotting wood, and even take leave without it standing alone transformer substation. As a result, two or three horticultural associations will live without electricity for two months. Yes, these stories seem implausible, yet they are absolutely real. It turns out that the electricity supplier is simply unable to provide uninterrupted power supply. But what if by 'power' will be turned off such important facilities as hospitals, operating services, enterprise continuous cycle? Operating today Electrical Code (PUE) classify electricity customers in three categories of power supply reliability.

Belgium Material

It is needed when working in the winter on the new concrete cover, humidity which bring to the regulatory parameters is impossible. In applying the 'breathing' roof in mass construction necessary for the project of roof design scheme of the device roofs showing layout of the layers and structures of nodes and adjacencies. Partial attaching the roof to the ground can be achieved by applying the lower layer: the perforated material, the usual material, pasted mastic as a uniformly distributed spots, continuous or broken bands mastics surfaced material that has surfaced bottom layer applied to the canvas by broken bands of 'breathable roof' has been successfully applied in Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium and other countries. When laying the material by or to meet technology needs to pay attention to the fact that he had a sufficient thickness of the lower cladding layer. The minimum thickness shall conform to the size of the irregularities (roughness) screed base.

Very tech devices from the roof membrane materials with an adhesive layer. Such a method may apply to both new roofs and repair old ones, but the base should be prepared with great care. To date, these materials are rather a rarity in the Russian market and apply is very limited. Roofing mastic of bitumen-polymer and polymer mastic can be applied to various surfaces (steel, concrete, asphalt) of any, even the most complex configuration (pitch, which laid mastic are not limited to, down to the domes and steeples). But there is one important condition: the surface must be perfectly flat, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the same thickness mastic cover. This The biggest drawback mastics. Mastic is applied to the base in liquid form. After solvent evaporation, it solidifies, forming a continuous seamless waterproof film.

Thickness of the film depends on the number of solids in the mastic. In mastics, whose composition does not include a solvent, curing occurs without reducing the thickness of the deposited composition. Pay attention to the fact that the roof slopes more than 12% and temperature Outside air above 25 C in the mastic is necessary to introduce special fillers, which increase the viscosity (thickening agents, cement, etc.) Modern types of cements do not require a protective layer, as dyed they have necessary decorative properties, and the material itself rather resistant to weathering. If you need to protect the roof from mechanical damage (traffic areas, installation of engineering equipment, etc.) a protective layer of gravel (10-20 mm), coarse sand (2-5 mm), small-sized asbestos or bitumen sheets, etc. The ideal protective layer is a river pebble. And yet. Do not trust the installation of a roof at random people. Trying to save money on the project, as the material and pay workers wrapped triple costs. This applies to any type of roofing. Criteria for selection of firms tend to: availability of licenses, warranties, contracts with timelines, readiness to conduct a preliminary study designs and in writing inform the customer about possible problems, a willingness to intermediate inspections and a high level of communication culture.

Pipeline Valves

At first, understand with the concept – that there are valves. This device, mounted on pipes, tanks, boilers and other installations designed to disable, distribution, control, mixing or discharge flow. Classification of this kind of reinforcement for the purpose: 1) industrial valves utility is used in many industries. Its purpose for the media with commonly used values pressure and temperature. This valve fitted with water pipes, steam pipes, municipal pipelines, heating systems, etc.

2) Reinforcement of special purpose – to operate at a general, low pressures and temperatures, at low temperatures, the corrosive, toxic, radioactive, viscous, abrasive or granular media. This power valves high energy parameters, cryogenics, corrosion, valves with heating, valves for abrasive slurries and bulk solids. 3) The task taps (valves) – a general and special fittings used by the technical rules. 4) Reinforcement for special order (special) is developed and manufactured to individual orders based on specific technical requirements. This category refers to and separate valves for nuclear power plants.

5) Plumbing fixtures – one which is equipped with various household appliances: gas stove, bathroom installation, kitchen sinks, etc. It has a small diameter passage, and often manually controlled (exception – the pressure regulators and safety valves for gas). 6) Ship fittings. It is available for use in specific conditions of operation of its vessels on river and sea fleet to meet the increasing demands for minimum weight, vibration resistance, high reliability, special conditions of management and operation. According to their function fittings divided into: locking, regulatory, distribution and mixing, protective, protective, and fixtures. By the method of control valves are classified into groups: 1) Automatically acting (autonomous) fittings – one working cycle which takes place under the influence of the working environment, without any foreign energy sources. By automatically acting valves include: pressure regulators, level controls, steam traps, check valves, safety valves. 2) Controlled fittings – one working cycle which is performed on the relevant commands from the outside at the times determined by the working conditions or environment. Team serves the operator or automatically operating devices installed in the system automatic process control. By controlled valves include all types of valves, control valves.