Analysis Of Deficiencies BUOK-4

BUOK-4 debriefing We Tell on BUOK-4 production of APF 'SWEET'. What is interesting, the production certified by ISO9001. Well what else to add, should be quite a decent production, should … be …. I had the misfortune check them out at the lecture, which we read experts NPF 'SWEET' lecture was immediately after the show on fire safety. And pulled me to the devil to go there … No, the lecture course they are well read, loaded us on a full program.

Such rhetoric would have it, some time later … Realizing that time is the most precious thing on this planet, yet I spend a little more, laying out a description of the crafts. At the same time the way we touch, and their shields SK-S. But the shields of course more fortunate, they are simpler, and electricians who collected them, have no such flight of ideas which are at the 'Engineers' NPF 'SWEET' creators 'masterpiece' BUOK-4. Ok start, start gutting this engineering marvel … We divide our analysis of the following stages: 1. The schematic circuit diagram 2.

Analysis of the schematic circuit diagram 3. Design features of the product 4. Analysis of the products in combat conditions 5. Recommendation 6. An overview of boards HQ-S start perhaps with a scheme of this 'instrument', which is a scheme I stubbornly refused to give the 'engineers' NPF 'SWEET', arguing that this know-how. And I see a complete goof, because it is not able to set up this wonderful work of art. Had to spend a day at srisovyvanie scheme.