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The National Water Commission is heir to a great tradition hydraulic and throughout its history has been comprised of professionals and specialists from various disciplines, internationally recognized for his dedication and skills.
Among the institutions that preceded it highlighted the Department of Water, Lands and Settlement was established in 1917, the National Irrigation Commission in 1926, the Ministry of Water Resources in 1946 and Secretary of Agriculture and Water Resources in 1976.
Currently, the mission of the National Water Commission is to manage and preserve national waters, with the participation of society to achieve sustainable use of resources.
The Commission, the participation of society is essential to achieve the goals they have set in each basin in the country, because among other things, the people can the continuity that is required for the actions raised.
The Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory of Mexico was created by presidential decree under the initiative of the Secretary of Public Works, Vicente Riva Palacio, February 6, 1877 and attached to the Commission of the Territory National Geographic Explorer, was launched on March 6 of that same year, during the government of Porfirio D az and installed on the roof of the Palacio Nacional.
In 1878, the Observat’orio moved to the Castle of Chapultepec. Subsequently, in 1880, the Observatory of technically and economically independent from the Commission Geographic Explorer and found a special on National Expenditure Budget. From that moment, having a director due to Mariano Barcena, so it is assigned a staff of 6 observers. In 1883 he moved to the Astronomical Observatory works with the weather, the building of the former Archbishop in Tacubaya. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Observatory continued to operate in the National Palace, at the same time it goes through the process of building a special building that houses it, but this never took place. In 1889 began the work of the seismological observatory in the same building where the Tacubaya observatory, under the direction of Mr. Felipe Valle. For those dates, Mariano Barcel continued as director and coordinate research on climate and weather in the Weather Service until his death in 1899 . weather.com / Spanish provide weather forecasts in the world, as well as maps and reports of local climate of North America and South America.
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