Hero Pardon

It knows accurately as you feel on what she occurred and either capable to express what of has made a mistake in the situation. Then, he tells its experience to ones duaspessoasdeconfiana.2. He commits yourself I exactly obtain to make what she will be necessary to feel itself better. The act to pardon is for you and nobody more. Nobody more needs to know its deciso.3.

It understands its objective. To pardon necessarily does not mean to reconcile with the person disturbed whom it, nor if to become abetter of it. What you search are paz.4. It has a correct perspective of the events. It recognizes that its annoyance comes of the negative feelings and physical discomfort from that you suffer now, and not of offended what it or attacked two minutes – or ten years – atrs.5.

At the moment where you to feel aflito, practise techniques of control of estresse to attenuate the mechanisms of its corpo.6. It gives up wait, other people or its life, thing that they had not chosen to give you. It recognizes ‘ ‘ rules not cobrveis’ ‘ that you have for its health or stop what it would give to be able on you to the person who it magoou it learns the search the love, the beauty and the goodness to its redor.9. It modifies its history of form resentment that remembers it the heroic choice that is to pardon. Pass of victim the hero in the history that you to count. The pardon reduces the agitation that takes the physical problems. To pardon estresse reduces it that it comes to think about something painful, but cannot be changed. It also limits the ruminao that leads> impotence feeling that reduces the capacity of somebody to take care of exactly of itself. The pardon is one cure to the times.