Free Topic Centre

And it is not necessary, change with other sites of information, let us place the articles by other authors, use any source (do not forget about copyrights) – ways to fill the site content, mass. Remember – the site is a thematic center. And when to your website visitors will come, you subtly advertise and sell goods case: spare parts for repair, the literature on cars, makeup machines, and various services related to automobiles. Importantly, that these products have been subject to the car (of course if your site is about cars). Insert ad units on the automotive theme – earn from advertising. Now let’s look at the blog.

First Blog – is a personal opinion of the author blog. On the blog you express your point of view on certain issues. Your opinion does not always coincides with public opinion. For information on the blog (articles, notes, positions) are publishing just you. It’s your personal opinion on the matter. If you feel like an expert and an expert in some area, then to create their image and raise the prestige of course better to create a blog.

As you will recognize visitors – will increase your credibility (people trust the professionals), and therefore the sale of your goods will increase. And more sales – more revenue. So decide for yourself what you are more likely to have: Free Topic Centre or speak as an expert on a particular issue. As for profitability, it is equally possible to earn a lot and at the thematic center and on the blog. What else can advise: can argue that profitable website or blog, what better way to create, etc. But if you only dream about and discuss, your thoughts about earnings and will remain your dreams! Proceed not sit idly by and do not dream in vain, begin to really create a website or blog, fill its content, place ads, sell your goods and others Participate in affiliate. The main thing do something real and you will come to success.